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  • I feel very old!!
  • I am posting for posterity. I think it’s cool to keep a log of battery replacement; and when the unit finally dies one day, I will post a RIP I’m sure. I have this week, replaced my second set of batteries. This time I only got 2 years out of them.…
  • They ARE resistors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yZl_QoLdtw
  • Thanks so much for the heads up guys. I took your suspicions under advisement and tested the device before i put any valueble data on it. I agree the device is far to small to house a chip of that capacity. I took another picture of it swiveled, do…
  • That is one cool watch! Where do I get me one of those?
  • I know this post is a bit old and who knows what you ended up doing but Tim you can't run a couple of feet of cable from the UPS to the battery. The idea is to keep those cables as short as possible. There's a reason why those cables are thicker tha…
  • My current timepiece is a tag-heuer Kirium F1 (Image) It's digital functions takes me back to the 80's when Japanese digital watches with rubber straps were the vogue for any kid old enough to tell time. Thankfully I outgrew those ages ago and ha…
  • Mainly to still make phone calls (old school) Work related apps IMDB Internet Texting Alarm Clock GPS Remote for TVs and DVD players Reading local news
  • Actually, despite his infamy in these hallowed forums for producing the most anachronous, equivocal and awry statements on most tech related issues, I have to agree with Tim on this one.
  • I have just been reading through some of the guest comments and note one comment saying that I have probably killed my batteries prematurely by putting them through that stress test when I originally assembled the UPS. I have finally replaced the or…
  • I have a can opener This can opener can open any can that a can opener can open If this can opener cannot open any can that a can opener can open Then this can opener cannot be a can opener can it?
    in Delete Me Comment by Winga February 2012
  • You have reached the zenith. The pinnacle of code geekism. You have become the master of PHP and all things related. Now go out there and tell the world what we at Icrontic already know and sell your skillz for double what you asking now.
  • I'm quite sure a lot of people read your blog. I know I do. Every day. Right now surfing the nets is a pastime I can ill afford but I don't miss your Blog. This particular one hit a nerve. It's raw and desperate and full of angst. You are exposed an…
  • As I mentioned to you some years back Matt, your skilz at diplomacy and the level of maturity you posses when putting the fires out belie your age. You must have had something or someone get under your skin a bit more than usual to want to write abo…
  • Thanks for all your well wishes. I am back to my old self and running around like nothing happened. It is a pain I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I am just glad they able to fix it so easily and can get back to normal life so quickly.
  • Friggin brilliant narration. Can't wait for day 4
  • Doom for me
  • I'm sure I messed something up. I found another card I can try it on. An old AGP X800. Will see how that one makes out. Will have to wait until the week-end though.
  • Maybe my math is out. Maybe time moves slower in the Southern Hemisphere? 385F = 196C.... Check 10minutes northern = 10 minutes southern.... Check I just baked a dead 8800gtx and 8 or so minutes into the bake, had electronic components going off li…
  • @Sledge That score would put you in the top 25 in the current official Futuremark rankings. That's not shabby at all. :D
  • (Quote) Now that's an insane score. Where's it all going to end? Is that using both cards sledge? Did u manage to hook the other PSU up to solve the looping problem at startup?
  • Sin City. The film noir style of the movie was awesome and lent itself to the comic book style approach. Each individual story was brilliantly weaved together and I suppose there's just something fascinating about deadly hookers :D
  • In SA we only got the official release of the iPhone a couple of years after it was launched in the US. My nephew managed to get a jail broken phone a while before they arrived here. I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen in my life. In fact …
  • That was awesome!! I've frozen a lot of hardware but never baked it Easy on the A1 sauce
  • Congrats Joe!! Really well done.
  • Congrats Rob and Olivia!! I'm so pleased to see everything worked out so well. May you have many many happy geek filled years together :D
  • I think it's a brilliant photo and very appropriate for the article. Nice one Brain!
  • I've been messing around with off the shelf UPS's lately. Adding larger batteries to them, testing charge times etc. I plan to hook one of them up to solar power to see if I can get stable, reliable, continuous power that's totally independent of th…
  • Ased, I'm sorry for only picking up your post now. There are a number of very capable people in this forum who will be able to help you with your UPS build. I am also more than happy to advise you on your build. Why don't you register (It's quick a…
  • Who did he leave his dough to?
  • Methinks the cost will be inhibitive, especially if it's initially being released in limited volumes.
  • The design alone makes me drool. Never mind the specs. That's a friggin awesome looking mouse! Sinkinking 129 or so bucks into it hurts though. let's hope we can pick them up special soon.
  • Nice one Leo! Never seen anybody who can squeeze so many PPD out of a single machine. Excellent job on the hardware tweaking as well :thumbsup:
  • I doubted whether MS would have pulled it off and I think they knew it too, but they up to something.
  • The article is not about comparing other SSD's it's about how it compares to traditional magnetic notebook drives commonly found in today's notebooks. Also how will scoring response times add to the value of the article?
  • Hopefully there will be a big take-up on this technology and the price will be driven down quickly.
  • Ooooh.... didn't realise it was a non motorised bike. Knowing how a bug feels doesn't even begin to describe it. You lucky you came out of both of those alive. Hope you have a much better year in 2009 :cheers2:
  • Glad to know you still alive and in one piece after all that! 2 accidents in a month. TWO bikes written off. Sorry to hear about your bad month. All those events really suck but two write-offs in a month? :eek3: That has to take first prize. I'm afr…
  • (Quote) Interesting. I'm using an Antec Truepower2 450W PSU in my rig, running a highly OC'd 4850, E6550 @ 3.1Ghz, 3 SATA HDD's, 2 SATA optical drives, Audigy sound card and about 5 case fans. Stable as hell and never given me a days problem. When …
  • (Quote) I'm so chuffed to see a few 'ole fashioned South African expressions creeping in. :saflag: It means Pleased or proud or can mean both. Nice OC Pete :respect: I, like the others are hoping you going to take it a bit higher. Looks like you g…
  • What GPU cooler you using Pete? The things a moster. Never seen two case fans together like that on a retail model. You build it yourself?
  • Thanks for the tip Ryder. It turned out to be a faulty stick of RAM. I had a twin set of Corsair Platinum's in there. I tried switching them between slots but didn't think of trying just one stick at a time :o
  • Socket 754 Gigabyte GA K8NS nForce 3 I haven't tried it with no RAM will give it a go. I actually stripped the computer, cleaned and dusted everything, re-built it, reset the bios and the thing booted. When I switched it off and on again back to th…
  • I've kept a box full of my old vinyl's. I have no turntable to play them though. They mostly 80's music. Maybe I'll flog em on e-bay one day and make a few dollars.