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Short-Media LAN 2005I Exist!


  • Hi everyone. I had fun last weekend. Sorry that I haven't had time to check this thread earlier. I hope that I didn't give anyone the impression that I had a bad time. It's true that the BFME2 event that I was waiting for never happened. That's …
  • Stan
  • I haven't played any of the choices but I went ahead and voted for BFME2 (since Sledge is basically making sure that everyone has a copy).
  • I sent Sledge my payment for the $26 premium version- whatever that includes. Sledge, please disregard my PM since I didn't see your Paypal address until a couple minutes ago.
  • Sledgehammer70 wrote: Okay guys I have enough people looking for me to buy games where it is 100% postive. So far i have the is list of players and what they want BFME2: ][V][AGIC MountainDew Cyclonite BF2: Cyclonite Prime? QCH? …
  • primesuspect wrote: I got a really nice viewsonic 17" with an 8ms response time and a DVI input for $200 from newegg about six months ago. I love it. They sure are cheaper than they used to be Yes, I agree. I like Newegg but TigerDirect…
  • I'm bringing the same media center PC with a 19" CRT that I had last year. Motherboard: Albatron PX915P PRO Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 915P ATX Intel CPU: Intel Pentium 4 640 Prescott 800MHz FSB, 3.2 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache CPU Cooler: Zalman copper b…
  • GHoosdum wrote: Can you point me toward the LAN Puerto Rico? www.eaglegames.net
  • mtgoat wrote: If there is still room in the basement please save me a spot. My back doesn't do well on teh ground these days. I guess I'm the only senior coming. Prof is a close second though. I'm 40 years old. I'm getting a hotel roo…
  • Rome Total War/ Barbarian Invasion are ideal for a LAN party since multiplayer is a battle between two or more armies. You can choose the terrain/battle conditions and each player gets a set amount of denari to purchase an army. Each faction (Roman…
  • QCH2002 wrote: You be intrested in bunking on Friday night? I'd split the cost with you. No, but thanks for asking. I'm a bit too old and crotchety to share a room with anyone but my wife. Prime, the hotel is the Fairfield Inn at 13 1/…
  • I successfully bid $31 on Priceline for a room Friday night and got the Fairfield Inn (Warren). The total is about $42 with taxes and fees. I have to leave mid-day Saturday so I didn't get a Saturday room. The hotel is about 5 miles from Prime'…
  • What time are people coming on Friday? I don't know when I should arrive.
  • Is Prime's address posted anywhere? I plan to reserve a hotel room and I want something close.
  • primesuspect wrote: Anybody who doesn't have UT2K4 can buy it today and tomorrow at gogamer.com for $9.90 + $1.99 shipping. This is the DVD version. Crazy price! Aaaqrgh! I just bought it at Amazon.com a few hours ago. Oh well, Amazon's p…
  • QCH2002 wrote: http://short-media.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12504 Do you intend this thread to be a final list? If so... BattleField 1942 (patched to v1.6) BattleField: Desert Combat MOD BattleField 2 (maybe) Unreal Tournament 2004 Hal…
  • My votes FPS: Halo PC RTS: Rome Total War I don't have a strong opinion about FPS games. They all kinda seem the same to me (shoot & frag with some vehicles to mix it up). So, Halo PC is my pick but I'll play whatever. In contrast, …
  • You can bid somewhere between $30-35 for a room in a Warren hotel on Priceline.com. I've done it twice for boardgame/wargame conventions in Warren. With taxes/charges it's less than $40. You can split the room with someone if you really want to s…
  • Large for me.
  • I'm 39. Not quite as old as Tex but I still had to use the punch cards in high school. Do people use a headphone/mic combination at LAN parties or is it headphones and a bunch of yelling across the tent?
  • >>>"I will definately play Rome Total War against anyone." Great! RTW is my favorite game right now. I'll be sure to bring it.
  • I'm putting in a vote for Rome Total War or at least Medieval Total War. Anyone else play Total War? I also have a bunch of the standard RTS games (CC, Warcraft III, Starcraft) plus Halo. I'll probably split my time between RTS and FPS games. …