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  • If anyone else wanders across a photo of Kyle and me, I'd appreciate getting a copy.
  • Brian gave me the watch that Kyle was given when he was converted to full-time at Shinola. He told me the story of how he wordlessly flaunted it as a way of announcing he’d gotten the job. There are lots of small nicks on the casing, showing how muc…
  • 7787 8692 8922 I dunno, some dude named Perry wanted to play so I guess... 😋
  • Before Perry shares his and sets the bar too high, this is (more or less) how I began the eulogies on Thursday: In April 2007, I moved several states away into the basement of a friend I met on the Internet. That’s a really hard thing to explain to …
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 6
  • it would be amazing to have his eulogy posted He did express willingness. Working on it. (Lots of folks have been requesting it.)
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 5
  • The service on Thursday was really great. Thank you to everyone that came to the service, came to the celebration, donated, visited, or reached out. It was standing room only, and that was after they brought every spare chair they could. I spoke fir…
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 5
  • I want to stress that anyone is welcome here to mourn Kyle’s loss tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. This pain will last forever and if you cannot be with is today, we will deeply value your presence whenever it’s possible.
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 4
  • We'll super appreciate the company of anyone that makes it in for this, too.
  • There is a candlelight memorial being organized by Kyle's friends at The Dovetail (previously Tracey's Cafe) in Warren on Saturday at 7pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/664368987384284/
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 2
  • Updated my list above.
  • Facebook event for the memorial celebration: https://www.facebook.com/events/525378254956270/
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 2
  • Been having a hard time expressing my emotion. I flip flop between stoicism and rambling rawness. Don't get in your own head about it. We know.
  • Thank you so much for that photo @shwaip
    in Photos of Kyle Comment by Linc October 2
  • Fuck you for being so awesome @Sonorous ♥️
  • I want to be clear anyone is welcome at the house, as many times as you care to stop by, all week and thru the weekend. You're also welcome to text or call when you're ready. It's not overwhelming. We're cool with crying more. I have to leave on a b…
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 1
  • Kyle's memorial celebration will take place at the The War Memorial in Grosse Pointe Farms (32 Lake Shore Dr) this Thursday, Oct 3 at 1:30pm. Lunch buffet will be served at 2:15, and there will be an open beer/wine bar. All are welcome. We expect it…
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 1
  • Service for family and close friends followed by a very large memorial celebration (all welcome) will be Thursday. Times and details later tonight.
    in Kyle is gone Comment by Linc October 1
  • Perry spent Saturday night at the family cabin up north with lots of friends. One of their mutual friends was at college in the UP, so that was a meeting point they could all get to for a night. He safely returned yesterday and spent the evening at …
  • https://icrontic.com/uploads/361/101LL0M73ZTQ.jpg
  • Thank you @mertesn for finding the Mars rover boarding pass. I've embedded it into the home page (not on mobile). https://icrontic.com/uploads/134/4IGQK4B4ZNN8.png NASA is collecting names to send with the rover in 2020. Registration ends today.
  • Plans for an event will be forthcoming. We've been hung up by the medical examiner, which we expect to be resolved today.
  • The fundraiser just crossed $15,000. Thank you, everyone.
  • @BlackHawk Red Coat Tavern and "gaming dad" article are the answers to your trivia I believe. 😊
  • Lots more friends & family stopped by today after my post above. Thanks to all of you.
  • I made this discussion and the Stories discussion public at Brian's request.
  • Jeff, Leah, Andy, and Becks have all stopped by today. House is open if anyone local wants to stop by this weekend. Please don't feel obligated but you're surely welcome. Also, grieving is a messy weird thing. If it makes you uncomfortable to put yo…
  • Brian posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/primesuspect/posts/10156278729435614
  • I created a GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-master-builder-memorial
  • Aaron discovered some good news on Twitter this morning: The I-94 expansion project (that's the freeway we all cross using the Canfield pedestrian bridge to reach Midtown) has revamped its plans to suck a lot less. In the original plan floated a yea…
  • Probably the last sub-300K house you'll ever see in Woodbridge: https://detroit.curbed.com/2019/9/24/20882280/woodbridge-detroit-commonwealth-street-home-for-sale
  • I dunno, why’d Cliff triple post twice? Ivan only replies once per trigger...
  • Cola and I arrive 10pm Wed and depart at 8pm Mon.
  • https://icrontic.com/discussion/comment/952279#Comment_952279 I have a lot of cards in a lot of places, OK? 😜
  • Dammit. Hours later, I found it. Narrator: It was in fact Lincoln who derped it in a weird place, just like we knew all along.
  • Did anyone accidentally hold onto their deck or put it somewhere weird? I’m missing Jaya Ballard, her emblem, and enough Ravnica Allegiances cards to think there is still an assembled deck somewhere. If anyone recalls who had the mono-red planeswalk…
  • @BobbyDigi I have Sam Adams' barrel aged marzen (basically Oktoberfest). Wouldn't mind digging it out next year if you remind me and it's still intact. One of my favorite low-cost aging experiments was a Boulevard Double Wide IPA bomber aged for 2+…
  • https://icrontic.com/discussion/comment/952188#Comment_952188 There are no theme options currently, no. I'd like to make a light mode, but it requires probably another full day of work to get there and isn't the top of my list at the moment.
  • Everything is different, again. https://icrontic.com/uploads/841/VQWSMXLC40NU.png
  • I'd super appreciate it if everyone would check their email for the survey and reply today if you haven't yet!
  • Thursday is the usual arrival day.
  • Thanks again to @portzebie for the excellent artwork.
  • And now I've re-upped the size limit back to 50M so you can actually upload photos from mobile again.
  • (Image)
  • Three packs of all 8 new stickers of our mascot Ivan have been added to the table.
  • What’s the rules/mood of this server? Are we building elaborate shit / respecting build areas, or is it just 🤷‍♂️ adventure mode?
  • Final standings: 1: Colgere (9) 2: Soto (6) 3: Magic (6) 4: Linc (6) 5: Cola (6) 6: Judah (3) 7: Drasnor(3) 8: Digi (3) 9: Fodder (1) 10: Mertesn (1)
  • Image uploads are working again.
  • (Quote) Yes
  • I do also collect some vinyl now as well. But it's a subset / "best of" the albums I've already purchased on iTunes. I bought a HomePod this year for no other purpose than playing albums I request from my collection. I found my Sonos beca…