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  • I had push to talk set up for years, but I noticed an improvement in my play when I finally switched. I just have a quick mute button on my headset that I apply liberally.
  • I have a Thecus NAS Box (I can get the model number later) and the SilverStone PS07 mATX case (which I reviewed here!) to contribute.
  • I switched mains a month ago after I couldn't get a hang of post-nerf zamus, so I'll probably let you win so you don't feel so scrub @FreshyP.
  • You can take voice activation from my cold dead fingers. There's no such thing in person after all.
  • I have a spare GC 4-port adapter and a couple of spare GC remotes (including one new 'smash' one with the long cord)
  • Monied @Tushon because he's the prettiest ever. Ok you caught me, his address was still in my paypal from last year.
    in Overwatch Comment by Soda June 2016
  • PsychicMufin#1169
    in Overwatch Comment by Soda May 2016
  • Anyone playing tonight?
  • So the new patch 2.4.1 has arrived! There's nothing huge, just a lot of balance tweaks for the better and some really welcome legendary gem reworking. Unfortunately, because blizzard has gated stash tabs behind a bunch of seasonal only achievements,…
  • Hahahaha, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE INDEED. Earthshaker was already my favorite hero by a mile BEFORE he got his dunk. Who wants to do some Axe + ES two man roaming and just double dunk people?
  • This league has been absolutely crazy. The changes to the trade system combined with the coin system have flooded the market with an unprecedented amount of items, making EVERYTHING cheaper and more obtainable. I'm glad this is the league I set up t…
    in Path of Exile Comment by Soda March 2016
  • It's going to change a lot to balance the crazy ascendancy classes. They're so crazy, either they or the normal tree have to change. Everyone can get cap crit, everyone can get cap block...some even cap spell block...it's too crazy.
  • Cap crit Voltaxic LA will now be possible. It will be glorious. Pure, unadulterated glory. I think bladefall/vortex will survive the patch, so that would be interesting.
  • Aright everyone, it's big PoE expansion time again. It seems like of their big patches, one per year is big enough to qualify as an expansion, so that's probably the one I'll play (I invest so much time that I wouldn't want to do that more than once…
  • So the notifications of gear that other people identify stopped happening today o_o. Did someone turn it off?
  • The season starts friday, but the patch lands in just a few days on tuesday, so I'll definitely be trying out new stuff then, but also definitely in for friday. I've checked out the PTR a bit and looked at some of the new changes, and I have nearly …
  • Actually, PTR 2.4.0 Patch Notes just went up, although it looks like the datamine was pretty much spot on.
  • BIG things happening in the Diablo world: Patch 2.4.0 PTR Preview. I'd say "I wish I kept a copy of all the legendary and set items I've come across", but I didn't have the stash space because that addition is happening in THIS patch. FUC…
  • I'm a theorycrafting addict, and I was following guild wars 2 somewhat before it came out, but I had fallen behind. I was pretty new to IC still, but heard Spencer talk about it a few times. He was always talking with some of the people I didn't kno…
  • Gotta go fast(Image)
  • (Quote) Yeah I'll be on sporradically fri/sat, but I'll probably play like all day Sunday, into the wee hours
  • Whelp, looks like double bounties this weekend boys and girls. I haven't played yet this patch, but I think it's time to load up and get my kanai's cube sorted out when it'll be super easy. Anyone plan on playing this weekend?
  • A pretty good summing up along with some details previously not released: http://us.battle.net//d3/en/blog/19842936
  • This post is a bit delayed, but the first true expansion to Path of Exile is finally out! It adds Act 4, and an accompanying list of monsters, items, skills, and passives. Many of the games systems have been revised to be more balanced and streamlin…
    in Path of Exile Comment by Soda July 2015
  • (Quote) I am absolutely obsessed with IntelliJ IDEA (PyCharm and PHPStorm are essentially specialized versions the base application created by JetBrains to be streamlined for those markets). It's look and feel was what drew me at first, but the spee…
  • Absolutely no front-end language has the same usefulness and demand of Javascript. It's used everywhere from small personal projects to gigantic corporate applications, and it's only rising in popularity and demand. On top of that, Javascript is an …
  • Many, many, many bounties. If they use the standard 10% ancient chance...that's only 65% chance to get ancient after 10 tries. I wonder what the odds are and how many crafting ingredients you get when you go up to T10 bounties.
  • Now if we could just get a hold on those crafting prices...I have a lot of crafting materials, and I'd be willing to spend every single one to get an ancient flying dragon with life on hit.