Magic: The Gathering fans?

TemplarTemplar You first.
edited January 2004 in The Pub
Any? I know some of you must have once before.. :wtf:


  • AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    I'll admit to it, I played it a couple times. Was never a fan of magic myself really, more of a dungeons & dragons guy (havn't played that in years though either :().
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    I was big into it when it first came out. Had a few Beta cards. I had over $1000 worth in cards... all stolen in 95'. I tried to get back in but the second edition and all the expansion packs made it difficult to keep up. I play online every once in a while... Too many cards come out too often to make it fun.
  • LincLinc Bard Detroit Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    I guess having around 20,000 cards makes me a fan... :p

    I played mostly from 1995-2000. I haven't bought many cards since then, and I essentially only ever play one of my friends now.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    Played a few games in school with a mate and that was about it. I just had 2 standard packs.
  • PreacherPreacher Potomac, MD Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    Played it for fun and enjoyment with actual cards, MTGO Beta, and the final MTGO for a while. Quickly tired of paying for electronic cards and people taking the GAME way too seriously. Haven't played in a while now.
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