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Short-Media LAN 2005I Exist!


  • Hi everyone. I had fun last weekend. Sorry that I haven't had time to check this thread earlier. I hope that I didn't give anyone the impression that I had a bad time. It's true that the BFME2 event that I was waiting for never happened. That's ok…
  • Stan
  • I haven't played any of the choices but I went ahead and voted for BFME2 (since Sledge is basically making sure that everyone has a copy).
  • I sent Sledge my payment for the $26 premium version- whatever that includes. Sledge, please disregard my PM since I didn't see your Paypal address until a couple minutes ago.
  • (Quote) Put me on the list for the best version of BFME2 that you can get. I'll Paypal the amount to you whenever you let me know. You can bring it to the LAN since I won't have much time to play beforehand. It's tough to find time with the job, …
  • (Quote) Yes, I agree. I like Newegg but TigerDirect's LCD prices are even lower, if you are ok with rebates. They have a 17" for $130 and a 19" for $150. I'll probably get one and replace the old 17" CRT that I have for the kid's c…
  • I'm bringing the same media center PC with a 19" CRT that I had last year. Motherboard: Albatron PX915P PRO Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 915P ATX Intel CPU: Intel Pentium 4 640 Prescott 800MHz FSB, 3.2 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache CPU Cooler: Zalman copper …
  • (Quote) www.eaglegames.net
  • (Quote) I'm 40 years old. I'm getting a hotel room nearby. Last year, I bid about $33 on Priceline for a room in Warren, Michigan. The total is about $40/night with fees etc. Well worth it for an old codger like me.
  • Rome Total War/ Barbarian Invasion are ideal for a LAN party since multiplayer is a battle between two or more armies. You can choose the terrain/battle conditions and each player gets a set amount of denari to purchase an army. Each faction (Roman…
  • (Quote) No, but thanks for asking. I'm a bit too old and crotchety to share a room with anyone but my wife. Prime, the hotel is the Fairfield Inn at 13 1/2 & Van Dyke. This is the address: Fairfield Inn 7454 Convention Boulevard Warren, Mic…
  • I successfully bid $31 on Priceline for a room Friday night and got the Fairfield Inn (Warren). The total is about $42 with taxes and fees. I have to leave mid-day Saturday so I didn't get a Saturday room. The hotel is about 5 miles from Prime's …
  • What time are people coming on Friday? I don't know when I should arrive.
  • Is Prime's address posted anywhere? I plan to reserve a hotel room and I want something close.
  • (Quote) Aaaqrgh! I just bought it at Amazon.com a few hours ago. Oh well, Amazon's prices aren't too bad either. I also ordered Half-Life 2 and Pacific Fighters. I'll pick-up Battlefield 2 before the LAN since it has a lot of buzz. I'm not sur…
  • (Quote) Rome: Total War gets my vote. Another RTS would be nice. I prefer Blizzard games to the Command & Conquer series (right click to move is the way to go). Someone else mentioned Age of Empires II on another list. I'd be willing to buy…
  • My votes FPS: Halo PC RTS: Rome Total War I don't have a strong opinion about FPS games. They all kinda seem the same to me (shoot & frag with some vehicles to mix it up). So, Halo PC is my pick but I'll play whatever. In contrast, I feel t…
  • You can bid somewhere between $30-35 for a room in a Warren hotel on Priceline.com. I've done it twice for boardgame/wargame conventions in Warren. With taxes/charges it's less than $40. You can split the room with someone if you really want to s…
  • Large for me.
  • I'm 39. Not quite as old as Tex but I still had to use the punch cards in high school. Do people use a headphone/mic combination at LAN parties or is it headphones and a bunch of yelling across the tent?
  • >>>"I will definately play Rome Total War against anyone." Great! RTW is my favorite game right now. I'll be sure to bring it.
  • I'm putting in a vote for Rome Total War or at least Medieval Total War. Anyone else play Total War? I also have a bunch of the standard RTS games (CC, Warcraft III, Starcraft) plus Halo. I'll probably split my time between RTS and FPS games. An…