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  • alright. well, even if i can't upgrade to windows 10 on my laptop, at least i have a back up disc for my mom's laptop then.
  • I thank everyone for their information. I have gotten the Xubuntu OS and installed in my laptop that my mom has given me, and it is running perfect so far. It feels good to have my own computer/laptop that i can use. The installation went perfect…
  • and do i just.... download it and then burn it to a disc, then run it in the laptop?
  • my laptop has a dvd reader/burner on it. Is Xubuntu pretty much a different OS that would pretty much replace the XP OS that is currently on that laptop?
  • Thank you much Digi. It's pretty much going to be used for just checking emails/fb, and trying to help my brother out with his business. I think, i'll more then likely try and get windows 7 or 8 at some point, but i can probably deal with XP for a…
  • I thank everyone for the information. I know that XP is out of date, and obsolete, but I do not have a copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8. If anyone can let me know where i can get a good copy of either one, and it be not so expensive, I'd greatly app…
  • I am not sure. I don't need anything on the laptop, nor does my mom or brother. I don't think my brother (the original owner of the laptop) has an XP reboot biggest issue, like I said is the white screen. I have a video that I can show if I …
  • Alright. I understand. And yes I agree with you on the OS bit. I just gotta get a legit copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8. I will definitely have to see about resetting the admin password, but that only shows up in safe mode, not when I start it normal…
  • I have tried booting it up in Safe Mode. Not safe mode with networking, but after i went into safe mode, it took me to the welcome screen and told me to sign in as an administrator, or as my mother (it was her computer before i got it), and when i …