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Turf Wars released for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Turf Wars released for the iPhone and iPod Touch


It’s not often that a game uses real life terrain as a major game mechanic, but that’s exactly what developer MeanFreePath implemented in their new MMO title Turf Wars for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The app uses the GPS abilities of the iPod Touch/iPhone to allow players to battle it out for real world territory—in real time—for turf, influence, and the ability to become the Capo of their hometown.

Turf Wars includes a leveling system, crime missions, over 30 weapon/item upgrades, and the ability to invite to and join the criminal organizations of other players.  Turf Wars is also completely free to download, and additional Respect points can be purchased online or through the app to enhance the player’s capabilities.


  1. Butters
    Butters Can you reset/reload if you get punked by the neighbor kid?
  2. Steveo88 Yeah, it lets u reset whenever u want
  3. chrisWhite
    chrisWhite Cool, I'll check it out!
  4. Kether So this isn't the same turf wars from the days of TI-83s where you deal drugs and conquer the world?
  5. dhdhd add bors5010 and post
  6. Confused person I am playing this game on my iPod. I installed it but when it asked me if it could use my location for the first time ever I accidentally clicked no. Then I tried redownloading the game but it won't find my location. What do I do?

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