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  • Beneath the fragile aluminum exterior of a Mac beats the heart of a PC. They are even assembled in the same factories.
  • I'm surprised the junk on the backside of the card didn't drop off. Kudos! btw, this method of reflowing works on laptop motherboards too
  • Are you looking forward to any future PS3 games in particular?
  • See the reason kittens are what the cool guys use is the psychology involved. As per my example, the sight of a kitten preyed upon her natural maternal instinct. Sure I suppose this is a bit underhanded but remember hate the game not the player.
  • Kittens are what all the cool people are using for avatars. Also, they are great for other things! For example I was like talking to this girl and she was like totally hot and our conversation was approaching a dead end so I pulled the kitten card a…
  • (Quote) I simply set the program to "Max Battery" when On Battery and "Max Performance" when on A/C. Speedswitch doesnt seem to control other power saving features like display brightness, just CPU speed. Anyway, this machine g…
    in New Laptop Comment by septimus July 2005
  • (Quote) Ehh, I'm satisfied with the 6. Is the 12 much heavier? This lapper is pretty lightweight. I noticed that it doesnt seem to have much along the lines of CPU management controllable from windows... I think Speedswitch will take care of things…
    in New Laptop Comment by septimus July 2005
  • Yes! These things would be PERFECT if they had better 3D accelleration. Something like a mobile 9700 or better. But noooo.... if you want better GPU you are pretty much forced into buying a crappy P4 laptop.
    in New Laptop Comment by septimus July 2005
  • Logitech better whip up a "DUO" keyboard + this mouse combo...
  • (Quote) Temps! Hook a brother up with some numbers.
  • Yeah true, not worth $600 definately but I think Vers got a good deal here... I played the part of dumb and impressionable at the local sony store and tried them on a super cd player... The verdict? ORGASMIC I am used to listening to sound thru a …
  • Thanks guys, I feel the love :D
  • (Quote) It seems that both chipsets are quite good however the K8T800 will edge out the nForce3 in most benchmarks. Are you looking at an opteron/athlon fx or athlon 64 setup?
  • This router supports MAC address filtering right? Would it be ok to use that instead of encryption altogether?
  • Well thats interesting. Whatever you do, do not format/erase your data from the drive. Get a program like GHOST or Driveimage and make a backup of the entire HDD if you can. There has got to be something we can do as the data is not gone, just some …
  • I have the same heatercore. Mine is from a scrapyard BMW 310i... its AMAZING. you won't regret it. About getting it into your case... consider getting a side panel modded so that you can bolt that rad down to it. Either that, or bolt the rad to the…
  • A pair of B&O computer desktop speakers go for $2500 easy... I'm talking two channel cheapass speakers. I don't know what B&O does to their stuff but WOW does it make a difference :o
  • I'm pretty sure that is a utility specific to Dell computers, written by Dell. As far as I know there is no equivalent to system restore in win98. Only ME and XP have that stuff :/
  • I'll test it out with the latest build of firefox from mozilla.org and post back... A suggestion: use the logout button on the forums and then clear your cookie cache :D
  • Wow... was that PSU modded? Looking at your sig, I think that the PSU should have been more than able to stay alive. Perhaps one of the fans died in your PSU and the sucker overheated. :o
  • It would be great if you could send in an example of your work. A review of a motherboard maybe? Would you be able to write articles? Thx :)
  • Tough game... I'm bored with it, as I can't seem to get past Murai the first boss. Fellow with the nunchaku. For some reason I keep forgetting to use elixirs ;) Anyone here a fan of Devil May Cry on PS2?
  • The PCI card will be flashed if you use the utilities that highpoint provides. You won't accidentally flash your motherboard BIOS. Unless you try that is ;)
  • Definately run it in pure DOS. A Windows98 SE Startup floppy will do the trick... you'll need a second floppy for the HPT stuff. www.bootdisk.com should have a program that you can use to make the win98 disk. flashing in DOS should be straighforwa…
  • That memory cannot be used with Opterons. Consider getting a MSI K8D Master instead, or a Tyan K8W. You will need registered memory, and a SCSI controller too. You and your buddies know much about unix? I'm not sure if there are drivers out for so…
  • The NF7 is a great motherboard for overclocking. What you need to do is leave the CPU:FSB ratio to AUTO and enable CPU Interface. Your memory settings should be set to SPD or AUTO where possible as the memory you are using applies very tight timings…
  • Having your system on its own HDD is a great idea :D What you need to do is create a RAID stripe (RAID 0) and set the stripe size to 32 or 64KB. Once created, boot into windows and load up disk management. There you should be presented with a new u…
  • Its much easier if you do it thusly: Get a Win98 Startup floppy and boot off that, create a partition using fdisk, then using sys make the new partition bootable. The startup disk will enable reading from the cdrom drive using generic atapi drivers…
  • Could it be that a power saving feature is kicking in? If you disable all power saving functions in the BIOS maybe that will no longer happen.
  • An alternative method is to create a fat32 partition, copy over the win2k i386 directory to the partition, and start the install off there...
  • Does this mod work with any PSU that has the wires indicated in the guide? I have a 400W antec PSU that has the suckiest 3.3 and 5 volt rails in the world. Maybe I should RMA it... ;)
  • (Quote) PICS!?!?! I wonder if I would have the same luck if I RMAed mine. Its a noisy one. :eek:
  • (Quote) Could it be that one of those DIMMs are bad?
  • If you want to give Windows a boost, get a new hard disk and double your memory. The new HDD will reduce the time the system waits for data to be read from disk, and the extra memory will allow windows to store more of itself in memory rather than p…
  • The ALX-800 has a copper base and aluminum fins... which means that the copper, as it conducts heat extremely well, will conduct heat away from the CPU core to the Aluminum fins, which releases heat extremely well. You could get away with a low CFM …
  • (Quote) Well, if you look at the drive itself there will be a small boxed area of text above the big barcode in the middle of the label. In this box is a "MDL:" number... My 120GB reads: "MDL: WD1200JB-75CRA0" What I would like…
  • (Quote) What is the model # on the one you got back?
  • That sound is actually the "Idle noise" that the drive makes... its normal. I have two 120GB WD IDE drives and they also make that loud whine. If you think that is noisy, wait till you hear the idle noise from the raptors :O I bet the RMA…
  • (Quote) Versello and Aranyic are GENIUSES. Looks cool eh! :cool:
  • There really isnt anything you can do as it is a physical problem... I would check with Maxtor and see if they will RMA it as it probably has a 3 year warranty. If it doesn't have any warranty left then you could either toss it or maybe take matters…
  • (Quote) What's this?? IDE problemo on NF7? can you check, in your device manager, what you have under "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers"? I have a feeling that you have the nVidia IDE SW drivers installed. If you do then there is a quick soluti…