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  • The key to longevity is outsourcing.
    in Pimping my site Comment by Linc April 5
  • Because @cola is a bad.
  • (Quote) It took us 90 minutes to get everyone on the right server, early attendance was a bit light, and in the past we've had a slight decline in attendance on week two. If you wanna rally folks to start at 7 you're of course welcome to.
  • (Quote) That's like saying why don't we stay in the movie theater for 8 hours if we paid $23 for these tickets. It was worth it to me to drop $23 for 4 nights of TF2 without having to worry about trolls and weird server settings. That was the entire…
  • There is a line between folks contributing ad hoc and registering accounts meant to be the de facto one for the community. As I have said many times over the years, please don't do the latter without discussing it with Brian or myself.
  • I'll grab a Zoom account for Cola to use. If anyone wants to chip in a couple bucks for the TF2 server ($23), Zoom account ($16), or a Minecraft server ($8 if we do it), you can PayPal accounts@short-media.com.
  • FWIW, I only bought a month of TF2 and wasn't planning to renew it beyond the current quarantine situation. It's also $23/mo, as opposed to a $8/mo Minecraft server.
  • I have a concern about the labor overhead of going the free route. I'd rather not sign anyone up for a bunch of server maintenance and have no recourse for dealing with issues other than "wipe the server and try again" which seems to be th…
  • They have Realms for Java, up to 10 concurrent player, for $8/mo which seems like a no-brainer to me. Would this be a start-over? Does anyone mind?
  • We’ll definitely do the next two Tuesdays at the least: Mar 31 & Apr 7. Let’s say 8pm ET this time so we’re not too far ahead of west coast.
  • Great success.
  • QuaranTF2sday.
  • On a personal note, I want to admit something: I'm kinda relieved to be forced to take the year off. We usually kick off our planning for Expo around Oktoberfest. Well, that's about when Kyle was killed. None of us have done much planning. In fact,…
  • On the topic of the fundraiser, I wanna announce that thru the efforts of @Tushon and myself over the past year+, by this time tomorrow we'll have reduced the web server costs from $180/mo to $55/mo while also making the whole setup far more robust.…
  • (Quote) Really feels like a missed opportunity to send us Pandemic.
  • Secretly hoping @Winfrey gets quarantined here for weeks and we have an Axis & Allies throw-down grudge match tournament.
  • If before or during the event you are concerned you may be exhibiting symptoms, please use your own good judgement about joining the group. If you have a fever, that’s an obvious red line. Please advise us (Brian or I) if you attend the event and be…
  • If you are coming to ICSP, it would be prudent to consider there is a decent chance you become detained in Detroit by quarantine measures if things continue to escalate. You may want to consider things like packing a few additional days of clothing …
  • (Quote) Yessssss, @drasnor serving up the quality content this discussion is fishing for.
  • @Cliff_Forster You know what browser version either of those things was running (or care to guess)? I assume it was IE and Safari.
  • Friday the 17th brought us to Seguaro National Park (which Nicole swears is pronounced “swar-row”) where we did a lot if hiking among the cacti. We saw some great views, found some great creeks and rivers, and I played a lot of Pokemon because the w…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 29
  • Devil’s Hall (Wed) https://icrontic.com/uploads/846/LIY3B9PFAPJX.jpeg White Sands (Thu) https://icrontic.com/uploads/460/H7CNOHPPNTXP.jpeg
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 19
  • The second leg of Thursday was to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico for a dip in the hot spring water at a riverside spa. https://icrontic.com/uploads/751/B0PQ4ESOFVZ3.jpeg After that it was off to the campground in Lordsburg for rest.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 19
  • Thursday found us on the road again, this time to White Sands National Park. We did one long hike thru the beautiful dunes, and a couple short hikes to points of interest. Perry was in rare form, at one point taking a diving tumble down one of the d…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 19
  • Wednesday was Carlsbad Caverns National Park & Guadalupe National Park. At Carlsbad, Nicole arranged for us to go on their most challenging cave tour. Helmet, knee & elbow pads, and gloves required. We had to crawl through a narrow box to pr…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 17
  • Already done. Got a green chile burger for lunch in Hatch. A+ burger. Dare I say it? I think it bested Five Guys.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 17
  • I’m not saying it’s aliens but https://icrontic.com/uploads/252/J63PXHMG9ZGE.jpeg https://icrontic.com/uploads/035/KMX4NIUT3NQC.jpeg
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 15
  • Today was a 7-hour drive to Roswell, NM with a couple quick stops to capture Pokemon Go gyms in the few towns in between. We ate Mexican (whaaaaat?) for dinner, then Nicole & I visited the, uh, quaint International UFO Museum (& Research Cen…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 15
  • I left my laptop in Detroit so I wouldn’t be tempted to do shit like that.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 14
  • The shop wasn’t in range, it was a driveby!
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • Last night, Nicole understandably wanted to turn in after 10 hours of driving, so Perry and I had some adventures. Two internet searches later, our destination was set: Beale St and the river. We set out about 10:30pm, hit a jazz club and a dueling …
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • The upside down photo is actually 2 Vanilla editor glitches: reading the wrong meta on the photo, and also not allowing me to delete it on mobile to try again. Oh well.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • So we roll into Tops BBQ, a Memphis chain, at 30 minutes to close. There’s 2 people working. I look at the menu and ponder aloud that a cheeseburger sounds damn good. “We don’t have any more burgers today.” Oh, that’s fine, not the best pick in a BB…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • I can just picture you asking Nicole if you can stop, please please pretty please, with that shitty grin on your face like a little kid and Nicole being like... FINE BUT ONLY 15 MINUTES For the record, she coaxed me INTO finding a distillery along t…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 12
  • Um, why are you going to Kentucky before you go to Arizona??? You’d have to ask Eisenhower.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 12