My Dad's business went up in smoke

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This is the article my parents put in the Anchorage Daily News
You can find pictures of the rebuilding process on my dad's website
Thanks for help and prayers. We are constructing a new building on the same spot and we have the whole frame built and the tin roof is going on.

Husky Manufacturing Co. Burns to the ground.
A devastating fire at the Husky Manufacturing Company workshop on December 13, 2008, consumed a lifetime of tools and equipment valued at over $150,000. It burned hot enough to melt aluminum into silver puddles and reduce newly completed heavy-duty aluminum freight sleds to 2 inches of twisted rubble strewn across the floor of the shop. While celebrating his 27th wedding anniversary 110 miles away in Talkeetna, owner Fritz Pleier and his wife received a frantic call from his daughter reporting that his shop was engulfed in flames and the fire department was on the way.

Pleier returned to find six responding fire trucks from 4 local fire departments blocking his driveway. The shop, a wooden framed structure with steel siding, burned to the ground. The collapsed structure was filled with distorted skeletons of specialty equipment. Custom tools built for the company’s products and irreplaceable patterns were lost. A recently purchased car belonging to their son is now just a heap of metal. The ruined frame of a 4- wheeler and plow are inside. Everything that could burn or melt has. Ice blankets the charred remains of 14 years of work. The clean up appeared overwhelming, but had to be done. Thanks to family and friends donating time and equipment, the concrete floor is now cleared and ready for rebuilding.

HMC builds freight sleds and ATV trailers, which they have been manufacturing for the past 21 years. Pleier builds boats, and does metal fabrication and repair. The local news has featured HMC for recent work with waste vegetable oil/ diesel conversions and filtration systems.

For the past four years, HMC has provided a much-needed snow-machine repair and parts service at the Arctic Man Ski and Snow-go Classic. HMC has made custom modifications on snow-machines for some of the famous Iron-Dog racing teams.

HMC would like to thank all the firemen who responded to this fire, all the valley residents who assisted with the clean up and all those who have kept the family in prayer. The shop, his livelihood, was uninsured.

If you would like to make a donation for the rebuilding of Husky Manufacturing Co. you may do so by direct deposit to Wells Fargo account # xxx, routing number xxxxx . Visitors other than Wells Fargo/ Wachovia customers use same account number with wire # 121000248.

Tool and equipment donations can be made by contacting Fritz.
Check the web at: for a current list of needed items.
Phone: 357-0687


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    So sorry for the loss of your family business. Sounds like you guys are on the right track to not let it get you down and rebuild :thumbsup:

    I edited out the routing / bank acct numbers - publishing those on the web is a MAJOR security concern - anyone could use those numbers to pay bills or initiate wire transfers! You really need to be more careful about publicizing those numbers!
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