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  • One a more serious note the C2Duo + 8800GTS has been a sweet combo for me for the past month.
  • Sounds plenty fast to me already...just save that money and take some girls out once you get to school :)
  • (Quote) The working world makes me FEEL old :p
  • Still nothing wrong with C++. I use it in the defense industry, and good luck running Java on an embedded system...
  • Man, back when I was in high school (and walked both ways, up hill, in the snow, with no shoes) the AP test was in C++.
  • (Quote) You should only be #including the .h file in other files that need to use your type. If you have ClassA.h and ClassA.cpp you should put the declaration in the .h file and the implementation in the .cpp file. If ClassB then needs knowledge…
  • are you running folding, i found mine cause that problem when i had folding running and tried to start a game.
  • I would not recommend LA or San Diego without a car. San Francisco might be doable, but Orlando sounds like a better fit for you.
  • Just try all the combinations. I dont think line 2 works for your sum...
  • look into argv.
  • Keep us posted on how the website goes! I am actually looking at setting up a Cichlid tank in the near future.
    in Web hosting Comment by JB February 2007
  • Well, it depends. I was assuming this was related to a homework assignment, and I don't think teachers want to see auto-generated MIPS... If you simply want to run the C code on a MIPS box (and build on your x86) you will have to cross compile it …
  • Those pictures on your web page are simply INCREDIBLE! Are those fish pictures from your own tank(s)?
    in Web hosting Comment by JB February 2007
  • very carefully;) You will have to go line by line and implement the C functionality into assembly.
  • good luck buddy:clap:
  • Stop by/call/email your school's financial aid department and see if they can give you some advice.
  • The demo was a lot of fun...unfortunately work is taking up a lot of my time and I have been avoiding the computer in my free time.
  • Hey guys, I'm back again..I finally installed the demo and was wondering if anyone would be willing to spare a second key so a buddy of mine can join me? It would be much appreciated!
  • (Quote) What about limits on flash writes? Thats the real kicker right now for flash replacing hard drives on computers. Has anyone significantly upped that limit or removed it completely?
    in Apple iPhone Comment by JB January 2007
  • (Quote) Did you check out Wild Blue?
  • A little thread resurrection here to pop in and say hi! I lost all my lab computers after I graduated, and now that I have to pay the power bill I cut back a bit on folding. I guess my 1 WU/week wont keep in the top 150 for long, huh:sad2:
  • (Quote) Cool! I didn't realize MMO games were willing to push out their server content to allow users to host their own servers. I'll have to check this game out and hop on your server. Thanks Sledge!
  • Sledge, How are you hosting a Lineage II server? I was looking on their webpage and it looks like you have to pay monthly for it?
  • The mine you are referring to is the Soudan mine and it is ~1.5 hours away if i remember correctly. If you have a chance as a freshman go up there and check it out! It is like an underground secret headquarters for James Bond's arch enemy. I was …
    in College! Comment by JB November 2006
  • (Quote) Talk about icing on the cake! Must...keep...mouse and credit card away...from...newegg...
  • (Quote) That is an incredible FSB OC 266 MHz-> 400 MHz! I didn't check the article so pardon my ignorance, but doesn't that throw your PCI/SATA/etc clocks off spec? Is there a separate divider for the other buses in the bios?
  • (Quote) You should go check out the University of Minnesota because: 1) All the Big 10 schools (except maybe Indiana) have good engineering programs 2) I spent the summer of 2004 there doing engineering reserach and they seem to have a pretty good…
    in College Comment by JB May 2006
  • (Quote) I agree...college is expensive!
  • Another thought about the DNS server: If that is behind your router (NAT) you might be able to configure the sites with the local address (i.e. 192.168.0.xxx). Again, I'm no pro on the networking side but maybe you could look into that type of set…
  • What if you: 1)changed the default apache port on the 2nd server 2)ran your own DNS and configure the 2nd server's addresses to point to the correct port (that you changed in step 1) on your connection? I'm not sure if you can specify the ports in …
  • Congrats shwaip! What will you be researching?
    in Seattle Comment by JB April 2006
  • what about FUDforum? http://fudforum.org/forum/
    in *sigh* Comment by JB March 2006
  • 28 degrees and windy in northern Ohio:mad:
  • You have to also consider the large investment in engineering design. These devices are extremely complicated and there are large design teams behind every processor.
    in cost of cpu's Comment by JB March 2006
  • Thanks guys!:fold:
  • (Quote) (Quote) Bud, FTP uses two ports (default 20 and 21) one for commands and one for data transfer. You will probably need to foward a second port for this to work correctly.
    in ftp help Comment by JB February 2006
  • (Quote) How can I reduce the number of requests you make on my web site? http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/ysearch/slurp/slurp-03.html straight from the mouth of Yahoo:smiles:
  • $350 for a processor and motherboard seems expensive for a simple file server. Do you have any older Duron/Athlons/P3/P4 systems around? If not how about something along the lines of a cheap ($90+sh) Sempron 3100+ and ECS nForce3 motherboard offer…
  • B.S. CS minimum for computer science job
  • Do you mean a cluster of servers or a cluster of clients?
  • Thanks for the info Leo and csimon. I'll take a look at those models :)
  • Thanks guys. No games, just work :)
  • thanks guys! :D
  • First of all use getline to read in lines. After that do a quick google search and there are tons of tutorials on how to search strings, such as http://cplus.about.com/od/beginnerctutorial/l/aa051202a.htm :)
  • You will need to buy another copy of Windows XP for your second computer. Check out www.newegg.com for current prices
    in windows Comment by JB November 2005
  • anyone else?
  • also be prepared for a lot of math!
  • (Quote) I just want to chime in that i took computer architecture (processor design) and MIPS (mips processor design/assembly) while the EEs didnt take either...
  • At ONU they take Programming 1 and do a lot of work in Matlab. They also had to program Motorola assembly in microprocessors and some VHDL in digital electronics. Over all they dont do too much, but once you get a job/internship as an EE or CpE yo…
  • tmh88, Ill be graduating with a computer engineering degree this spring, so i think qualify to answer your post :p The first year or so is pretty much the same taking calculus, physics, circuits, ect. The big split comes late So/Jr/Sr when compE d…