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  • An extension question to this: I am considering if I should replace my laptop with a transformer. (My laptop is old! And the Surface looks super cool.) I really don't do much other than surf the internet and small photo edits and the occasional stea…
  • Wow, this was a long time ago. It looks like I didn't do a good job keeping this updated in 2012 since I was preggo and I didn't even... Since Marty I'm down over 50lbs from my heaviest weight ever and have stayed there for a year and a half at this…
  • The extension isn't installed anymore by anything I can see (extension page or windows programs list) if you have somewhere else to look, I'll check that too.
  • So, I followed all the steps and even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and it's still behaving badly. Also, one of the programs that I ran from the Virus Help thread broke the scrolly bit on my touchpad so I have to go hunt the drivers for that. I…
  • HijackThis doesn't seem to exist at that link any longer, it's just a paid antivirus program. Do you have a new link?
  • Thanks for all the advice, I'll work on this this weekend and see where that gets me. I ran Malwarebytes in safe mode and it didn't find anything else, but I'll try the other things.
  • Looking around online I am seeing that Belle Isle is popular with runners and also I guess Rouge River has a bike trail but I can't find any trail maps or any details on where I can park for that.
    in ICSP 2015 Comment by BetsyD March 2015
  • @mertesn made me remember to ask. I have training runs I need to complete both Saturday & Sunday (yes I'm one of those people that can't leave home without my running shoes). Since I am not familiar with the greater Detroit area running scene, …
    in ICSP 2015 Comment by BetsyD March 2015
  • @CB Now I have a new thing to want in my future perfect forever home.
  • Yes, I am very allergic to dust, pollen & mold, but I have had good luck by making modifications to my home environment and getting allergy shots. Probably terribly obvious but: Talk to your allergist about changing allergy meds, Claritin/Clarit…
  • (Image) Awesome job Bobby! Thank you for the Nuun, cool Glass and the origin game :)
  • Not really resolutions: 1. Keep Running (once my foot is healed) I have my eye on a a couple more half marathons at least this year. 2. Finish the side table project that I haven't started yet. 3. Finish reupholstering the dining room set.
  • Well, I waited a day after uninstalling everything (btw: I didn't realize how many downloaded games I had, and how much of my day I fill with them, a whole day without games on my phone might as well have been a century) and it didn't happen again. …
  • Everything I read on that startapp opt out thing is that it pushes the malware deeper into your system not fixes it. Google play only shows the thing that i just updated today in the recently updated (Verizon protect). I've now uninstalled everythin…
  • Long press does nothing.
  • Chances are we aren't going to be in DC for my birthday afterall :( Have fun guys!