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OCZ buys PC Power & Cooling

OCZ buys PC Power & Cooling

OCZ Technology announced this afternoon that it has purchased PC Power & Cooling. In the press release, OCZ states they’ll still offer all the swank gear PC P&C has, but by using OCZ’s distribution channels, they’ll make the products more accessible to everyone.

“As a part of the OCZ Technology Group, PC Power & Cooling’s complete line of power management solutions such as the maximum performance Turbo-Cool and ultra-quiet Silencer, will continue to be offered and developed by PC Power & Cooling. Through the combined efforts of the newly merged organization, PC Power & Cooling products will now be available to consumers though a variety of new distribution channels and on a world-wide scale. All products will continue to be offered with the renowned support and warranty that PC Power & Cooling customers have come to expect over the 22 year history of the company”

The PC Power & Cooling website will be updated to improve its online store in coming days, but with OCZ’s network of online and brick-and-mortar retailers, nobody has to look hard to get PC Power and Cooling goods anymore.


  1. GooD
    GooD Wow this is a great news !

    I have a P&C PSU and im very satisfied with it. The only thing i didnt like of P&C is that beside on some reviews websites and forums its not a very well-known compagny. And for buying their stuff you had to order them directly from the P&C website has they were almost not available on any other website, and the shipping was pricy as hell.

    If i had to say wich compagny i would like to see 'buying P&C', My answer would be OCZ ! So that news makes me feel good in every way.

    That will surely get thoses power supplys more visibility, availability and they'll sell more for sure !

    Rock On OCZ :cool: Way to go
  2. Thrax
    Thrax I'd hit it. Hit it like the fist of an angry God. That's right.
  3. mmonnin
    mmonnin I feel stupider for reading that post.
  4. Thrax
    mmonnin wrote:
    I feel stupider for reading that post.


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