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  • Devil’s Hall (Wed) https://icrontic.com/uploads/846/LIY3B9PFAPJX.jpeg White Sands (Thu) https://icrontic.com/uploads/460/H7CNOHPPNTXP.jpeg
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 19
  • The second leg of Thursday was to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico for a dip in the hot spring water at a riverside spa. https://icrontic.com/uploads/751/B0PQ4ESOFVZ3.jpeg After that it was off to the campground in Lordsburg for rest.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 19
  • Thursday found us on the road again, this time to White Sands National Park. We did one long hike thru the beautiful dunes, and a couple short hikes to points of interest. Perry was in rare form, at one point taking a diving tumble down one of the d…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 19
  • Wednesday was Carlsbad Caverns National Park & Guadalupe National Park. At Carlsbad, Nicole arranged for us to go on their most challenging cave tour. Helmet, knee & elbow pads, and gloves required. We had to crawl through a narrow box to pr…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 17
  • Already done. Got a green chile burger for lunch in Hatch. A+ burger. Dare I say it? I think it bested Five Guys.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 17
  • I’m not saying it’s aliens but https://icrontic.com/uploads/252/J63PXHMG9ZGE.jpeg https://icrontic.com/uploads/035/KMX4NIUT3NQC.jpeg
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 15
  • Today was a 7-hour drive to Roswell, NM with a couple quick stops to capture Pokemon Go gyms in the few towns in between. We ate Mexican (whaaaaat?) for dinner, then Nicole & I visited the, uh, quaint International UFO Museum (& Research Cen…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 15
  • I left my laptop in Detroit so I wouldn’t be tempted to do shit like that.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 14
  • The shop wasn’t in range, it was a driveby!
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • Last night, Nicole understandably wanted to turn in after 10 hours of driving, so Perry and I had some adventures. Two internet searches later, our destination was set: Beale St and the river. We set out about 10:30pm, hit a jazz club and a dueling …
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • The upside down photo is actually 2 Vanilla editor glitches: reading the wrong meta on the photo, and also not allowing me to delete it on mobile to try again. Oh well.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • So we roll into Tops BBQ, a Memphis chain, at 30 minutes to close. There’s 2 people working. I look at the menu and ponder aloud that a cheeseburger sounds damn good. “We don’t have any more burgers today.” Oh, that’s fine, not the best pick in a BB…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 13
  • I can just picture you asking Nicole if you can stop, please please pretty please, with that shitty grin on your face like a little kid and Nicole being like... FINE BUT ONLY 15 MINUTES For the record, she coaxed me INTO finding a distillery along t…
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 12
  • Um, why are you going to Kentucky before you go to Arizona??? You’d have to ask Eisenhower.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 12
  • We were driving right thru the Bourbon Trail territory, so I found a small distillery named Neeley Family and we extended our trip by a grand total of 15 minutes to park and let me taste their single barrel bourbon and rye, and purchase the latter. …
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 12
  • Five minutes into the trip, Nicole turned on the frozen windshield wipers and one of them flew off on the first stroke.
    in The Trip Comment by Linc January 12
  • CB: I have no idea when women are flirting with me. It has to be super overt. Also CB: There was no flirting in Star Wars and no reason to kiss. 😆
  • Gotta take a pass on coconut, one of my beer kryptonites. While not on the same level as my disdain for smokey, hot pepper, and meat flavors, I’m on restricted coconut intake. 😋
  • My 20yo nephew Caleb’s trainer code is 2367 6248 1196 is anyone wants to add him.
  • Wasn’t Anakin canonically the product of Palpatine using the force to impregnate his mother? Which makes the Skywalkers the not-actual-but-sort-of bloodline of Palpatine. It wasn’t really the Skywalker saga I guess, it was the Palpatine saga. A mult…
  • Every meta critique of “the master plan” vs JJ vs Rian etc is like... OK sure obviously you know how to make movies better, my bad for enjoying exactly what happened. 🙃
  • Exquisite. Everything it needed to be. The Last Jedi remains my top pick, but it was able to do that, in part, by ignoring the larger plot momentum, which obviously number 9 lacked the ability to do. My only critique was that the first 30 minutes fe…
  • IMO, we have enough linens anyone would be fine in the attic. Only chilly when you first bed down.
  • I also made a faerie deck, a seven dwarves / dragon deck, a knights deck, and an adventure deck. When given the option between putting a more powerful card in the deck or hitting the flavor better, I went for flavor. "I'd really like to cram t…
  • You and I may think casual means something different in Magic. A fine point! "Casual" to me means "the fun is in the flavor and doing, not in the min/max win". Which isn't to say winning isn't fun, but rather that I'm not optimi…
  • it's not possible to balance it as a casual player That comment at the end of an essay proposing a way to do just that without actually commenting on anything I said isn't gonna go in my top 10 favorites.
  • "What's a Relentless Rats effect?" Glad you asked! A handful of cards in Magic have the specific ability written on the card to exempt them from the 4-card limit. The first and most notable these was Relentless Rats. In early Magic, the 4-…
  • My math on this is that you can probably build 2 effective decks using these rules from one booster box (36 packs). So if your total investment in Magic ever was $85, or about 500 cards, you can have a pretty nice deckbuilding experience at this pow…
  • It’s not gonna convince me to get a VR setup. But I won’t pretend for a minute I still wouldn’t buy a new Half Life game for PC and play thru it like my life depended on it.
  • It is indeed still in Google's cache: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:FCDKKAPPNeoJ:cbdroege.com/best-couples-dating-sites+&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us You can see a publication date of Aug 30, which I would take at …
  • Minor changes in the last year: Acquired anti-UV plexiglass to protect 3 of the shelves from fading (the sun occasionally manages to hit them) and moved the supplemental sets to make room for the ever-expanding library of major sets. https://icront…
  • October 2004. October 2012. And here I sit in October 2019 gently putting Kyle's box of Magic cards onto the shelves of my office. One day I might even be able to go thru them.
  • I wasn't even in the ballpark! https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-pioneer-format-2019-10-21 The format, Pioneer, will begin with 2012's Return to Ravnica Block. Still very fortuitous for me since I retroactively bought qui…
  • If anyone else wanders across a photo of Kyle and me, I'd appreciate getting a copy.
  • Brian gave me the watch that Kyle was given when he was converted to full-time at Shinola. He told me the story of how he wordlessly flaunted it as a way of announcing he’d gotten the job. There are lots of small nicks on the casing, showing how muc…
  • 7787 8692 8922 I dunno, some dude named Perry wanted to play so I guess... 😋
  • Before Perry shares his and sets the bar too high, this is (more or less) how I began the eulogies on Thursday: In April 2007, I moved several states away into the basement of a friend I met on the Internet. That’s a really hard thing to explain to …
  • it would be amazing to have his eulogy posted He did express willingness. Working on it. (Lots of folks have been requesting it.)
  • The service on Thursday was really great. Thank you to everyone that came to the service, came to the celebration, donated, visited, or reached out. It was standing room only, and that was after they brought every spare chair they could. I spoke fir…
  • I want to stress that anyone is welcome here to mourn Kyle’s loss tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. This pain will last forever and if you cannot be with is today, we will deeply value your presence whenever it’s possible.