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You know it, we know it, and our readers know it. What we aim to do is revolutionize enthusiast marketing by bringing your brand down from the stratosphere and into our living room—sit down on the couch, have a beer, and talk shop with the very people who buy your products. When you do that, the perception people have of your brand almost instantly changes. They no longer see you as a product or a brand; they see you as a peer. They go from being wary consumers into loyal defenders of your brand.

Here are some comments from actual consumers:

  • “I would love to see some companies take a few days to advertise their products on Icrontic and better explain how to get the most out of them.”
  • “I’d much rather receive direct info from a company instead of a flashy ad.”
  • “I would like to see product reps come into our IRC or do live message board chats about stuff they have coming out/answer questions. People actually reaching out to me as opposed to pasting a banner and hoping I click it would influence my purchases for sure.”

It’s true: When these community members see that their ability to discuss is sponsored by a company that they already have goodwill towards, they immediately become more than customers: They become fans who will defend your brand and start talking about it on their respective social networks. That’s the power of this concept; instead of just being an advertiser, you are now a community member: more than that, your brand is trusted.

We’re trying to break the paradigm of display advertising. Real marketing happens through word of mouth: positive reviews, then buzz, then direct referrals (“I recommend such-and-such, I used one and they rock!”). What we can do is put you front and center right to the direct referral stage, because we are a trusted voice.

Icrontic has a loyal and intelligent consumer community. These are people who buy your products, and have only been reached via traditional marketing, word-of-mouth through communities like ours, and retail channels. They have come to have a jaded view of marketing efforts, and see them as annoyances they have to work around.

But they don’t want that: What they want is to have brands talk with them, not to them.

We want to help you

If you make a product or provide a service that we use and believe in, we can help spread the word and get lots of people talking about it.

Icrontic is a powerhouse on the web. With fantastic showings on search engines, incredible influence across many different social networks, and fresh, exciting content from an awesome slate of writers, we can help you get your message out to the audience that counts—we can connect you with savvy readers and consumers who buy, blog, and share their purchases on their own networks.

Icrontic can help you craft extremely creative and engaging campaigns for your brand. We generate conversations, we submit your stories to a variety of influential aggregators, and we get buzz building.

Icrontic is far, far more than just another website reporting on gaming, technology, and geek lifestyle, though—with ten years on the web, we have a deep and committed community that understands Icrontic is a trusted enclave of experts in their fields. Trust is critical, and Icrontic delivers.


According to Google Analytics, Icrontic averages 550,000 pageviews from 361,000 unique visitors per month. 60% of our traffic comes from search engines, 27% from other sites, and 12% from direct links.

We also use PostRank™ Analytics to provide an in-depth look at engagement across a variety of social networks. We can deliver detailed analytics on your content, including conversations that happen all over the social and real-time web. We are among the Top 20 most influential gaming sites according to PostRank, and in the Top 50 most influential technology sites.

Case Studies

We’ve helped companies like Sumo Lounge Furniture, OCZ Technologies, FutureMark, AMD, MicroVision, and PowerColor with creative campaigns to generate buzz, find new Twitter followers, sell products, educate consumers, and build awareness.

  • Michigan-based health supplement company Proven 4 achieved a 50% conversion rate on a week-long sponsorship; we handled two blog posts and a product giveaway and they were thrilled with the results of the hundreds of people who signed up for their product and newsletter. On top of that, many of our community members thanked them personally and shared with their own social networks.
  • Video card manufacturer PowerColor teamed up with graphics chip manufacturer AMD and approached us about helping generate brand awareness for them. We implemented a design contest that got hundreds of people from all over the world talking about PowerColor and AMD on Facebook, Twitter, and through blog comments, as well as directly engaging with other technology enthusiast communities through cross-posting and submitting content to other sites.
  • Sumo Lounge approached us about their grown-up beanbag furniture; we connected their product with well-targeted consumers and helped generate thousands of dollars in sales for them. We also brought in several of their products to our events so people could experience them in-person.
  • OCZ Technologies asked us for creative ways to increase their brand awareness on Twitter; we helped implement a giveaway contest that generated a lot of buzz and increased their Twitter following by 20%.
  • We partnered with Netshelter Technology Media for Last Gadget Standing 2010; our Editor-in-Chief Brian Ambrozy appeared on stage at CES 2010 to present the MicroVision SHOWWX Pico Projector, and recommended it as a finalist. They ended up winning the competition, helped along by Brian’s write-up of the device.
  • We have made appearances on international news, including Al Jazeera and Fox, broadening our reach to a global audience.


We are now offering day sponsorships for our discussion community. The Icrontic community has been one of the friendliest, troll-free, most unique environments on the web for a decade. Our thousands of active members daily debate hardware purchases, ask for technical help, offer free (and highly valuable) advice, and create lifetime friendships with like-minded technology enthusiasts around the globe. By sponsoring the discussion for a day, your message will be seen on every discussion thread and at the end of every article we publish—that’s, on average, 18,000 pageviews a day. In addition, we offer custom solutions for sponsored content (advertorials) and other innovative ways to get your product in front of our enthusiastic community.

Day Sponsorships

Your message will appear both at the beginning of every forum thread, as seen here (click for a full-sized version):

And at the end of every article (and before the comment box), as seen here:

This gives you maximum exposure to both Icrontic’s supportive and loyal community and our high-traffic articles. When you sponsor the discussion, all display ads are removed from the forums so that your message stands alone.

In addition, we will give your company the “Icrontic high-five”, a forum post thanking our day sponsor. We offer the opportunity to link to your website, present any special offers, or talk about timely news for your product or service. This helps generate discussion about your company and lets the forum community know that you help keep the lights on in their online home.

Day sponsorships are an unprecedented opportunity to directly engage a vibrant online community. Instead of just being an advertiser, you’ll be a part of the community.

A new way to market

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