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  • -forceSSE for v4, and this is why you may be getting Tinkers.
  • I've kicked it up a couple notches. I'm running 11 machines now instead of 8. I'm still tweaking a couple of those. I'm getting some freeze ups on a couple. Due to heat, I suspect.. or just the quirks of running F@H. And thanks for the welcome thre…
  • (Quote) I'm picking that up for the team. Don't know that I can hit 6k a week, but... Merry Christmas guys. It's my Christmas gift to the team. :) Btw, I like the new format. :thumbup
  • (Quote) remember? I think I was there at the planning stage. ;)
  • (Quote) ;D but not you, csimon. I was born in 1955. Have another banana.
  • Sorry Mack. The person I got it from wrote 1.2 g 266 on the chip. I packed the mobo up for RMA-ing. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble. I'm too old for this forum. :sad2:
  • (Quote) I have the pdf file already. and excuse me for not automaticly knowing it was a "joke". As for the "sensitive" remark. pfft @you
  • (Quote) the f-ing manual didn't come the with f-ing mobo. I had to go to f-ing website and dl the f-ing pdf file, which I hate. I needed help trying to understand the f-ing switches, which I have never seen before, and if I can't come here for he…
  • Thanks Mack. That's what I needed to know. I want to let it auto detect. CPU is supposed to be a 1.4 tbird, although someone wrote 1.2 on it. (It was given to me) I was using the cpu in another mobo, and I know it works.
  • The log in button takes you to the new post window- So it does! :eek: I was wondering why I couldn't relpy to this thread. :p I received a similar email supposedly from about updating your "one click" option to make sure it …
  • Come on guys! Does any one know what switches need to be set on? thank you :D
  • I'd just uninstall it and download a new installation. I had to do that with one that got hung up. I also had one that got "deleted" (lost a 60 pointer) and it still shows as a queued WU in EM. :mad:
  • (Quote) Wha? It's cold outside! ;)
  • Please take a look at this (big image) and tell me what the switches need to be set to. This pic was taken before I installed the mobo in the case. I had just installed the cpu and hsf, and plugged in the wiring. (and yes, I did plug in the hsf bef…
  • If the board was shorting on the case, would the fans spin?
  • (Quote) It should be here by Wed. I'm still tempted to give that GigaByte one more try. It can't do more than give me a headache, right? ;)
  • (Quote) ;D No kidding. He's been burning up the WU's for the last couple weeks. He is the RED MONDI :cool2: cheap underwear and all ;D
    in Mondi Comment by BDR November 2003
  • Mondi goes RED Ok, Mondi, give us the low down. What are you running? ;)
    in Mondi Comment by BDR November 2003
  • Why would they even bother to send white grease with it, if most people are never going to use it? It's not like the SLK is a cheap sink. :scratch:
  • Ok, I'll look for Krylon Fusion then. I figure by taping off the delicate parts and using very light coats, it should work. I saw an article of this once, but I don't remember where.
  • I have an MSI and it's an ok board, although it's a version 1xx. This one should be more top of the line. NE doesn't list any Thorton's. I wanted at least 2 gigs, and that one had a decent price. :)
  • Ok, csimon. I just ordered the MSI and a 2400XP. I hope this one works. :p
  • (Quote) Problem is that I have a tbird now and I'm looking to get a more up to date board and cpu. Better than what I currently have. And something that uses ddr ram.
  • (Quote) ;D I saw that. It isn't the first time I've been taken as male (in the forum) and probably won't be the last. It's ok. :cool: Ok, Asus or Abit? I'm leaning towards Asus. I'll be getting a different cpu to go with it.
  • I've bought lots of refurbed items from NE and have only had 2 that didn't work. That's acceptable to me. Anyway, back it goes. Done deal now. I'm now looking for my next new AMD mobo, and will consider suggestions, as long as it's not a Giga Byte…
  • I'm going to RMA it and get a mobo I know, like an Asus or an Abit. I think I hate Giga Byte. :hrm:
  • Ram is good. I just pulled it out of another tower. I tried an AGP and a PCI vid card that I just pulled out of existing towers. They are known good. I'm not seeing cmos jumper at all. I took the battery out and let it reset. I think either I have…
  • switched ram, switched jumpers. still no boot, no video. I'm going to try a pci vid card.
  • (Quote) You could do one better, and have him sign up here at the forum.;) Random troubleshooting, that's this forum's middle name, isn't it? :D All joking aside- if he really wants to buy instead of build, that's ok. I just think he may be dissa…
  • Because I switched the drives around (more than once). I have the hard drive in the top bay where the cdrw was. Better cooling for it there. I removed the brace that held the hd across the center, for better airflow around the hsf.
  • Why can't your friend build it for himself? I'm just curious. If I can build them, I think almost anyone can.
  • (Quote) I was gonna say that but I didn't want to get slammed ;) Btw, why is building one is not an option? It's not that hard.
  • I have a similar desktop case. The front bezel has a couple tabs on each side of the bottom front, that you push in and pull the bottom of the bezel towards you, then lift it up to get it it off. Then there are 3 screws that hold the case on. You re…
  • Can you post a picture of the case?
  • EyesOnly, welcome to the foruma nd the folding team. :)
  • Thank you. :)
  • from Radio Shack
  • or I could just the one you recommended above ^ It sounds a whole lot easier. ;) Hey, I have a tiny little cpu hsf that is for a Pentium cpu (from 75 to 200 mhz). Looks about the size of some vid card fans. Can I use that for anything? vid card?…
  • I'll consider that Geeky1. A new fan wouldn't hurt at all. I have that one on an Epox with an oc'ed 2100 tbred and it does run the hottest of all my towers, and sometimes reboots itself. I may put that SLK 900a I got, on the Epox mobo (if it'll f…
  • This is the one I'm planning on using. omg.. look at zee dust
  • Try a different stick of ram and see if that helps.
  • I think I will order it. It has the nice sleek look I like. Templar, I think I'll put something in it that I wouldn't normaly OC, like this tbird I have sitting here doing nothing. It solves a problem for me 2 ways. I can use the tbird, and I'll…
  • The reviews It seems to need a low clearance hsf, and that's ok. I have one that came as a part of a retail cpu set.
  • It appears to be an Athenatech Micro ATX Case w/ 200W Power Supply, Model A100BB.200 - OEM Also available from NE. I'll check out the reviews.
  • (Quote) No kidding! That's awesome. :thumbsup:
  • Fried spam and cheese with Miracle Whip, please. :D ;D
    in Sandwiches! Comment by BDR November 2003
  • (Quote) I can't say the WM word. ;) All of our monitors show "Windows Server". I know they used to use telnet to access remotely, but now use PC Anywhere (or at least they did the last time I talked to a remote tech). They also have a c…
  • yeah, I got another ps I can use in it.