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  • I also have several Dota2 invites sitting around. Might look into trading them... but I unfortunately don't play much TF2 anymore.
  • Yeah, I suppose I should have included "and is it viable yet?" in the OP as well, haha. I've been curious about it for a while now, but never curious enough to start looking around and see what the options are. I find it rather disappoint…
  • For those interested, XDA-Developers is an excellent resource - they seem to have a sizable development community behind WP7. Not to mention they are able to exploit the opening that the ChevronWP7 or developer unlocks create to grant as close to &q…
  • Ah, what the heck, I'll join in too. I don't really have any images of the vehicles that I have driven except for the most recent one, which I have a TON of pics of, heh. I started out at age 15 1/2 learning and eventually getting my permit at 16 o…
  • Grab a Razor TRON mouse over at Woot for $35! http://sellout.woot.com/sale/21757
  • I actually managed to nab one - here's hoping for some decent Crap!
  • There's a bag of crap up. Don't think I'm going to get through, though. :/
  • Yes, I'd definitely say that to enjoy the "true" TP experience, you should play the GCN version. That said, I have played both versions of the game.
  • (Quote) While that may be true, I agree with others in that I think it is much more important to emphasize how he, in a way, helped to spur innovations and advances in technology, even if he himself had not done the work. He, together with Bill Gat…
  • I am incredibly excited about this game. November needs to be here sooner.
  • Yup! My day job is actually SharePoint 2010 development. TechNet and MSDN both have fantastic resources available. If I may, what sort of work will you be doing with SP2010?
  • I can't wait to give Win8 a try on a tablet or other touch-based device.
  • I've been hearing a bit about secure boot and UEFI recently, although I don't know terribly much about it, so I don't know how much to believe. Apparently, as a part of the secure boot process that Microsoft is requiring for the Windows 8 Logo spec…
  • Thank you for the research, CaptainMoustache. Even if it isn't terribly relevant to this thread, it was at least some very interesting information!
  • I will say this, and I will also say that I'm not 100% certain about it: I don't think simply moving spawn will work, and that is only because I'm fairly certain that strongholds and mineshafts are "created" upon world generation, not chu…
  • I don't see any reason not to merge the best of both worlds. Now, it has been a while since I've hopped on the server, so I understand if my opinion isn't as appreciated as those who around more often. I don't have too much of a sense of what is po…
  • I thought the keynote was interesting and exciting, and I can't wait to grab the Windows 8 Developer Preview later tonight!
  • I'd give some advice, but I'm a terrible example. I went to college for a year and failed out of it, but the student job I had as an ASP.NET developer, and the many years of "hobby" experience I had from when I was younger, landed me my cu…
  • I recently purchased 2 2x2GB G.Skill RAM kits from Leonardo. He was very prompt in shipping my purchase out to me ASAP - I received the order approximately 3 or 4 days after I had given him my payment. On to the purchase itself - not a single flaw!…
  • Congrats, and best of luck to you!
  • I sent you a PM.
  • (Quote) Ah, gotcha. I didn't bother to look too deep, and I haven't been around enough to ever notice it before anyway. Thanks! EDIT: Even though there is a topic about this near the top of the first page of the topic listing anyway, fail on my par…
  • Holy cow. That is incredibly, excuse me, epic. Truly an impressive mod.
  • That is impressive. Made even more impressive because the author transposed it himself. Bravo.
  • I had the opportunity to raid Firelands last night. It's pretty awesome, in my opinion, it's crazy how huge it is! I pugged it with a guild whose name I can't remember. We cleared trash (oh so much trash...) and wiped on Shannox about 15 times befor…
  • Sounds like a great idea to me, and an even better way to help get the PWA off the ground.
  • Damn that would be awesome! I think it would be interesting to slightly change up the rules a bit to make them MC valid. For one, I think it would be cool if you were required to get into the enemy base to get a bunch of iron (maybe 5 pieces per pe…
  • I like the giant Icrontic logo idea. You know, I wonder if it would be possible to make a sort of welcome "animation" with a large series of pistons. Something like the Icrontic logo, or "Welcome to (Icrontic logo)", rising out …
  • Replace the .onion with a .tor2web.org. I've been mining, but only because I'm away from my personal computer quite often. For about (currently) every 4 24-hour days, I'm generating one BitCoin with my 5770. I'm not too serious about it, I usually …
  • Got an email yesterday. Ubi notified me that they can't honor my sale, however, they gave me the choice of completing the same exact purchase with a 20% off coupon code.
  • I'd love to go because it sounds like a blast. From what I can tell, you're all good people, and it'd be awesome to hang out with a bunch of awesome people with similar interests. Perhaps another year! But for now, I'll go ahead and enter this conte…
  • With this, who needs Notch's adventure update, we can make our own hardcore dungeons ahaha. But really, I'm pretty excited to see what this adventure stuff is all about.
  • (Quote) The first thing that comes to mind is a floor switch that will "seal" the hallway and allow water to fall into the hallway. Drown them out! It'd be especially cool if it was then impossible for them to step off the switch to deact…
  • I managed to nab Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.® 2 Deluxe Edition, Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sandsâ„¢ Deluxe Edition, Prince of Persia®: The Sands of Time, and Assassin's Creed Animus Bundle. Went back to grab Beyond Good and Evil, and it had gotten…
  • I saw that some donations were needed, and pitched in a small amount. I would have loved to have pitched in more, but it's all I can afford right now, unfortunately. :( I have used the Vent server on occasion though, so I figured it'd only be right …
  • I would have gotten a ticket if I could have afforded it in the first place. This year I'm just going to stick with the virtual ticket, and maybe next year I'll be able to afford to even try to buy one haha. It sounds super cool, come October you be…
  • Just finished the single-player portion of the game, and I must say, overall, I found it much more satisfying and engaging than the first. Either way though, both are fantastic games, and I can't wait to see what else happens. And now I really want…
  • Just thought I'd drop by and say that I had a lot of fun last night. Regardless of the direction we end up taking, I definitely look forward to hopping in Vent more often, even though I didn't really say much... haha. And as far as raiding goes, it…
  • Happy birthday, cola!
  • Oh dang, I'm going to have to start playing some MC again. I'll vouch for Vigafray.
  • I dunno how important my opinion is since I'm a newer member and not part of the raid team quite yet, but I am quite interested in raiding. If there is still interest in tackling the raids, I'd love to join in. My main is a retribution paladin. Per…
  • Haha, thanks man! Haven't been around in a while, so I missed this thread on my actual birthday, but I appreciate it. :D
  • Dang that's a lot of money. I wish I could make a quick game that would make that much.
  • (Quote) Oh, I look forward to it too. ;)
  • Yup, I saw that. It certainly will be interesting. And how much of a purpose they'll serve and whether you have to craft them(? lol), catch them, or tame them with an item, and if they'll have health and be able to attack or just have no health and …
    in Pets Comment by Malpercio March 2011
  • From my understanding, if this doesn't work well, you could use a plugin such as ServerPort, and set up an identical server running in Hell mode, and have a "real" nether that actually works with portals. Don't know the specifics, though.
  • Wow that sounds awesome! I don't suppose you could have the netherkit activated so we can quickly and easily get into the nether on the test server? My apologies if you already do, I just haven't been in yet.
  • Alright, very cool, I'll definitely be joining you guys as soon as I set up my subscription again. EDIT: I went ahead and did so, I'm a human paladin on Kel'Thuzad. Name's in my profile, but I'll just tell you guys here, I'm playing as Malperciogoc…
  • (Quote) I've seen it several times, and I've always enjoyed it. I really do have a weak spot for action movies, though.