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So Kat and I built a house. We started looking looking to buy a house about a year ago with the intention of buying something to fix up. After looking at the options in our area that plan didn't seem to make much sense to us with the price of older homes in Williamsburg and surrounding areas being particularly expensive. I guess because it's been a sellers market around here for a while. We decided to look into one of the larger companies that build new homes and quickly decided on a lot, floor plan and set out on becoming home owners. We closed on April 3rd and moved in the following day. It's a four bedroom, 3.5 bath, two story house. It has a semi open floorplan on the first floor with the living room, kitchen and eat in area all one large space. I'll only upload a few pictures because the empty bedrooms are pretty boring to look at.

Soon to come, exterior pictures.



  • LevexLevex Animal Whisperer Iowa Icrontian

    It’s gorgeous!

  • WagsFTWWagsFTW Grand Rapids, MI Icrontian
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    Beautiful! Love the counters / flooring and tile colors. Congrats!
    Also super jealous of that bathroom with the bathtub and glass shower next to it. <3

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    Holy fuck balls this thing is gorgeous. Love love love! Congrats :D

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    We will definitely be needing input on some design and storage ideas. My first big dilemma is storage of pots and pans. We don't want a rack over the island, and I hate pans in cubbards or cabinets. I have a buttlers pantry that I think I want to use for that with some kind of cart or something. Suggestions are welcomed as to how all of you store pans and such.

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    I have two 18" height ultra heavy duty drawers underneath my cooktop for pots and pans.

  • LincLinc Bard Detroit Icrontian

    @Sonorous said:
    Suggestions are welcomed as to how all of you store pans and such.

    I suggest scattering them around the kitchen. Some could go in a cabinet or three. Some under the island. Some on a shelf. Some in the corner of the counter.

    Anyway that's our current system. :crazy:

  • GnomeQueenGnomeQueen The Lulz Queen Mountain Dew Mouth Icrontian

    I'm not seeing a good spot for this in your place, but this is my pots and pans inspiration:

  • NiGHTSNiGHTS San Diego Icrontian

    Hanging over the island is the way to go, shame you don't want that. You also don't want to store them away, either - so you're left with something like GQ's or this:

    Personally, looks too cluttered for my tastes, but vertical on a wall is like your only other option if you don't want them in a cabinet or above your island.

  • NiGHTSNiGHTS San Diego Icrontian


  • Mt_GoatMt_Goat Head Cheezy Knob Pflugerville (north of Austin) Icrontian

    @drasnor said:
    I have two 18" height ultra heavy duty drawers underneath my cooktop for pots and pans.

    I do this as well. It puts them where can get to them when and as you need them. And in drawers they are easy to organize compared to loose in a bottom cabinet. Since you have range I would convert one of the lower cabinets either side of the range or the side of your sink opposite the dishwasher.

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    I have two spaces in mind, the butler's pantry, or the nook that was created to the right of the kitchen with the extended eat in area. Pictures one and two are the butler's pantry, picture three is the nook.
    Butlers pantry.

    This nook is a less ideal location, but could work.

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