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Refurb WiiU Direct From Nintendo – $200

Refurb WiiU Direct From Nintendo – $200

Christmas in June

Pic unrelated. It’s from the Smithsonian royalty-free collection. Something about gifts?

Fun little deal we found: Nintendo is offering refurb Wii U’s with a year-long warranty here. Not only that, if you play your cards right, you’re able to get 3 games with the system for under $70!

How do you take advantage of the deal? Easy:

  1. Physically go to Target
  2. Pre-order any game for $1 (doesn’t matter, you have no obligation to buy)
  3. Receive $15 off any game regularly $40+
  4. Purchase Mario Kart 8 for $46
  5. Register MK8 with Club Nintendo to receive free digital copy of one of the following:
    • Wind Waker HD
    • Pikmin 3
    • New Super Mario Bros. U
    • Wii Party U
  6. Enjoy your Wii U + 3 games for $270

Credit to reddit user /u/NO_TOUCHING__lol for the post, located here


  1. PirateNinja

    Sweet deal, great pic.

  2. Tushon

    Wow, that is a nice deal. I'm tempted.

  3. primesuspect

    The WiiU is a freaking blast. Seriously.

  4. pigflipper

    My boss ordered one of the refurb units...and promptly set it up in the bar at work so that he could get a some gaming in before we opened for the day.

  5. CrazyJoe

    I concur about the WiiU. It's the only Next Gen system I own and I play it almost daily. Mario Kart, Windwaker, Mario U, all fantastic. I'm trudging through ZombiU right now, it's hard.

  6. Cliff_Forster

    The Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo offer is one of the finest things that has ever happened to humanity. I would have paid the price of admission just for Mario Kart 8 which is stupid amazing. Getting Zelda Wind Waker HD thrown in? Icing in the cake. Our Wii U is getting some action today.


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