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  • I saw the title and expected skittles. REALLY happy it wasn't skittles.
  • Crapper. Bob is leaving for Japan on the 31, which means I have no way to/from the event. NEXT YEAR WILL BE THE YEAR I GET TO DO ALL THE THINGS!
  • Depending on what time Bob and I head for the border (towards Canada) we'll attempt to stop in for a bit on Sunday. If we do, we will have homebrew in hand :)
  • @oni_dels I've heard of it, haven't tried it. i have so much effing beer right now, i don't know what to do with it. and Bobby has over 100 bottles in his cellar right now. we've joked that we need a pre-nup that includes all our beer haha
  • (Quote) If you're ordering for a party, where everyone is already intoxicated, it would be perfect. Or pregnant ladies craving taco bell, but are unable to drive. Or teenage kids who don't drive. I can think of a few reasons that it would work out w…
  • I need this in my life. This had better exist in Michigan by the time I move there. I currently lack access to Taco Bell breakfast. So anything that would make Taco Bell more accessible to me is awesome.
  • The last beer I had input on was She Said Yes Hibiscus Wit This is what my boyfriend brewed to mark the occasion of proposing to me. So that's pretty cool. I love hibiscus tea, and we had some other hibiscus beer a while ago, so I thought a pink be…
  • Holy shit dude. I don't even use columns anymore (thankfully) When I was doing social media/promotions for a local news site, I could have maybe used something like that. BUT most of the things in my columns were repeated across the screen, because…
  • (Quote) it fits the standards of IPA (minimum IBU) even though it tastes like a regular pale ale. twenty years ago it was considered a hoppy beer. but the way that beer has gone since then makes it a very bland beer, relatively speaking. their singl…
  • (Quote) Don't doubt my ability to get Icelandic smoked whale testicle beer. Actually, that shit is hard to find and goes against my personal convictions, so I won't be finding it... But don't doubt my ability to get weird beer from far away.
  • Whatever games are played, I want to know ahead of time so I can knit themed prizes for wieners winners.
  • (Quote) They could win more beer? Could also do rarest beers, but I think that would be pretty pretentious REALLY fast. also, rare beer =/= good beer. Plus, I'd win, because I will be brewing 2 gallon batches by then.
  • (Quote) Keith's IPA (they also do some single hop style ales that are pretty decent), Muskoka Mad Tom/Twice as Mad Tom/Detour, Boneshaker Cruiser All Day IPA All available at the LCBO, not always available at the beer store
  • (Quote) Sounds good! My email address is nicole at mercantile519 dot ca, and I believe you can add me with that. Unfortunately, I live with my parents (for another year or so) and I have ONE non-stick pan. It's sufficient for now, but a bit of an a…
  • (Quote) SIGN ME UP FOR THAT!!! Friday July 24, I'll be Amtrak-ing at 3:15 again :) We could do the same as last time if that works for you guys? NO BEING SICK THIS TIME!!! and I totally need to give Farnsworth some butt scratches.
  • HOLY SWEET JEEZUS YOU GUYS CAN GET LOROCO!? We have one Salvadorian restaurant here and they run out of loroco super fast when they get it in. Where are these from? I need them in and around my face hole. Next time I cross the border I MUST CONSUME …
  • (Quote) YAY! that makes me super duper happy :D I have plans for a few different hats to make in the next little while. I did a Cthulhu a while ago, and I need to make more of them. Because they're hilarious. And dice bags are always fun. Any time y…
  • (Quote) Merci beaucoup! Je n'ai jamais été très habile en français quand je suis au clavier. C'est plutôt durant les conversations avec mes professeurs que je suis lente a traduire mes pensées. Aussi, j'ai perdu beaucoup de ma mémoire de conjugaison…
  • @DontCallMeKelso I work in a bit of a healthy food desert. There are a bunch of restaurants that sell pretty much exclusively fried foods around me. Unless I want to pay like $13 for a salad. My email address is nicole at mercantile519 dot ca if you…
  • Drink Labbatt Blue. Drink Molson Canadian. Drink Sleeman. Drink Unibroue. Drink Steam Whistle. Come to Windsor and drink Walkerville/Craft Heads/BREW. Eat poutine. Take a maple syrup bath. Smell maple syrup money. Play street hockey. Play lacrosse. …
  • It gave me an extra second to finish drinking a beer.
  • Wish I could have made it. This weekend totally escaped from me. Shit weather coupled with panic attacks and lack of motivation made for me not leaving my house, and forget about the thought of leaving my country. NEXT YEAR! I WILL BE THERE! AND BRI…
  • Just followed you on Instagram. I want to stop packing on the pounds. I have to wear a wedding dress in the next year to two years (hopefully on the lower end of that) and I want it to look good. I need to stop eating take out when I'm at work and …
  • I need to use Duolingo to get my French back. I've been SUCKING at it lately.
  • BOY - Little Numbers / they're a 2 piece from Europe. Bought their album on iTunes after listening to two songs. Totally worth it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsyjS_vJfkw