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  • primesuspect wrote: Don't take that the wrong way. ... No hard feelings - namaste
  • primesuspect wrote: Let me elaborate on my response. ... Listen, we're all friends, we all get along in real life, let's just cut this crap out. Q, I feel your pain, I'm sure you got to sit in the truck all the way home with Ocomik and hear him…
  • SmJ of The, I'd be interested in checking it out as well... IP beats IPX any day... I always wanted to do PodRacer in a LAN but IPX always seemed to cause a problem.
  • profdlp wrote: She'll be 21 this Fall and her fiance is a couple years older than her. Jumping in the wayback machine to a few years ago AND in the words of TheSmJ back then "PICs"...
  • Thrax wrote: You're supposed to say you'll offer someone candy to check for you. GOD. You know Thrax it sure sounds like you got this kind of behavior down... Is that what they're teaching you at school?
  • QCH2002 wrote: The micro turo fan... I bought it at OfficeMax during the first LAN. Small and VERY strong. As for the VAN Seats.... Uh... I figure 4 storage boxes, two PCs, one LCD, A case of t-shirts... You might want to look to consol…
  • GHoosdum wrote: Here's a link. Or did you want one for the micro fan? That would be the micro fan? My balls are just fine, thx Sweet seeing you folks using one of the original merry pranksters remedies.
  • Hey clutch... Sorry to hear you're not making the LAN this year. I'll miss catching up.... As for advice on your weighty dilemma... I offer this... Continue keeping track of your caloric intake and breakdowns . If increasing your calories doesn't…
  • QCH2002 wrote: Every year I bring my mighty micro fan... works great.... for me Again, I'll bring it. Oh, don't forget the Corn Starch!!! How bout a link so maybe some other folks can pick one up... BTW what aren't you bringing? Am I …
  • I'm with Joe - If I'm excited I haven't felt it yet but I'm sure it will appear at some point. It's still early yet.
  • QCH2002 wrote: We still need shirt sizes... We only have 28 in the poll. Also, Please post the size too so we know who get what size. Thanks.... Ocomik = XL
  • ocomik - real name (Mike) - existing avatar is fine. Glad to know you're doing these again. I still have my old one hanging in my office.
    in Badges... Comment by oCoMiK June 2006
  • profdlp wrote: When you play as bad as I do, picking team names is pretty much all of the fun. But weren't you on Team Snuffie's Red Rockets back in '04? You looked like you were having fun then
  • CB Droege wrote: Looks like there is enough interest, so I'll be setting up the boardgames table. Is this before or after you get thrown in the pond?
  • Is it me or is that a tumor growing on Q's forehead? Directly to the left of the 2nd circuit breaker... I'd definately get that thing looked at.
  • Sledgehammer70 wrote: Sorry, I was the ass who picked the bottom one, I just believe Board Games are not for LAN's. So you saying whoever chose the last option is an A$$? :smiles:
  • Just a friendly reminder... Shortly after SM LAN '04 one could query "mantouch" via Google and Short-media.com was in the top three results. With all of this mantouch talk so early in the process, I'm thinking a Google "mantouch" query might just…
  • I'm thinking it would be best if this could be done before the tournament because I think it would balance things out a little better and make the tournament more enjoyable for all of the N00bs. Ocomik 2001 MidWest Region RTS Champion 2002 Nati…
  • The title of this post should have been Regional Fare (as in eat/drink) where the f*** I came up with Flair, I don't know. Need to start proofing things a little better I guess. - DOH!
    in Regional Fare Comment by oCoMiK May 2006
  • Let's light this candle... See you in New Delhi!
  • profdlp wrote: Tandoori Chicken might be an option. If you don't like it I can promise that it won't be wasted. update: Just checked it out and it's definately in my wheelhouse. thx And you even provided a link... Thanks... Gotta love…
  • primesuspect wrote: The grill is available. I challenge you, Mike... Let me order for you at the Indian restaurant and I bet I can make a convert out of you, or at least lessen your aversion to it OK... Here you go. Although, I don't…
  • QCH2002 wrote: Don't forget to mention Mantouch... SM-LAN is notorious for it... infamous probably.... Hi there!!!! I'll be at SM LAN '06, too!
  • I'm willing to give the vietnamese place a try but will be making other plans for the other nights. My palate leans more towards european fare with some very conservative asian (chinese/japanese) thrown in. I haven't been successful ordering/eati…
  • Do all you ladies fold when the heat gets turned up? I haven't seen this much backpedalling since the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal
  • primesuspect wrote: I hate getting mired in details Sounds just like a consultant :smiles:
  • Sledgehammer70 wrote: Originally Posted by Sledgehammer70 Dude you have no Idea who your talking to.... lol... I can't run a site (link removed cause site was terrible) like this and suck... QCH2002 wrote: I've seen other owners suck at …
  • Sledgehammer70 wrote: Sorry I will be glued to RTS Games and some BF2 action Like Sledge, I'm here to .... LAN, first and foremost, and eat something (taste of Prime?) because it allows me to continue LAN'g (is that a word), and sociali…
  • shwaip wrote: I'll play COD2...provided it doesn't require a real copy. Anyone up for a few rounds of the original UT? I'm feeling nostalgic... I'll bring along the original as well... Lava Giant, Baby!!!!!
  • Sledgehammer70 wrote: Um I own at BFME2 That's because you haven't played me I'll drop your race* like a bad transmission!!!!! Disclaimer: *Battle for Middle Earth 2 is an real-time strategy game where various races attempt to conquer …
  • Up for this one as well.... Never played before but I hope I can use my Flak cannon **** multi-kill ****
  • In it to win it... Just tell Nexlia-durrrrrrr to stay outz my way!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/
  • Borocomik is in!!!! I played with my hero last night ;-)
  • Same deal as year 1 - Ocomik
    in Badges... Comment by oCoMiK May 2006
  • Once Q told me there was going to be "hookers" and "blow" I knew I had to be there.
  • First, my timing couldn't be more perfect... Drop in on the day talk about the next SM LAN begins... And yes I'll be there - someone has to be there to make sure Q does more gaming than socializing. Second, this line... >>Oh... and I hop…
  • Nice job Loaded Swipster Skillz... You were able to amass a total of 43 posts based on your initial "hand grenade" style post. If my "troll" skillz were half has honed as yours, I could take down the Internet.
  • Thanks folks... Now if I could only find the machines that I have folding for me. Thanks again...
  • I'm with Prof... a f$%^'n "front-runner" started this post... You should have seen him back in 1999 when the Rams were taking the league by storm, who looked like a carbon copy of Dick Vermeil on the sideline? QCH Then in 2001 it was Rams garb…
  • New Rules = The ruination of the game. What's the point of having defensemen anymore. They should all just be forwards and it'll be like watching an all-star game everytime. High scoring, no checking! As a disciple of the Norris division and a…
  • Clutch wrote: I have spoken with some family members, and read over your posts here. I have decided to try to "cool" down my temper ( which I have a very short one at that ) and try to think all this out. Clutch, Sorry to hear about the d…
  • RWB wrote: I am supposed to be able to check for free, but I am looking on the Equifax website and find NO WAY of checking it freely. Everything it shows costs me money. What am I supposed to do? I have never checked it before, I want to make …
  • Thanks... Glad to see some of my original machines are still folding - now if I could only remember which one
  • andfitchandyou wrote: I haven't had a chance to get down with Particle but I listen to Yonder Mountain, String Cheese, Grateful Dead, JGB, Phish, etc. TheMusicNeverStopped.net plays tuns of Yonder and Cheese so I'm always psyched to hear the new s…
  • I'm a little pissed that no one told me the "babe thread" was active again. Who's got the flour?
  • An art's degree usually has more emphasis on the humanities/business whereas a science degree emphasizes hard sciences with usually a heavy helping of mathematics.
  • primesuspect wrote: Just show them pictures of last year's lan. Lots of parents give their CHILDREN to ME muhhahahhaha... As for the molestation, I only molested mondi and raul - i THINK raul was 18, i can't remember..... I went to the LAN…
  • I realize this threads been going a while so I should probably get mine posted as well. This one's from last May sometime. Hope to see you all at the LAN.