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  • Not really resolutions: 1. Keep Running (once my foot is healed) I have my eye on a a couple more half marathons at least this year. 2. Finish the side table project that I haven't started yet. 3. Finish reupholstering the dining room set.
  • Well, I waited a day after uninstalling everything (btw: I didn't realize how many downloaded games I had, and how much of my day I fill with them, a whole day without games on my phone might as well have been a century) and it didn't happen again. …
  • Everything I read on that startapp opt out thing is that it pushes the malware deeper into your system not fixes it. Google play only shows the thing that i just updated today in the recently updated (Verizon protect). I've now uninstalled everythin…
  • Long press does nothing.
  • Chances are we aren't going to be in DC for my birthday afterall :( Have fun guys!
  • I used Polar RS400 extensively while I was doing HR based training. It provided me an external feedback on if my perception of my exertion level was at all reflective of reality. Unless you have a specific "question" that a record of your …
  • hrm... I seem to have forgotten about this... is it cheating if I report based on my Fitbit Aria logs?
  • @CB and I decided to visit DC for my 30th birthday (How the hell that came so fast I don't know) so we will be in the area that weekend :) We would be down for dinner(s) with the group.
  • There is a gaming pub in Columbus that also started as a kickstarter. By all accounts it is doing very well but we haven't gotten a chance to visit. http://kingmakerscolumbus.com/
  • Thanks for all the speedy thoughts! I finished in 6:35. I was mentally done at mile 20 but managed to finish walking. I felt fantastic at the half-way point so I think in the future I will stick with half-marathons (I would have been just a hair ove…
  • (Quote) I think you could totally pull it off ;)
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by BetsyD January 2014
  • (Quote) So I had registered for the Run du Nain Rouge before CB shared this fact with me... so if anyone wants to pretend to be me and run with @Troublebaker. They are welcome to my spot :)
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by BetsyD January 2014
  • One of the financial institutes that I have an account with has a similarly confusing "security" feature, but is at least less annoying. If you try to sign in with an email that is unassociated with an account it will display a security pi…
  • So I was all ready to just take the plunge and buy the S4 Mini until I started really looking at the specs and see that Verizon has spammed it with almost twice as many locked on apps and crap than the S4. So I guess 2 questions or 1 2-part questi…
  • (Quote) Lolz... I suppose I could have actually looked at Verizon's website :crazy: Don't know if that means it would be supported by any of the mvno people... but something to look into @Cliff_Forster I have an HTC Incredible 2... I looked it up a…
  • Hmm... StraightTalk & Net10 both claim to have phones that do Verizon, but don't make it very easy to figure out which phones those are :shake: @WagsFTW That does look good enough but don't know how to tell if it is Verizon tower compatible. …
  • Yeah, a large (very large) problem is that work has absolutely no coverage by any towers other than Verizon and phones are not allowed to hook into the corporate wifi (only tablets). I haven't found any carriers that claim to be using the verizon to…
  • I'm just going to leave this here
  • YAY!!!! Card Exchange!!!!! :clap:
  • Ya, I got the Fitbit Flex. The main decision for that over the One is that too many of my friends told me that they broke their One's in the laundry several times. The Flex is meant to be worn 24/7 so it can get wet and since its a wrist band instea…
  • My sister is no longer allowed admin access to her computers because I am her go to tech support and every time she had admin access she installed viruses/spyware that would take me forever to clean off her system. Also anyone in the business/call …
  • Heck, I'm American and can't stand most of the foods on that list. Exceptions: Hersheys chocolates (those will always take me back to when my great aunt bought us a gigantic Hersheys bar from Hershey, PA and Dad brought it to school and we cut it up…
  • We will get whole family pics soon but for now @CB & I just have to take pics of each other with the munchkin. (Image)
  • (Quote) Interesting. The dealership said that I would need to reset my radio anytime the battery is removed before my keyless remote would work. But maybe he was generalizing.
  • I have a friend with an almost 3 year old (don't know how old your son is) but she was just telling me about an incident with her daughter at day camp where they were all outside playing with a water table and her daughter just suddenly turned aroun…
  • @blackhawk: I have a 2010 Honda CR-V. I don't think anyone gets too into CR-Vs but maybe I will be suprised. My first instinct was "I'll just buy the Honda one and have my dealership install it" (We get a really good deal through our deale…
  • Marty just got a Beanie Baby dog from his great-grandpa. I cut the tag off without even looking at the name before letting Marty play with him. :P The thing I was surprised by last year was when we were purging our library and @CB convinced me to s…
  • She is planning to go back to grad school in the next year and wants the full capabilities of office. she's not particularly tech/internet savvy so it's probably just safer for her to have what she's used to. I stumbled across this Lenovo that loo…
  • Yeah, the HP was mine before it became CB's secondary comp. It was <$500 bought new in 2008 and the Compaq was my wedding present to CB, bought in 2007, but it was slightly higher end at the time then the HP ever was. A lot of places are already …