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May 27, 1986
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  • We passed them the other day. Good work everyone!
  • @Cliff_Forster said: Man, Dream Theater, Tool, Genesis, Yes... Smart people dig Prog. Throw on In The Court of The Crimson King by King Crimson as well and we have a party.
  • @primesuspect said: THE SECOND MISSION: The Nintendo Switch is out of stock everywhere. Only a ninja can find one. A ninja could make one appear at ICHQ this weekend. If a Nintendo Switch (preferably with Neon joycon) appears…
  • @primesuspect said: Another amazing band that does albums better than songs is Coheed & Cambria. Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, while a lengthy name is an outstanding experience aurall…
  • @aspieRommel said: @TheRedburn said: @GHoosdum said: How does it handle? See, I don't think I'm allowed to complain about my cars anymore seeing as I've gone from hell to seemingly heaven. The…
  • Welcome to the team! Also be sure to set up a passkey! https://folding.stanford.edu/home/faq/faq-passkey/
  • @drasnor said: @mertesn said: @ardichoke said: @primesuspect said: Just out of curiosity: If you want to keep the price down, the motherboard has a perfectly good sound controller on-boa…
  • If anyone is looking for a great MMO to play that isn't ESO or WoW, I have been playing Final Fantasy 14. There is a free trial available if you want to check it out.
  • Advanced Control > Configure > Slots I'm not sure what you will want to input here as I'm not sure how the F@H client differentiates physical cores from SMT with Ryzen. I would set it to 4 and see if WU's start to run.
  • I'm elated for you two. Congratulations.
    in Got engaged Comment by Sonorous 28 Feb
  • Is there a specific reason you want to add a Xonar? Drop that and add the $30 to your video card budget to get something like an R7 360. If you have a spare $10 you could find an RX 460 for around $100.
  • Huh. Kneedless is what swiftkey predicted on my iPad, I didn't even notice the "a" was missing. Thanks @aspieRommel.
  • I'm sure someone will rise to the occasion and solve the mystery. Kneadless to say, it's hilarious though.
  • A quality power supply is the most important part of a new computer. Don't skimp in that area. The brands @drasnor recommended are solid choices.
  • Media drives the consumer. When content is widely available for consumption, it pushes the consumers en masse to newer technology. HDR is becoming widely available already. Regardless if you think it's better, we will all have it.
  • Why not something like OwnCloud?
  • @Thrax said: Jedi singular, or Jedi plural? HMMM. Official tweet said the Skywalker saga would be continuing. But Luke isn't really the main character, so it's not really his saga in the most recent trilogy. REY DAUGHTER OF LUKE CONFIRMED?…
  • @Mt_Goat said: Awesome! I still look forward to the day I get to meet @aspieRommel in person. And I will cover a day at the races, fully on me. Except for the hookers and beer. Then it's not really "a day at the races", is it?
  • @Thrax said: So, like, can one of these things play 2p games? What happens for 4p? Can you even do 4p? I think that one Switch can do two players, four requires a second console. Kotaku says it can support up to 8 consoles on a local WiFi…
  • Been struggling with this for a while now. I've already rolled back though and have been humming along. Glad to finally get a solid answer to the issue though.
  • @Ryder said: Anyone interested in further home automation may like this matrix of compatible items. https://www.cnet.com/smart-home/compatibility/ While that is an awesome list, it's also misleading. For example, my WeMo insight sw…
  • @PirateNinja said: My bad, you mentioned that in the original post. Wish I had something for you! I'm all out of parts at the moment. Looks like @GHoosdum might have you covered. Another consideration is you probably will have to get a new copy o…
  • The only issue with buying a 6P now, is the way Google has been handling Android upgrades to phones other than the Pixel. The Nexus model seems to be going the way of the dodo, as in, we Nexus owners get the latest and greatest features as long as t…
    in Project Fi Comment by Sonorous Dec 2016
  • @primesuspect said: Detroit has excellent T-mo coverage. I am a very heavy data user (4-6gb in a month) The more I think about it, the more I realize it would be more expensive for me to switch to Project Fi so I'm probably not goin…
    in Project Fi Comment by Sonorous Dec 2016
  • My girlfriend has it and has complained to me a few times about call quality on her Pixel XL. We haven't done any troubleshooting yet, but she swears that it's the service that's causing the issues. Our area isn't really a good reflection of what Fi…
    in Project Fi Comment by Sonorous Dec 2016
  • Happy Holidays to everyone!
  • @Linc said: putting out the bunting until we see where that idea goes. I'm stealing this. Also, gimme tablez.
  • @_k said: I am not really sure how they got to 30k unless the monitors are included in the cost. They are.