Cars you've owned throughout the years



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    This thread is awesome.

    DJMeph, I love that you named that Van Vanborghini. Epic name.

    The tale of my cars is a story of oil, (or lack thereof). I'll explain:

    I learned to drive in two cars - a 2000 Ford Focus (Drivers Ed) and my mom's 1999 Dodge Caravan. The Focus was decent to learn in, but nothing builds your chops like a van:

    My first car was a 1989 Mercury Topaz. oh man, what a piece of junk. Paid $750 for it. Had a boatload of miles, it was maroon with dark red interior, and it had those dumb automatic shoulder belts that move across the door when you close it. Got my face caught in that thing more times that I wish to admit. I had a CD player attached to a tape deck for beats while driving. I had the driver side windshield wiper fly off while driving in the middle of a downpour and nearly crashed. To start a long list of oil-related issues, I learned an imporant lesson about checking the oil level in your automobile when I let it leak out too low which resulted in burning the cylinder heads. When I pressed the gas pedal down, a massive blue plume of smoke spat out. It would drift for five minutes after I had left. As crappy as it was, this car represented my first form of actual grown up freedom, and I loved it for that.
    Not my actual car pictured, I don't have a photograph. Same style though, rust and all.

    After about a year I had to replace the Topaz with a new car because of the oil burning. I bought a 1987 Chevy S-10 pickup. This truck was a true heap. Affectionately referred to as "Quart" due to the massive oil leak on the engine block. Week to week, I spent more money on oil than I did on gas, dropping quarts in regularly to keep it full from the leak. It was such a piece that by the end of its time with me, I was putting USED oil in it to save money. The thing had a boatload of other issues, including high mileage, dead starter motor, rust EVERYWHERE (if I drove over a puddle, the passenger would get wet!), broken topper window, door handle snapped off, and only one functioning bed clamp (all of the rest were rusted through and broken, meaning the bed could have flown off). This truck got me through my first two years of college.
    ahhh, look at that spic and span engine block.

    As I was finally working and saving money, I was able to buy my first real vehicle in 2004 with the help of my grandmother. I bought a baby blue 1996 GMC Sierra, affectionately known as "Astrid". Most of you know this truck as the one that I made many trips to ICHQ with. Astrid was a good truck. It had 160,000 miles when I bought it, and when I sold it, over 215,000. Despite being a midwest truck, the body was in fantastic shape with almost zero rust. I don't want to admit that Astrid was a money pit, but boy, I spent more than she was worth. The full checklist of replacements as I can recall:
    -starter engine
    -transmission rebuild
    -two flat tires
    -new alternator
    -headlamp fixtures
    -new drivers side seat upholstery
    -two stereos
    -two batteries
    -left rear taillight wiring
    -broken tailgate latch and handle
    -bad oilpan gaskets
    -Panel damage (from being hit by another driver while parked)
    Among other things I've forgotten. The Transmission was a real problem, obviously. And the alternator problem resulted in Dunigan towing my dead truck from South Bend to Elkhart with nothing but his Mountaineer and a LUGGAGE STRAP. Oh yeah, it also developed an oil leak over time (and I wasn't even surprised by this). Sure, I put money on the truck to make it nicer as well, because I did love the thing. It lasted me for nearly seven years. What a vehicle.
    The wonderful panel damage from a young driver backing into my parked truck.

    In 2010, I prepared to move to California. Knowing I had a 3,000 mile trip ahead of me, I wasn't willing to risk Astrid on that drive. I sold her and bought a tan 2004 GMC Sierra, known as "Bessie". I loved Bessie. Essentially the same truck as Astrid, just nicer and bigger, Bessie has a beautiful rumble to her when she started up. Fantastic exhaust kit on it (even though it was stock). I felt awesome in that truck. And I owe a lot to Bessie - she took me and all of my belongings from Indiana to Virginia, then back to Orange, CA. Though I had to quickly sell Bessie once I got to the Bay Area due to general lifestyle incompatibility, I grew fond of her over my few short months with her. Plus - I managed to sell her before she developed oil trouble!
    Bessie with my stuff in the Rocky Mountains.

    And finally, my 2008 Infiniti G35 Sport, known as "Buttons the G", or "Buttons" for short. Most of you know the story on this car, so I'll spare details, but Buttons is the best automobile I've ever owned. 6 speed manual transmission, 305 horsepower, rear-wheel drive. I love this car. I hope she doesn't get repo'ed in my current laid off stint :(
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    I've had many cars over 30 plus years, but these are my favorites. My first in '72 was a '60 Belair, $150, 4 door, 230ci straight 6 that might do 80 going down hill. Unfortunately the only photo I have was after a slight mishap.


    My 2nd I moved up to a '67 Belair 2 door, same engine, $400.


    My 3rd and still favorite, a '70 Plymouth Satellite, $1500, 318ci V8, power steering, 3 speed auto tranny, no power brakes, no a/c, AM radio, under the dash 8 track manual windows. No frills, just raw power.


    The interior:
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    My 4th car was a '73 Buick Century that had a hood as long as the rest of the car. The photos are of my 5th and 6th cars, a '78 Dodge Diplomat, 318 V8 Lean Burn engine, which was one of the first to have computer control. And a '79 Monte Carlo, 267 V8, my first with a floor (auto) shifter and bucket seats. Bought both cars when they were only a year old, paying a total of $8,000.

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    Let's see... I learned to drive in my Mom's 2001 Chrysler Sebring XLi 4-door.
    [photo not available]

    Then I inherited the family's spare car... a 1992 Dodge Dynasty. I drove this car for a while and ended up donating it to a charity when it started having engine trouble.


    Then I picked up a blue 2006 Ford Focus ZX3 and drove it for about a year (sooo... about 26k miles or so). The black 328i in the photo was Quoc's leased car (there was a small gap between him leasing one and me following suit... got a bit of a deal on 'em this way).


    After a year or so, I gave the Focus to my younger brother... who turned it into this:


    I then leased a grey metallic (since Quoc really didn't want the two E90s to be the same color) 2007 BMW 328i for a couple years:


    I bought a 2000 BMW M Roadster in 2008 as a second car (pictured with the 328i & Focus in the background):


    Here's the M Roadster next to the E30 that I was helping my brother with:

    There are a bunch more photos of the M Roadster here:

    We picked up a second car for my wife in 2009... a 2009 VW Wolfsburg Jetta 2.0T:


    In 2010, I sold the M Roadster and replaced it in mid-2011 with a 2001 Mazda MX-5:


    Aside from those, my wife also has a 1989 Volvo 240DL with less than 50k original miles on it.
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    I just realized that I paid less for my first 6 cars than UPSLynx paid for his G35. The cat in the interior photo of the Plymouth was an optional feature.
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    So awesome. I just knew you'd go and scan photographs. That Buick is awesome.
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    (Oh, as a footnote, none of the photos were of the cars I owned, I just found photos that were as close to what I owned/own as possible)
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    UPSLynx wrote:
    So awesome. I just knew you'd go and scan photographs. That Buick is awesome.

    You mean the Plymouth? I didn't post the Buick.
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    UPS Hitman wrote:
    This was my first car, 1987 Chevy Nova!!

    I found a picture of your red S-10 taken during your graduation open house.
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    I found a picture of your red S-10 taken during your graduation open house.

    Then post it for me
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    You mean the Plymouth? I didn't post the Buick.

    Err yeah, The Diplomat is what I meant.
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    Ah, what the heck, I'll join in too. I don't really have any images of the vehicles that I have driven except for the most recent one, which I have a TON of pics of, heh.

    I started out at age 15 1/2 learning and eventually getting my permit at 16 on a 2004 GMC Sierra. I'm still surprised that I was given the vehicle to learn and drive on. I treated it fairly well, however, I did have a bit of a fender-bender with a school bus full of children... Not my proudest moment.


    Eventually I got sick of the terrible gas mileage, since at the time I mostly drove around in-town, and had my father sell it (he bought himself a nice 2009 Malibu) and gave me his 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. I "loved" the car - it was a convertible! However, I cannot truly say that I loved the car because I never took care of it... drove it until it developed a double-knock and eventually fired a rod through the block. Lesson learned!


    That was my senior year in high school. I went without a vehicle for a fair amount of time - almost a year, until I got fed up with having to hitch a ride home from college every time I wanted to visit. So I got this beauty for $1200 - a 1992 Buick Roadmaster. Fantastic car, and I absolutely loved driving it. It was this car that really started to spark my interest in messing around and tuning up cars. I took good care of it.


    And finally, my current car. Man, do I love this car! I got this beauty about a month or so after I landed my current job as Washington University. The way I thought was, hey, here I am, landed a really awesome full-time job (keep in mind that I am 19 and without a degree), I'm going to reward myself. So I went out and bought a 1990 Corvette. 68,000 miles, $8,500, excellent condition - I think I did well.




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    OK, I will add mine. A lot won't have pics as they are uninspiring and some will be web thefts as my real treasures were owned during the days of celuloid.

    I learned to drive in my parents 1969 Lincoln Continental, the ones with suicide doors. Needless to say, I can now parrallel park a semi-truck with ease. ;)

    First car was a 1963 chevy II. This car was 9 yrs old and I paid $400 forit. It died a miserable death in 4 months when the trooper giving my sister her drivers test came in and informed me that she had smashed the car against the guardrail and I would need a wrecker to remove it. It did indeed require a wrecker to remove the car and take it directly to the scrap yard as repairs were much more than the car was worth.

    Then I got my first real car, a 1969 Chevelle SS 396. The car is not red but what was called "competition orange", a very striking color!

    Next up was my 1969 Charger R/T 440. Can you say whiplash acceleration? Yep, I was just like them Duke boys!
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    Then I had enough of muscle cars since I was having police issues and got a 1974 Lotus Europa Special after I was drafted in the army. It was a new look for me and I loved that car, till I hit a telephone pole 7ft off the ground and destroyed it.

    That made me give up on cars for a while and switch to trucks. First one was a 1970 F250 4x4. I got this truck at auction with 130,000 miles on it. After 2 engine rebuilds, a new transmission, transfer case, differentials and springs I ended up selling it for three times the $700 I paid for it. And it had 1,216,478 miles on it when I sold it!

    A few more trucks not worth mentioning, without pics.

    A 1969 Toyota Corona. What a beater this car was, but I could never kill it!
    (no pic)

    A 1990 Ford Tempo AWD.
    (not worth a pic)

    Then I got a 2001 F250 Super Cab 4x4.
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    After I moved to Texas I bought a 1991 Trans Am. The engine bew after 8 months and I replaced it with a 503 "stroker" with a 4 speed and 411 rear end gears. I also changed the hood for an aftermarket one with 2 huge scoops.
    (I am sooo sorry I can not find any of these pics. :( )

    While I was rebuilding the '91 TA I bought a brand new 2002 (last year made) TA "WS6" that was a real runner.

    Then I got a 2004 Accord.
    (uninspiring so no pic)

    And my current uninspiring 2008 Dodge Caliber. It did make the 4,163 mile (x2) drive to Alaska and back again!

    Two weeks ago I ordered a brand new speced out 2012 Mustang Shelby 500 GT that will be here some time after Christmas. This puppy will be midnight blue, no stripe, 550hp supercharged convertible that is more than I have ever spent before.

    I know I missed a few but that was the highlights! ;)
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    Damn! Those are some excellent rides! I'm marveling at the +1 million mile Ford truck!
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    Damn! Those are some excellent rides! I'm marveling at the +1 million mile Ford truck!

    I never told the guy that bought the old Ford it had over 1M miles on it. See I am doing my part to keep Detroit in buisness! :rockon:
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    It died a miserable death in 4 months when the trooper giving my sister her drivers test came in and informed me that she had smashed the car against the guardrail and I would need a wrecker to remove it. It did indeed require a wrecker to remove the car and take it directly to the scrap yard as repairs were much more than the car was worth
    • First car $400
    • Diving on cheap gas. $0.26/gal
    • Towing charge $40
    • Paying a friend to pick you and your sister up at DMV. $5
    • Being the trooper that gets to tell some kid his sister destroyed his first car during her driving test....PRICELESS!
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    I declare Mt. Goat the winner.
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    I second that.
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    Kwitko wrote:
    I declare Mt. Goat the winner.
    I wasn't aware that this was a contest but rather sharing with everyone the rides we each had so far. So please don't let this stop anyone from continueing to post their rides, hot or not.
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    Nope /thread
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    Man, that driving test story beats mine. I apparently failed the test pulling out of the parking lot...
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    Failed my first driving portion test as I drove out of the parkinglot as well. I turned left out of the let, but I was in the right turn exit lane area. The paint was worn, so it was hard to see the arrows. Didn't matter though.
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    Mt_Goat wrote:
    I wasn't aware that this was a contest but rather sharing with everyone the rides we each had so far. So please don't let this stop anyone from continueing to post their rides, hot or not.
    Your collection of cars is so awesome that it is automatic win. Even for a contest that doesn't exist.:respect:
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    Even though the goat has already "won", I thought I'd throw mine in here. No pictures (for now) 'cuz the Biggby's interwebs are f'd and I'm tethered to my phone ATM.

    1. 1988 1/2 Escort Wagon. Dark blue. Base everything. Dubbed the grocery-getter from hell. While my mom had it, it got rear-ended, making the fuel cutoff switch ultra-sensitive. If a teenage girl floated a silent fart in the backseat it would trip the cutoff. Met it's untimely demise when the #2 cylinder shattered and fell into the crankcase. The engine still ran, and the car still drove, it just made an unearthly racket while doing so. 145,000 miles. Not bad.

    2. 1986 Mercury Cougar (v6). Actually my mom's car, but I drove it quite a lot, particularly while I was between cars after the Escort's cylinder detonation. Loved that car to pieces, almost literally. Tons of power, even for a v6. Plenty of juice to roast the tires, which is what teenagers do to impress each other in the high school parking lot.

    3. 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme. 2-tone gunmetal gray, 15" American Racing chrome wheels. I loved loved loved loved that car (it's still the car I miss the most even today). Oil pump decided to quit on the freeway at 65mph just north of Birch Run on I-75. Found a second-hand Chevy 350 with transmission for a few hundred and had a friend put it in. Made it home to Livonia from Dundee (about 60 miles) and noticed a knock had started. Tore down the top-end in an uninsulated, unheated garage with the door half open because the car was too long for it. Didn't find anything wrong up top, so I put it back together. It started successfully, but knocked for about 30 seconds before seizing completely.

    4. 1991 Escort hatchback. My first stick, which is how I learned to drive one. Bought it for $3500 in 1995, and sold it in 1996 for $3200. Not too shabby. Within 2 weeks of buying it, a gear in the differential shattered and shot part of itself through the case. The dealership, who had a 30-day warranty, tried to tell me it was external damage. I had it towed to the transmission shop directly across the street who looked at it and confirmed that the dealership was full of the poops. So the dealership paid the transmission shop $700 to replace the transmission case and rebuild the differential. The hatchback had a plastic cover that would separate the trunk from the rest of the car. I picked up a pair of Sony 6x9 speakers and cut mounting holes in that cover. Coupled with the Kenwood tape deck I picked up at one of those State Fairground super sales (Brian, Norm, you know what I'm talking about), that little booger rocked out.

    5. 1996 Mazda Miata (A lease, but still counts. Deal with it). The absolute 100% most fun car I've ever had. 145 hp, 5-speed, weighed around 2,000lb with me and a full tank of gas in it, and that perfect 50:50 weight balance. Holy crap that car was a complete and utter blast to drive. I used to run it out on Telegraph. Bone stock, and I'd smoke 5.0s like they were nothing. The most frequent question I got asked with that car was "Hey, is that thing stock?".

    6. 1997 GMC Sonoma ZQ-8. This was the Sonoma equivalent of the Chevy S-10 SS. 5-speed, 260+ hp, short bed, standard cab. Small light truck with lots of power and big fat tires. Drove that for 4 years and 130,000 miles. The front tires had 95,000 miles on them and still had plenty of tread. The rear tires, however, got replaced yearly because they were so much fun to roast.

    7. 2001 Chevy Camaro Z-28. When GM announced that the F-body was going away, I was heartbroken. I had always wanted to pick up a Camaro or TransAm once I was able to afford one, but I wasn't ready yet when they made the announcement. I won't say it was fortunate, but it was what it was, when 9/11 rolled around, the economy decided to come to a grinding halt for a while. During that period, dealerships had tons of left-over 2001 inventory and were scrambling to prep for the 2002s to arrive. With that, the 0% interest rate was born and I could finally afford my car. I had a set of specifications that I would not bend on: 350 (Z-28 or SS), 6-speed, Black on Black, leather, T-tops, and chrome wheels. All other specs were negotiable. After searching 10 area dealerships (nobody was trading because the stock on Camaros was extremely thin), I found 1 left with those exact specs and bought it. I still have it today (drove it to ICOK), and it's sitting outside the Biggby looking at me saying "Drive me. Please?!" Even with 110k miles, it's a beast and a half and will gladly let some of the smoke out of the rear tires on command.

    8. 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally Edition. Chosen on a whim because the wife needed a car, and it was yellow and cute. Absolute best car decision I've ever made. This thing has been through almost literal hell and back, and taken it all in stride. Poorly maintained (we change the oil when we remember to), abused, and driven everywhere. At 282,000 miles, the engine finally started giving up. So we picked up a used one (with 42,000 miles) and dropped it in its place. Now we're at 295,000 miles, and it's running like it barely has 100k on it. This car will easily crest 300k, and probably end up closer to 400k or 450k by the time we replace it. This was a rough year with car expenses, but considering the alternative, we're still way ahead by not having a car payment for the last 6 years.

    9. (to be purchased) 1965 Chevelle SS 454 4-speed. In the spring, I'm contemplating cleaning up the Camaro and selling him off. Since the release of the new Camaro, the rarity my car enjoyed for a few years is gone. There's no big market for a 10 year old, last generation car anymore. So I'll get what I can for him (probably about $5k once he's cleaned up), and put that toward my muscle car. I've already found a few potential candidates. Fortunately, my requirements are much simpler this time, as I plan to change whatever doesn't fit my future vision. I just need it to run and drive safely while keeping me dry. Everything else I'll fix myself.
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    Found one pic of the customed out big block TA.

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    Which car did you prefer, the chevelle or the charger? While I had my 402hp 454headed SS Malibu my best friend had the 440 magnum charger. I drove each. I appreciated the handling and high output of the chevelle but the charger seemed more powerful. I remember the positracion and giving it some pedal on a turn and the damn thing straightened out on me.
    Anyway, the R/T felt more powerful but the SS handled better in my opinion.
    Nice cars Goat.
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    Thought I would finally jump into this thread with the vehicles I have owned/driven over the past 15 years or so.

    First up, the vehicles I learned to drive on: 1970 Ford F100 Ranger XLT and, I know this is a bit...non-car....but a 1976 Grady-White 204c Overnighter 20' Walk Around Cuddy Cabin Deep-V outboard.

    The Truck, as it was known, was our firewood, hunting, and general "farm" work truck. I learned to drive on muddy, rutted tracks in the woods and some on the roads in the northern part of the county as we transitioned to and from different pieces of the property. First started driving The Truck when I was 12 (it was easy, I was already 5'9") and drove it off and on through high school. Finally we sold it in 2001 with 290k miles and the body rusting off the frame. Here is the truck, but ours was white, though I always called it, "Elegant Rust Brown"


    Next up we have the Grady-White 204c. I learned the basics of forward motion, momentum, and throttle management in this boat. I first started driving it (and our 14' Jon boat) when I was 6 years old; I would drive while my dad and brother set the lines out the back for mackerel. Only got to drive it a few times at speed before the old Evinrude/OMC 150 HP engine blew 3 cylinder heads (one bank) on the way back from a fishing trip in 1990, at night, in the middle of a severe thunderstorm; when lightening struck the water, we could see water spouts surrounding us. At this point we discovered significant wood rot damage to the transom beam and sold the boat for the cost of installing a new transom. We replaced the "Malt Liquor" with a 1993 Grady-White model of the same size, the 208 Adventure, named the "Malt Liquor 2" with a 200 HP Yamaha Saltwater Series outboard engine. First pic is the 204c, second is the 208.


    I know these are not "cars" but along the Gulf Coast, many people use their boats as transportation and island taxi's. None of these pictures are the actual vehicles I have used, as I do not have pictures of the Truck or original Malt Liquor and the pic of the Malt Liquor II is too large to upload.
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