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EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK
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Spurted from the comment of "You're not a geek if you dont own a hardware website" in the Icrontic sites thread.

--[What is your site? (and why did you choose that name?)
--[Why did you make it?
--[Is there any point to it?
--[Who hosts it and how much do you pay.

No thread crapping please. I want to keep this thread nice and neat.



  • TexTex Dallas/Ft. Worth
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    You want me to start? (grin)

    Its not very far along. Sort of just a framework now. It was started about the time I was banned from Icrontic to have something to mess with. Shorty started on it and aranyic was gonna make a backend like a database like this site uses to post news and crap where I could just put in text articles and guides I was writing and it would appear in the sections. But both my coders are now swamped with other projects and my site languishs and is not nearly done. Right now its hosted for be by shorty and he doesn't change but I need to get it cleaned up and moved to where Icrontic is hosted also.

    HEY MEEPINS !! you want another site to clean up and code on ?

  • stoopidstoopid Albany, NY
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    --[What is your site? (and why did you choose that name?) (myself and bandmate Lewis picked it)

    --[Why did you make it?

    to host our original MP3s

    --[Is there any point to it?

    Yes, to host music... :rolleyes:

    --[Who hosts it and how much do you pay., $60 annual (old pricing) unlimited bandwidth and storage, but they cap the throughput so I only average about 20KB/s download speeds (which is JUST fast enough to play our 128kbps mp3 files in real time).
  • trippintrippin Chatt, TN
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    pfft who needs a site, i have a server and i host a ton of sites (mostly files tho). and point to my server. I started it up so i would have a better understanding of how to run a freebsd server, and because i got an unbeatable deal, and b/c i really needed some webhosting. Ive got around 2mbit up and down (250kb/s). I give free webhosting to alot of people, so i you need free webhosting just talk to me on irc, im sure i can get you hooked up.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK
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    The thread isnt just for hardware sites btw, its any of your own sites.

  • CCWCCW Suffolk, UK
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    NighShade asking for no thread crapping, LOL! no offence man :D

    OhmsHouse.Org, why? Because its catchy and to do with electronics

    It was made to host articles, isnt actually up yet, will be going live this weekend.

    To inform you and broaden your mind, to give you detail on topics you may not have thought much about. To educate.

    KrystalWeb, £32.99 a year atm for starters because at first we wont need much space or bandwidth.

    Will let you guys know when the site goes live.

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI
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    I have a couple: <-- i own this company, and what kind of tech company would we be if we didn't have a website? We made it to advertise our services!

    Who hosts it? We do! We're a hosting company! We pay around $500 a month for banwidth all told. We buy it bulk. We have some at a datacenter near our office, and some piped directly into our office via SDSL.

    Also, I have which is a site that will (when it's done) be used as a forum to discuss buddhism in America (or in the West in general). Since I went through a big ordeal with my family/friends when my wife and I became followers of Buddhism, I figured a site that helped others like me with questions/answers about the buddhist path, and maybe make a site where people who were interested in buddhism could send conservative family members to to answer their questions (Does this mean you will set yourself on fire? Does this mean you don't believe in Jesus? Does this mean you are going to shave your head?).

    It's not finished by any means.

    Sarcnet Industries hosts that site. :)
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK
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    Ok, well, thread crapping again. I dont think I will be able to find a useable host due to my site being roughly 15GB..... but still, Home hosting does have the plus side of easy access to the files.

    My site is (short for Atomic Cabbage Networks). Why the name? Because its weird, stupid, and no-one else uses it.

    Made it because I was bored and felt like experementing with different types of code, learning process. Also felt like contributing something to the Amiga community (which is why there is such a large section).

    No real point, just bored and out of fun.

    Host it myself, just costs £3yr for and £9yr for To big to host anywhere (current size: 11.7GB)

  • danball1976danball1976 Wichita Falls, TX
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    Ok, here is my website, or both go to the same website. I got kind of tired of updating it though.

    I have 25MB of storage and 5GB a month transfer from Angelfire for $4.95 a month
  • remmanremman craphole, OH
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    the last website I had a hand in was

    it was for my now dead CS clan.

    I get hosted through Total Choice Hosting

    they give me 500 megs of space and 10 gigs of transfer a month as well as everything else u could ever need for $5 a month.
  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like
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    Nice site!

    *blackhawk hums "Baby Got Back"* :D
  • LiLbRoLiLbRo Troy, Michigan
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    its for my clan (mdk, mass destruction krew) (cs clan)
    keeps the clan togeather

    i dont know if it will work right now.. iv been havin some trouble with it the last few days.. its made by grifter/and me

    hehe and we have irc too, hehe idle #mdk hehehe
  • NYCDrewNYCDrew NYC(duh)
    edited June 2003
    My site is <url></url>.

    It started as an opportunity for me to learn HTML and VBScript, by making it for my friend, but has now become my hobby and I'm partnered with him with him providing the money and aquarium expertise and me providing the technology expertise.

    It's hosted by ISP of USA and I think it was $250 for the year.
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