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  • I just purchased one of these last week and put it together over the weekend. I went with a passively cooled Radeon HD 7750 for my graphics card, so the loudest component in the case is a 1 TB WD Black drive which isn't even that loud. It is indeed …
  • The times would have been better if I wasn't so bad. Still fun, though.
  • I could never finish Sonic the Hedgehog 2 without cheats. Without cheats, I have only gotten to the Metal Sonic fight twice, and to the final fight against Robotnik once. One day, I'll go back and beat it.
  • I've already gotten a good start to this game. I like it, but it gets monotonous without friends to play with. If you ever need a party member to clear dungeons with, I'll be available.
  • I checked the competition page and skimmed their forums for details on how to win t-shirts and stickers, but couldn't find anything.
  • I've only played the first two, but they were a lot of fun. I still pop the second one into my GBA from time to time and play for half an hour. I love the way the game is paced.
  • Finding a decent server to play on has been difficult, since most, if not all, the Futuremark servers only allow new players.
  • I came on and played on FM #2, the 16-person server. I'm guessing you guys were on FM #6, the 24-person server. That one was full whenever I checked it.
  • I updated twenty minutes ago and my cursor has already grown to its pre-9.12 hotfix size.
  • I played it for a couple hours today, and I really enjoyed it. I got an average of 25 fps on low settings with my Athlon 64 X2 5400+ and HD 4830, though it fell down to around 15 fps when in a close quarters firefight with several people. Despite th…
  • I've seen speculation that Hemlock (5870 X2) is going to be sold as part of the 5900 series.
  • Aren't they called the GT 210 and GT 220, not GTX? They don't seem like very competitive cards. The GT 220 is in the same price range as the HD 4670 which it is outperformed by. Its power draw is also not significantly lower than the HD 4670's, so …
  • The only difference I see between the two is the CPU. I'd have to say that the Core 2 Duo E7400 is better than the Athlon 64 X2 6000+, however, it's not good enough to warrant paying $100 more. With that said, I agree with Mt_Goat's suggestion of g…
  • I'm having mixed feelings about this. On one hand, DDR2 is finally going the way of DDR. It's always good to move on. On the other hand, all my systems use DDR2, meaning upgrading my RAM will cost me a few extra dollars. Probably not much more, but …
  • I don't think the instruments are cross-compatible on the Wii. While I can't link to the actual charts at the moment, I can link you to this blog post that conveniently rehosted the charts. As for my opinion, I'd have to agree with what everyone's …
  • I hope it officially supports the new Radeon HD 4200. I have a new 785G-based system sitting around waiting for the CPU to arrive. I don't want it to arrive and find out it's not supported yet.
  • Thanks! I was worried I might distract from more worthy contestants, but it seems I was deemed pitiful enough to receive the prize. I'll be sure to post a picture of my new setup after I move all the internals to their new home.
  • To be honest, I'm 17, and I've only purchased music one time. I had listened to Orbital's Middle of Nowhere album through my parents' Rhapsody subscription, and I had liked it very much. I eventually found a used copy in a generic jewel case at a lo…
  • My Thermaltake Mambo VC2000's front bezel was broken upon purchase, and I could not return it since it was on clearance sale at a local computer store. So I have some electrical tape keeping the bezel attached to the rest of the case. (Image) Cable…
  • Judging from all the reviews I've seen, a single HD 4770 is quite comparable in performance to a single HD 4850. It seems that the GDDR5 memory makes up for the limitation brought on by the 128-bit bus. The PSU and HDD combo looks pretty good. The …