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Plextor shows off at Computex 2012

Plextor shows off at Computex 2012

Today we stopped by the Plextor booth at 世貿南港館 Nangang for Computex 2012… and they had an 8-way RAID 0 with their new Plextor M3 Pro SSD line that was mind-blowing.

Their ATTO scores were through the roof:

Plextor 8-way SSD RAID 0 ATTO scores at Computex 2012

Yeah, that's 3 million, not 300,000.

At first glance I secretly thought to myself, “Why are they showing this? 385mb/s isn’t impressive at all…”

Then I looked again: there were seven digits there. Yeah, it was 3,895,661. 3.89 gb/s.

Now obviously this was a showpiece, but the representative mentioned that she has seen these setups used live in video production, where massive storage throughput is a necessity.

Showy, glitzy, and impressive. That’s how you do Computex.

Plextor M3 Pro SSD 8-way RAID 0 at Computex 2012


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    MAGIC The 3M two sided tape holing the SSDs to the case makes them faster.
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