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Herp Derp Ping Pong

Herp Derp Ping Pong

Icrontic on Fox News Channel

Let’s start with this:

“Joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, Brian Ambrozy…”

That’s how I was introduced recently on Fox & Friends, a morning talk show on the Fox News Channel.

Let’s rewind a bit. CB Droege broke the story about the NEA making grants available for game developers. A cool story, and a long time coming. It made headlines around the web and is worthy of discussion. Apparently Fox agreed and asked me to come onto Fox & Friends to discuss and debate the merits of these grants with “Truth for America” radio host Neal Asbury.

I knew this would be a great opportunity for Icrontic to get some exposure, but more importantly, I knew immediately what their agenda was. After I did some cursory research into Asbury and the show itself, I knew damn well that they simply wanted to shout at their audience falsehoods about tax increases for video gaming. I knew immediately that the words “Call of Duty” would be mentioned in this piece, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion.

Initially, Fox told me that the piece would be five minutes, and that I would have at least two minutes of talk time. I thought that sounded fair as I began to prepare my points. I posted a thread on Reddit to see what other gamers thought about the issue and to get some advice on talking points.

My friend Ryan Meray gave me the best advice of all: Go watch a few Jon Stewart clips to see how they feel about Fox & Friends. The night before I went on, I saw the clip of Jon breaking down Gretchen Carlson, and it reminded me of one very important point: These are people just like you and I.

I had a bit of anxiety the night before the appearance; the limo was picking me up at my house at 5:45 in the morning, so as I laid in bed, my mind kept mulling over all the suggestions I got from friends, Redditors, and Jon Stewart’s piece. I distilled it down to a key point: video games are art—I believe that and can speak passionately about that, so I should be okay. Anything they threw at me beyond that was pointless and I would use logic and passion to defend my position.

As it happens, the entire morning was a rush. The studio was in Ann Arbor, Michigan because that was the closest studio Fox could find with a satellite uplink. The studio consisted of one man, a small room with a camera and lights and some satellite equipment, and myself. And some good coffee. He sat me down, lit me, powdered my face, mic’ed me, and put my earpiece in.

A technician came on over the earpiece and explained how it would go down. Another producer came on and verified the pronunciation of my last name. She said I sounded good and she’d let me know as we were about to go on.

If you listen to the original clip, as it aired, the moment they start playing the Call of Duty clip, you hear a woman’s voice say “Kind of get to know them…” That was the producer I was talking to, and apparently she was caught off guard as much as I was. We were live, without any prep. That’s why I look so pissed off when the camera starts rolling. So somebody jumped the gun at the studio, and we were live without being prepared.

When the host said “Should the video game ‘Call of Duty’ get Federal funding?” I knew immediately that my course was set. There would be no intelligent discourse. There would be no valid discussion, or valid points. They opened with a complete and utter falsehood right from the top. It calmed me immensely, because I knew I had truth on my side.

The “interview” speaks for itself. If it seems truncated, that’s because it was. If Neal Asbury seems overblown and completely off-topic, it’s because he was. You could tell his entire argument revolved around ping-pong, and that he had nothing more to contribute than that. It was actually somewhat insulting that he had so little regard for this topic, and of the “arts” he so claims to “love”, that he didn’t even bother preparing any actual on-topic material. Ping-pong, indeed.

Bereft of anything intelligent to contribute, he immediately fell back to the “Obama raising taxes” and veiled rapture hints (“Maybe there is no tomorrow”…?) There was no point in having me on at all, other than to be able to claim they had “fair and balanced” coverage.

When I realized that I wasn’t talking to anyone who cared about anything I had to say, I felt that I was there only to speak to you guys and gals: Intelligent, rational gamers who understand what this is really all about. I got my jabs in (“I’m talking to people who are entertainers..”) so I’m okay.

The real story

The debate will be forgotten in a few days as my fifteen minutes of internet fame fades away. That’s the way these things go. There is, however, a bigger story here.

People have been talking about Fox and its clear conservative and right-wing leanings for years now. However, it’s hard for many people to relate to what that actually means. We are in the middle of a media generation gap; Fox & Friends is not watched by you guys. This is a Saturday morning show watched by millions of older people who have no connection with us and who don’t even know these conversations are taking place. At the same time, people from our world and our generation only know how Fox is anecdotally.

This story connected with us, as a culture, and really drove the point home; now it’s personal. Now we truly understand the depths to which “media” has sunk in the cable television world. I’ve seen many cries of outrage over the treatment this topic got because it is important to us. The real story here is that Fox and other cable news networks are doing this on a daily basis. This is media brainwashing of the highest order—the people who watch this show on a regular basis see this garbage every day. It seems absolutely outrageous to us, now that they’ve spoken about something we understand and care about, but this is standard order for these shows.

Perhaps this is the first time people will see this kind of television and say, “But wait, I know for a fact that what they’re saying is not true!” and they will be able to see the twisting of words that takes place on these types of shows.

Maybe it took video gaming to shake us all out of our echo chamber and realize that in America, this is what a great many people believe. If anything, it’s what I got out of this experience, and my hope is that other people realize it too.


  1. CB
    CB I'll be honest, the only exposure I've ever had to Fox's entertainews shows in the past is by way of Jon Stewart, and I've been assuming that he picks the absolute most dreadful moments to make fun of for his show.

    If they really treat every topic this way... I don't know. I feel sorry for all the people who subject themselves to this kind of programming.
  2. Butters
    Butters Not every topic, just the topics that they don't agree with.
  3. primesuspect
    primesuspect Oh FFS with the avatars! ;D
  4. FurryIain I thought you did good man, even though they just glossed over you and herp derped their own bullshit.

    +1 in my book.
  5. Nik I didn't really know who you were at the beginning and I assumed you were going to spout stuff that was completely wrong, but you said what I would have if I was in your place. I still feel like you shouldn't have let that insane bald man say what he did - you should have stepped in
  6. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ I hope you become their regular gaming go-to guy! Thanks for not getting caught up in Asbury's grandstanding and sticking to the issue. I've got mad respect.
  7. primesuspect
    primesuspect Nik, believe me, I tried. The host cut me off and the next thing I knew, he was giving the "last word" to Neal.
  8. DogSoldier
    DogSoldier I've been reading comments across various forums and the great majority of them, have been supportive.
  9. Idiot_Slayer
    Idiot_Slayer You couldn't have done a better job Prime.

    Is Fox News going after gaming the last straw?
  10. Mike I hate to tell you this but you went on Fox news. You went to have a rational discussion about something they've only ever seen as a scapegoat and a medium for sociopaths. Why on earth would you engage them on such a topic? The people that watch Fox news are immune to your logic about the great things video games have to offer. Why would you offer yourself up on such a platter and not expect to be made a fool of. There are SO MANY EXAMPLES of them doing this exact same thing. Jesus man, we have the internet. We've use it to share stories exactly like this. It's typical you bloggers can't resist the urge to be on TV despite knowing your going to be made to look like a fool.
  11. Herp Derp Hey, saw this on Reddit. You are on point and address all the questions truthfully and appropriately.

    Neal was being a sensationalist and the reporter was not hearing anything the two of you were saying.

    Good job. Upboat from the Reddit community.
  12. c-r-u-x I was sort of disappointed about how "quietly" you argued and thought that in the midst of all this shouting and explosion footage your arguments went under even for those who wanted to listen to you. Also I'd wished you'd immediately and forcefully clarified that Call of Duty and the footage they were showing is NOT the kind of game that gets these grants. Don't know if you could see and hear the intro though.
    The "I'm talking to entertainers here" part was good! :)
    I'm sure it wasn't an easy situation so don't take my "criticism" as too harsh. It just hurt a little to see idiotic bullshit like Neal's delivered with such force while actual arguments I agree with seemed to lack authority. Your stance of talking only to the gamers probably wasn't the most wise since they are not the ones to convince. The FOX audience is! And they're far less likely to take interest in a quiet and calm argument than a more empathic one.
  13. chriso Thanks for keeping your head, 'ol baldy obviously had a prepared speech, and you were sniped.
  14. Alex You were awesome, man. Totally cool in the face of the BlahBlahBlahSayWhatWeWantOrGetOff folks at Fox.

    In your place, I wouldn't have been able to hide incredulous laughter at the ping pong thing.
  15. CavutoHanny2012 In the grand scheme of things. This is just another FN tidbit used illustrate wasteful spending, and Brian was fully aware of being the patsy. It had nothing to do with games or who will benefit from the 25 Billion dollars set aside to fund Grand Theft Black Ops, but the fact that Activision and Rockstar did not advertise with FN.

    Thats the reason why FN is crying about grant money for games, not that they disagree with the games, FN is just upset they received 0 dollars from the major publishers.
  16. Fmisch Good post, and relevant observation at the end. I am more in the F&F demographic but have no desire or philosophical leanings toward them. You are right - the millions that prefer to turn off their vitriol and disinformation need to realize there are other millions to take it hook line and sinker. Breaking through their BS is necessary and takes effort.
  17. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe Great Job Brian!!
  18. djmeph
    djmeph I disagree with the comments about Prime being too quiet, not establishing a position of authority, and not getting his point across. I think he did an excellent job. He knew what he was getting into, did his homework, and used the little time he was given to speak to clearly cement his position as an expert. I can't speak for Prime, but I would guess that he didn't go on Fox News to convince senior citizens that video games are a form of art. I think he was more mindful of the future and how this clip would be received by the gaming community when watched on the internet. By keeping this in circulation, it's not Prime who looks like the fool, it's Neal Asbury, the dimwitted host and the entire Fox News network. I would encourage everyone to post these articles and clips on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Let's keep this in circulation so that Fox News starts to think these four minutes are the biggest mistake they ever made.
  19. djmeph
    djmeph Also, I'm not sure that everyone here knows Prime on a personal level, but from what I know of him, his spiritual beliefs prevent him from stooping to the same level as Neal Asbury did. You showed Character, Prime. You got your digs in as well. I wish I could say that I would have handled it the same way.
  20. cola
    cola Ahahahaha, this article is the icing on the cake :)

    If anyone wants to call Fox out and take a stand, I'll stand with you :D
  21. Tushon
    Tushon <-- Been calling fox out for as long as I have known about them!

    Great job, again, Brian and hopefully some of the target demo took a second to listen to you instead of Asburtard.
  22. Kav If they think CoD is getting funded, you should have mentioned something about it being defense training since that's the one thing deemed untouchable by conservative republicans.
  23. doozer
    doozer It's funny they're worried about a $10-200k grant when the government is bailing out banks to the tune of trillions.

    Good job clarifying who gets the grants and sticking to you guns in front of those puppets. Fucking major news networks are worthless.
  24. David I can honestly say this is my first trip to your site and I found it through Ctrl+Alt+Del. After watching your interview, I just had to let you know that you were brilliant. You showed the people of Fox News what debate should look like. Calm and logical without bickering or interruptions. I thought you were also a great representation of the Geek and Gamer communities using logic and a cool resolve to get your point across. I have a lot of respect for you and you have one more reader.
  25. GarethT well done brian. knowing you were being used as a patsey and managing to keep the conversation civilized and calm was something lesser men cant achieve. well done for putting up a solid defense in the face of someone spouting mindless off topic sensationalist bullshit.

    you sir deserve a medal and icrontic has gained itself a follower.
  26. Steve The best part is, ping-pong players do get federal funding. They're called Olympic athletes.
  27. councilscribe I just want to congratulate you on at least attempting to fight the good fight. And I think you did a much better job then most people who go on fox.
  28. SeaSeaO You sir, have become one of my biggest heroes over the course of a single Fox interview. If only we could rally behind you. The fact that Fox set up such a one-sided battle-field and you still held out, calmly stated your points. Took on the man! A truly inspiring moment to see one of our own stand up to Fox. Great job staying on focus, I can't help but notice that you used the word indie though, saying independent and making the comparison to independent filmmakers would've been what I did, now of course, I know maybe you had that planned if they hadn't switched away to get on their anti-liberal agenda again. Seriously, thats all you see on that show. Nontheless, Cheers, and I hope that I reflect the views of many others when I say
    You're a Hero, enjoy the new follower(s) and keep on Bringing RAD Back!
  29. youonceknewme Thanks for a valiant effort! Your interpretation of their tactics is spot on. You were only there to serve as face over which they could make their talking points.
  30. djmeph
    Kav wrote:
    If they think CoD is getting funded, you should have mentioned something about it being defense training since that's the one thing deemed untouchable by conservative republicans.

    Someone pointed out to me earlier that America's Army, another game that is used to train the military, was funded by the DoD. Would have loved to see their pro-military, anti-spending heads explode if that bit of information had been revealed.
  31. Koreish
    Koreish I think FOX is just scared as are their demographic. The world is changing faster than, and I'm generalizing, any one over the age of 40 can handle.

    In 10 years time I guarantee we will have TV stations broad casting video games as if they were an actual sport. Korea already does it, and with the growing popularity of things like NASL, IGN Proleage, and MLG it might happen even faster than that.

    As for video games as art it could be argued that they are the pinnacle of the form. They have the visuals of a movie or a canvass, the story of a book, and they can take it even farther. We are allowed to interact with them, and they in turn can challenge us and make us think on a level that even a good book can't.
  32. Guru First off let me say I run an independent game company and it’s a nice thought to know the gov would shell out some cash to help, but I look at it this way. If you can’t create a game to get the ball rolling you don’t even have to start big you can do a two team iOS / android app in order to get some revenue flowing. If you show promise you could even get a VC involved so there is more than one way to go about this.
    Neal doesn’t have a f|_|cking clue what he is talking about in regards to video games. If the U.S. really wanted to “save” money why not start looking at the 3+ wars we are in, all our bases around the world, the puppet governments we give billions to, etc, etc, etc. Also Brian I would have asked Neal what games he plays or the last game he has played to put his retarded a$$ on the spot.
  33. Theta You might enjoy this... it's how I got to this site. http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/ : so the publicity thing worked out pretty well. Also, really respect you for dealing with that garbage.
  34. QuadWhore
    QuadWhore When I think of fox news I think of
  35. Lulu Oh jesus. Right as the other guy started talking about ping-pong I knew I was in for some grade a bullshit.

    People outside of video games always mistake simulators for what we know as video games. A ping-pong video game, assuming it has no story/purpose, would be a simple simulator. Compare something like that to a game such as Portal 2; which has a deep story, amazing game mechanics, great art direction, and great characterization. They are not even close to being the same. It's the same as comparing a textbook to a novel, ones art and ones not.

    I would have yelled at the other guy at the end for not only being off topic, but also failing to realize that computers are becoming more relevant to modern education. Electronic education tools are more practical than textbooks, and are more environmentally safe if you think about it. Not that Fox cares about any of that, I suppose...
  36. GnomeQueen
    GnomeQueen I think you were awesome.
  37. jakefunc You're definitely a better writer than a talking head Brian, but do a couple more of these and I'm sure you'll get the hang of talking points and acting like a belligerent idiot on TV.

    Kudos for stepping out of your comfort zone. And asking Reddit for advice, haha.
  38. wtf mate? wow, props to you my man. I saw your earlier posts and didn't really know what to expect or if you were even really going on FOX. I hope you are given the opportunity to have a HUMANE discussion with somebody about this sometime because you really are right and should not be treated like that. they didn't really even get into the topic, more like skimmed the surface and tried to skew the situation.
    P.S. I love the facial hair :)
    P.P.S. Ping-Pong, WTF baldy?
    P.P.P.S. I ROFLMFAO'd when you shut down his COD reference
  39. Bandrik
    Bandrik I don't know why this caught my eye, or why this is funny to me, but I noticed that the anchor was holding an iPad for whatever reason. Totally unrelated to the point at hand, but... maybe someone will derive lulz from this.

  40. Thrax
    Thrax Because they use tablets instead of a stack of papers.
  41. Eric Agreed, great job mate! Also love the title of the post I felt the ping pong example was probably the stupidest thing I have heard on television in a long time (and that's saying something). Way to keep your cool despite their obvious attempts to make your educated arguments not be heard.
  42. Glen Educated arguments can't be heard in this debate. The talk show host was a boisterous, angry man with a clear voice debating against a common educated guy who hadn't the time to prepare in-studio.
  43. Kevin I'd rather have my Tax dollars go towards anything other than bailing out the banks. If the government wants to do enough to keep the banks a float thats cool, but they have handed way more than needed out to these banks who can't seem to figure out how the fuck to balance their books because they have made a bunch of stupid ass mistakes.

    If the government wants to give me Healthcare and extend money out to entertainment of all kinds via various federal grants I'm all for it.
  44. Myrmidon
    Myrmidon Okay, this is bothering me - I'm having trouble finding an exact answer to this (set of) question(s), so please correct me:

    The TOTAL BUDGET for the NEA hasn't changed, right? That is, the feds aren't giving them MORE MONEY, right? Their draw on the fed budget is the same as normal, right?

    So we're not spending NEW money on video games (just already-allocated money), right? And, in fact, this money is likely getting cut in 2012, too, based on the new budget?

    I keep seeing people say something along the lines of 'we shouldn't be spending money on this, too,' as if we're planning to come up with NEW money it. But if we're only spending pre-allocated NEA cash AND if the NEA is getting cuts in 2012... do these people even have a goddamn leg to stand on?

    The argument can't be that transparent. I'm missing something, right?
  45. DogSoldier
    DogSoldier You're correct Myrmidon, the NEA's budget was not increased (Nor were taxes raised..) but actually slashed 13%. Instead of the 168 million they had for 2011, they only have 146 million for 2012.

    The argument works for conservatives because they only see and hear what they WANT to see and hear. The capacity for denial within the minds of these folks is really quite staggering.

    And from what I understand, Ping Pong is considered an Olympic sport, and eligible for funding from private sources and media companies, NOT from the US government. Because the government does not fund Olympic athletes.
  46. Delicious D Ambrozy: you're a badass. Congratulations for standing up to idiots, keeping your cool, and writing about it eloquently. The thinking people need to be aware of what happens on the powerful, evil media machine that is Fox News so they can continue to fight it effectively and at the source.
  47. Myrmidon
    Myrmidon Also, the hell with your avatar, dog, I totally thought Brian responded to me. :P
  48. laugh "It calmed me immensely, because I knew I had truth on my side."

    He's like f_ckin' Martin Luther King, about video games! "We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome, some day!"
  49. Dude from ipoke.tk I'm conservative, and these guys aren't typical conservative "morons", they're just plain MORONS. I'm conservative, I thought this was the WORST interview ever, and I agreed with Brian Ambrose with it. There was especially no reason for the fishface on the other side of the mic to lose his cool like that. I thought he was going to have a heart attack, the guy was spazzing out so much.

    I really do, however, disagree with people calling conservatives idiots because of this interview; there are stupid people on both sides of the fence. I prefer not to call a side stupid, but to call the individuals stupid; Brian was cool, baldy was an idiot. Nice job, actually! I too would have laughed at the mention of ping-pong.
  50. Robin C Good job Brian
    I think you did very well, the second you started talking I started to nod in agreement. The second that Neil guy started talking I thought "What the hell, he sounds like a complete idiot." You stayed calm and stuck to the topic and the truth, you have my respect!
  51. Dragon029 Good effort - your initial appearance made me feel that they had invited someone 'vulnerable' to the show, but then after the first ten seconds you really noticably became more aggressive (which was good).

    You did what you could, but ultimately it'd take nothing less than a famous celebrity shouting at them to change their minds.
  52. Tushon
    Tushon TIL Brian is like MLK Jr.
  53. DarkScholar Good job is all I have to say. I wouldn't have handle those fantastic [sarcasm] people with the same grace you did. I'm glad someone like you was up there representing our community.

    Asbury was an ass clear and simple, but you can not expect much else out of the people at fox, what gets me is he is talking about wasted money, yet their reporter so kindly flashed an ipad about, wasted funds if I ever saw them. They ave a teleprompter, and even that is more than they need, reporters like that are little more than actors, they can learn the lines, they dont NEED teleprompters and ipads.

    Should games like C.O.D. get goverment grants? No, of course not, should artistic/educational games get funded? Yes, definitely. Education is getting hit rather hard as it is, but things like educational games. [that don't require a teacher to still spread knowledge] are definitely NOT a waste of money.

    If fox would ever give a fair and unbiased time to have a REAL debate, people would see how poor their views really are.
  54. CyrixInstead
    CyrixInstead I think you did well Brian. However, you were very quiet and reserved and as a result I think that what you said didn't make the impact it deserved. It was definitely overshadowed by the OTT video and the raving looney.

    Of the four minutes of video, the first 30 seconds are all COD, and there are COD trailers during the piece (obviously predetermined) even though you flat explained that games such as COD are never going to be eligable for art funding. I would expect that what you said about COD being ineligable would be completely lost on the the viewers (going on what everyone else has so far said) and if you were to interview them after watching the piece they would still be under the misapprehension that this money goes towards COD-type games.

    For the record my enduring memory of the video is 'ping-pong' (get the term right, you dumb b@stard) and this is a real shame. It goes to show that the media can present things however they like and their demographic will just lap it up, brainwashed.

    I'm sure you have newspapers that operate in exactly the same way, our UK equivalent to this garbage is a newspaper called the Daily Mail.

    But well done Brian!!!!!

  55. travis im from australia so we dont get fox over here, but who the hell is the other guy? he seems like some random jackass they brought along just for the express purpose of having somebody shout into the camera like hes in a billy mays commercial. the whole thing stank of a boxer arguing with a punching bag vis a vis
  56. Drekke I think you did a great job of appearing rational and calm. You were never going to convince the host, or even most of the viewers but I think its a good thing you went up instead of them getting someone else who would have gotten angry and actually hurt the perception of gamers and games.
  57. Tushon
    travis wrote:
    he seems like some random jackass they brought along just for the express purpose of having somebody shout into the camera like hes in a billy mays commercial
    That is pretty much how FOX operates. Oh, how I wish we had the Canadian law of prohibiting lying on the air. See this CTRL+ALT+DEL comic for a visual explanation
  58. Charshie
    Charshie Fantastic article, Brian.
  59. Jordan I watched that video and i will never get that four minutes of my life back. I'm not american but i am truly sorry for anybody who has to put up with people like that. Valiant effort Brian but speaking to that idiot neal was like bashing your head against a brick wall. What does ping pong (table tennis which is a legit sport by the way) have to do with video games? Where did teachers and raised taxes come into the equation? Why the hell were they showing a Cod trailer and talking about GTA? Two of the biggest commercial franchises out there.

    And i got a huge kick when they showed an 8 bit mario game as the example for video game art, so precisely rendered cut-screens dont qualify as art? Anyway you did a great job man but nobody could have succeeded against them, i say we just ignore them and let them become obsolete in a world that is growing more technological everyday while they cling to the same old ways
  60. Josh lol I went to watch the interview on this page and I got a robo pong ad:

  61. Canti
  62. Jordan @Canti hahahaha wow so the ping pong thing was a jab at obama?
  63. Canti
    Canti I think President Obama's ping pong match occurred a few days after Brian's news segment. Just a funny coincidence.
  64. Tushon
    Jordan wrote:
    @Canti hahahaha wow so the ping pong thing was a jab at obama?
    I doubt it, unless Asbury also fancies himself a psychic
  65. Emily Wow. I never really watch Fox news; I've just heard them get bashed by friends, and now I know why! Who did that guy think he was arguing with? Why the need to yell? Ping-pong?? Ergh
    Way to be cool, calm, rational and perfectly friendly to these two guys. I don't think I would've been able to control myself so well!
  66. djmeph
    Thrax wrote:
    Because they use tablets instead of a stack of papers.
    Nah, probably playing Angry Birds.
  67. djmeph
  68. Jordan Please guys, its table tennis and its actually a legit and really fun sport!!
  69. CB
  70. Michelle I'm reminded once again why I stay away from Fox "News." You did a great job, knowing your subject and speaking intelligently in the face of intentional stupidity. Way to go!
  71. Koreish
    Koreish Although I think this discussion has probably run it's course I would like to direct some attention to this rather well thought out article from Cracked of all places.
  72. boasist
    boasist BBC made a comment on all of this today, they probably would be nice to talk to about it.

  73. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx Brian, your next objective is to be interviewed by the BBC.
  74. primesuspect
    primesuspect Okay. Email sent.
  75. boasist
    UPSLynx wrote:
    Brian, your next objective is to be interviewed by the BBC.

    Without question.
  76. djmeph
    djmeph If it's televised you must where an Ascot.
  77. boasist
    boasist And a monocle.
  78. Tushon
    Tushon AND MY TOPHAT!
  79. DogSoldier
    DogSoldier You're right Koreish, that was great, and it had some pretty hilarious moments.. And the weird thing was, in my minds eye.. I read the article in the voice of No Punctuation..
  80. Starman
    Starman I'm interested to see where this goes. Good luck, Brian!
  81. primesuspect
    primesuspect DJ Meph found these for me. I never saw them before. Thanks, Norm!

    <object width="629" height="320"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/3KH1c0roRf4?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/3KH1c0roRf4?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="629" height="320" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>


    <object width="629" height="320"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/JUSJ482LZDI?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0&hd=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/JUSJ482LZDI?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0&hd=1&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="629" height="320" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
  82. djmeph
    djmeph You have a vast footprint on the internet for that story.
  83. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx It's still so weird.
  84. primesuspect
  85. primesuspect
    primesuspect Look what I got in the mail today:


    Thanks, @CrazyJoe!
  86. Kwitko
    Kwitko That's amazingly cool.
  87. GHoosdum
  88. Chooch
    Chooch that is awesome!!!
  89. Tushon
    Tushon That's pretty funtastic
  90. Theironhand
    Theironhand Lol, I like where it say's "Government funds murder simulators" and "Obama's secret plan to destroy America"
  91. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe You're welcome! Tim finally put up prints for sale again. I emailed him personally to have him personalize it with the title of the Icrontic Article. :-)
  92. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi !beer @Crazyjoe

    Joe is credit to team!

  93. Ivan
    Ivan /me slides @Crazyjoe a fine beer from the Icrontic cellar.
  94. BobbyDigi
  95. ardichoke

    Tim Buckley really did capture the true essence of papa prime....

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