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  • DF on Steam?! I didn't see that coming AND with graphics?! I guess I won't need the LNP pack anymore
  • @GHoosdum you can make booze taste like anything you want given the right yeast and ingredients. Sake/rice wine mixes that formula up as you're adding aspergillus oryzae to break down starch into simple sugars that the yeast can use @HumerusMeg tha…
  • I cracked open the sake. Its strong and has a bit of fusels on the uptake but that quickly goes away and it leads into a smooth, creamy, sweet taste. Here's a pic of it in the glass (Image)
  • (Quote) Barn doors are a pain to hang properly. It's looking good so far!
    in Another One Comment by MrTRiot June 5
  • (Quote) The sake is still aging but I just checked on it and it had pretty good density separation. Technically it's a Nigori sake due to the fine rice particles in it. When it got racked to its bottle (all that work for ~300ml) it had a sweet milky…
  • NY style cheesecake topped with dream whip and crab apple wine shatter/hard crack! (Image) EDIT: Here's a breakdown of the experience! Cheesecake - Cheesecake is super simple to make so I won't get into too much detail and basically any recipe wi…
  • @Straight_Man when you gonna start folding again? I'm less than a week behind you now
  • I'd also like to opt out. The pandemic has hit me a lot less than others and it should go to someone who needs it.
  • @Strikes Unless we can either induce a crash or do something specific to solve them then we're basically shooting blind. That being said, your core 7 power reaching past 11w seems a bit high considering all your other averages and maxes. It's typic…
  • Given everything that has been tried, you could try running SuperPI on all cores until it either crashes or starts spitting out a boatload of uncorrectable errors. F@H would also work provided you switch the settings for it to be CPU only (and not …
  • I was having some issues last night with bonus points not being counted and the GPU going idle at times. I think I got it sorted out though.. With everything going full bore I should average ~930k points a day with temps never going above 55c
  • @Strikes when you saying you're using verifier are you referring to running sfc /scannow though the command prompt? If not, try running it and see if it helps. @Thrax may be able to offer more insight on next steps
  • I started up folding again. Currently at 52k points and am going to get 65k points from a single GPU WU.. It's pretty crazy to see my previous ~120 WUs being overshadowed in points by a single new one.
  • @GnomeQueen all my usual spots of getting grain are closed due to covid. You mentioning that has given me a few ideas though. Not sure if it'll be edible but it'll definitely be baked!
  • Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr/Prophecy - Picked it up on a steam sale and I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. Its graphically like Diablo 3 but plays more like diablo 2 in terms of game flow and progression. Its hard to find a good ARPG and even mor…
  • I'm a much better brewer than baker but I'll have a go at it.
  • @Strikes as you were able to run heaven and superposition without issues you can more or less rule out your GPU, motherboard/CPU or PSU being the main culprit. They're pretty good real world stress tests as compared to SuperPI or FurMark.
  • In
  • I second what Cliff is saying, there is a lot of stuff that could be wrong with it right now but not enough info to make a solid decision. Right now I would see if you can get "Heaven" benchmark to run at max settings for at least an hour…
  • Have you tried switching your sound cables inside your case? There's usually "AC97" and "HD Audio" connections and switching them around might help (and it only takes a few minutes)
  • After three attempts I finally got it! Right now its not perfect but I'm hoping pasturization will straighten it out a bit. My choice of yeast (D47) seems to have given it some sweet, fruity esters which goes nice with the arborio/jasmine base. Her…
  • @pigflipper storage is fairly simple to upgrade later on so dont be too worried about going with a 500 gig. The crucical 1TB NVMe m.2 drive I got is specifically for my game collection. Games seem to be going to larger and larger single file sizes …
  • Have you updated your BIOS? That might be a good first step and fairly simple to do if it's a dual bios system. Next thing I would do is look at temperatures inside your case. Small form factors are notorious for over heating. You can usually find …
  • I upgraded from an SSD to a 1TB M.2 drive recently and I gotta say, its pretty awesome. I would definitely recommend picking one up if your budget allows
  • @primesuspect I know RCE bugs can do some nasty things if implemented certain ways. What other ramifications do you see arising from the leak? It's been quite awhile since something this big has gotten into the public domain
  • I've see some reviews on it when it first came out and they werent great. Its good if you're living in hotel rooms or dont want to buy a gaming rig but thats about it. Internet also has to be pretty fantastic too...