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  • I've scheduled a boardgames evening for this Friday. Also, I have planned a Carcassonne Tourney which will play online starting tomorrow. See the #tabletop room on the Discord for more info. ;D
  • It's been on my wishlist for a while with "Time is relative" as its release date. I'm glad they are making progress. I'm really interested in Dwarf Fortress, but, despite my roots, I just can't into a screen full of ascii anymore.
  • Even better.
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 16
  • Okay. I have that.
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 16
  • lulz. I was in control panel, not settings. :p I see it now. (Image) So, this means I don't need a new copy?
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 16
  • I don't see Update and Security in my Control Panel. :/
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 15
  • I don't remember anymore. I think it was an upgrade from a previous Windows version? Is there somewhere in Windows I can go to see if my license will transfer?
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 15
  • Do I actually need a new copy of Windows 10? Won't my license transfer?
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 15
  • Can't get Inland over here, unfortunately, though I also have had good history with that brand. :/
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 15
  • Which do you recommend, then?
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 11
  • For reference, here is also the build that Sono recommended on Discord: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/F2C8cq
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 10
  • (Quote) That would pair with the Ryzen 9, then?
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 10
  • (Quote) What's this? I would like to get the new PC very soon because right now it's hard to get anything done, but also, Germany is doing a VAT rebate thing in a few weeks to kickstart the retail sector, so it's not too bad if I have to wait til t…
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 10
  • There are a lot of pre-builts on zonDE, and the ones in the 1300-2200€ range all look about the same to me. Are you just paying for cool cases at that point? Is my budget too high?
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 10
  • My bad.
    in CB's fresh start Comment by CB June 10
  • I no longer think it's BackBlaze. I had noticed more stability, but I think it was just random. It basically has an uptime that randomly falls between 15 min and 72 hours, so it's really hard to tell when something is working better. Sometimes I'll …
  • I happen to know of a really great supplemental guide that would have a lot of cool stuff for a setting like this. (unfortunately, some would have to be fudged. It's for d20 system, not 5e.) :O Wish I could join you guys. ;D
  • The FiiO K3 is good. I would need better speakers to tell more, but it certainly sounds at least as nice as it did when I was driving these speakers from the 3.5 jack on the motherboard (when it was working). I still feel like it's weird that no on…
    in USB PC speakers? Comment by CB May 23
  • I've been playing a LOT of RimWorld during "these unprecedented times". It's a great game for pulling up when not much is going on in the house, but there are a lot of people in the house, so I could be interupted ay anymunite to do someth…
  • Blootooth or wifi are not an option with this PC without buying yet more equipment. I've ordered the FiiO K3, and will report back when it arrives. It still feels silly to have a more expensive DAC than speakers, but the solution is under my origina…
    in USB PC speakers? Comment by CB May 18
  • Those speakers were junk. They couldn't even handle 'low-volume background music' use case. They are so buzzy that they are distracting. So, I guess I'll go for a DAC. :/ I just need to find one I can buy from here. The Schiit that @Sonorous recom…
    in USB PC speakers? Comment by CB May 16
  • We're doing it again! SUNDAY 4PM EST be there and be square.
  • The discussion kept running on Discord, and I decided to try these: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Logitech-S150-Stereo-Lautsprecher-OEM-schwarz/dp/B000XUQ2LI/ They are a lot cheaper than I was thinking, why worries me that they're junk, but they are al…
    in USB PC speakers? Comment by CB April 29
  • My experiences in the past with USB sound cards is terrible, so I didn't even think of them. I tried a bunch of them when I was doing hardware reviews, and found none that were even acceptable, much less good. HOWEVER, that was like a decade ago, so…
    in USB PC speakers? Comment by CB April 29
  • Totes. I would LOVE to be playing Alyx right now, but money doesn't grow on trees over here, and it's a big investment into tech that has like... maybe three games released over the last decade that I'm really interested in playing.
    in Half Life Alyx Comment by CB April 10
  • Yeah, it's encrypted on my end first.
  • It's not. I'm currently going back and forth with BackBlaze support staff because turning off BackBlaze makes the system more stable, and I'm giving them a chance to help me find a solution before I change cloud back-up providers over it.
  • Finally got the new UPS set up. We'll see if it helps.