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ECS leads as a North Star with some new all-in-one HTPC chassis

ECS leads as a North Star with some new all-in-one HTPC chassis

ECS ID2 and ID4

The L-stand ID4 and photoframe style ID2 (complete with star).

Elitegroup Computer Systems have announced that they plan to update their current G11 all-in-one barebones with two new chassis options with the ID2 and ID4 joining the original ID1.
ECS’s G11 is an interesting product—it’s based around an Intel H61 ‘thin Mini-ITX‘ motherboard which supports 2nd generation Intel Core desktop processors with a TDP up to 65W. The thin Mini-ITX board itself still measures in at the normal 170x170mm but uses SODIMM RAM modules, a laptop-style mini PCIe slot and rear panel power input to keep the maximum height under an inch—allowing ECS to produce a fairly slim and sleek-looking barebones.

As for the new chassis themselves, the ID2 is…well…the same photoframe style as the ID1 with a new bezel. But wait, there’s more! The bezel features a vaguely star-shaped logo which according to ECS represents Polaris, “The leader of stars in Chinese culture”. As for why they chose to produce a case featuring its likeness, the only explanation offered is that the new bezel design will “lead your new digital life as a North Star”.

So if your digital life has been longing for direction, you’ll be happy to hear the ID2 variant of the G11 will be hitting the shelves anytime now. As for the ID4, it changes the photoframe style G11 into the L-stand configuration more typical of a TV or monitor and is due for release sometime this quarter.


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