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  • (Quote) No hard feelings - namaste
  • (Quote) WTF? I not quite sure what the sentence above (bolded) is attempting to convey but my initial reaction is that it's a real low blow. Brian, when I shook your hand on Sunday, thanked you for your hospitality, hard work and told you "I …
  • SmJ of The, I'd be interested in checking it out as well... IP beats IPX any day... I always wanted to do PodRacer in a LAN but IPX always seemed to cause a problem.
  • (Quote) Jumping in the wayback machine to a few years ago AND in the words of TheSmJ back then "PICs"... :eek:
  • (Quote) You know Thrax it sure sounds like you got this kind of behavior down... Is that what they're teaching you at school? :D
  • (Quote) You might want to look to consolidate your storage boxes... Remember I'll need to bring along a few items as well. :)
  • (Quote) That would be the micro fan? My balls are just fine, thx :) Sweet seeing you folks using one of the original merry pranksters remedies.
  • Hey clutch... Sorry to hear you're not making the LAN this year. I'll miss catching up.... As for advice on your weighty dilemma... I offer this... Continue keeping track of your caloric intake and breakdowns . If increasing your calories doesn't r…
  • (Quote) How bout a link so maybe some other folks can pick one up... BTW what aren't you bringing? Am I going to need to remove ALL of the seats from the van? :D
  • I'm with Joe - If I'm excited I haven't felt it yet but I'm sure it will appear at some point. It's still early yet.
  • (Quote) Ocomik = XL
  • ocomik - real name (Mike) - existing avatar is fine. Glad to know you're doing these again. I still have my old one hanging in my office.
    in Badges... Comment by oCoMiK June 2006
  • (Quote) But weren't you on Team Snuffie's Red Rockets back in '04? You looked like you were having fun then ;D
  • (Quote) Is this before or after you get thrown in the pond?
  • Is it me or is that a tumor growing on Q's forehead? Directly to the left of the 2nd circuit breaker... I'd definately get that thing looked at.
  • (Quote) So you saying whoever chose the last option is an A$$? :eek2: :smiles:
  • Just a friendly reminder... Shortly after SM LAN '04 one could query "mantouch" via Google and Short-media.com was in the top three results. With all of this mantouch talk so early in the process, I'm thinking a Google "mantouch"…
  • I'm thinking it would be best if this could be done before the tournament because I think it would balance things out a little better and make the tournament more enjoyable for all of the N00bs. Ocomik 2001 MidWest Region RTS Champion 2002 National…
  • The title of this post should have been Regional Fare (as in eat/drink) where the f*** I came up with Flair, I don't know. Need to start proofing things a little better I guess. - DOH!
    in Regional Fare Comment by oCoMiK May 2006
  • Let's light this candle... See you in New Delhi!
  • (Quote) update: Just checked it out and it's definately in my wheelhouse. thx And you even provided a link... Thanks... Gotta love that Internet. Al Gore is GOD
  • (Quote) OK... Here you go. Although, I don't probably look like it much anymore I'm a meat/starch kind of guy - very few vegetables cross my palate, mostly corn, green beans, and various lettuces. I like spicey (hot is OK) food and *HATE* eggs, ca…
  • (Quote) (Image) Hi there!!!! I'll be at SM LAN '06, too!
  • I'm willing to give the vietnamese place a try but will be making other plans for the other nights. My palate leans more towards european fare with some very conservative asian (chinese/japanese) thrown in. I haven't been successful ordering/eating…
  • Do all you ladies fold when the heat gets turned up? I haven't seen this much backpedalling since the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal :)
  • (Quote) Sounds just like a consultant :smiles:
  • (Quote) (Quote) I hear you Q... I've known plenty of guys that had web sites regarding their passion and just blew big wind when it came to delivering the goods. I'm not saying Sledge is this guy, I'm just saying... well, I'll just leave it that. …
  • (Quote) Like Sledge, I'm here to .... LAN, first and foremost, and eat something (taste of Prime?) because it allows me to continue LAN'g (is that a word), and socialize with the other players while Lan'g. It sounds to me like there's just too ma…