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[18:57:35] {}
[18:57:45] {QCH} hey back at you..
[18:58:01] {}
hey thanks for the add hun, there's hardly anyone on here anymore to chat with ya know?
[18:58:23] {QCH} sure... if I knew who you were
[18:58:37] {}
i miss how it used to be when there was more people on here but oh well, so what's up with u?
[18:59:04] {QCH} Not too bad here... how are you? And who are you?
[18:59:18] {}
ah, so my asshole ex-bf cheated on me so i just been going out and meeting new people having a blast, i forgot how fun it was to be single again lol
[18:59:36] {QCH} my bf did the same thing... men
[18:59:53] {}
well i was actually about to get on my cam did u wanna cum join me... i found an awesome site that's like a facebook for adults but with cams ;)
[19:00:21] {QCH} court prohibits me from having webcams anymore...
[19:00:34] {}
i started using it so i couldn't be recorded but it's really fun and i love "putting on a show" if u know what i mean ;) wanna cum see?
[19:01:53] {QCH} my probation officer would send me back if he caught me with a webcam again... one time filming farm animals having sex with yard gnomes and I marked as a perv
[19:02:07] {}
yay!! all u gotta do is sign-up but like i said it's 100% free and only takes a sec k?
[19:03:03] {QCH} sure... what is the site? oh, and hey, can i get your number?
[19:03:19] {}
kk just go to http://blahblah that's my profile page. at the top there u should see a gold button that says "Join Free" see it?
[19:04:24] {QCH} hmmm.... guess the library blocks that site. what site is it?
[19:04:36] {}
k just click that and then all u do is just make ure account and u can start typing to me... i have a private room for us so it's just one on one :)
[19:05:08] {QCH} its must be blocked... what site is it?
[19:05:24] {}
yeah u do need a card of sum kind but it doesnt get charged and actually if u look you'll see it even says it right there. it's just so they don't get in trouble for any kiddiez
[19:08:24] {QCH} you still there?
[19:08:39] {}
once u get ure username though u can join the private chat i have for us and we'll be all set :) i can't wait this is gonna be so much fun!!!
[19:09:41] {QCH} Thought I lost you... had to switch screens so the librarian didnt see what was on my screen. so... what's your name?
[19:09:42] *** is Online [just got the hottest new outfit]
[19:09:57] {}
ok i'm about to get changed into something a lil more "comfortable" for this babe hurry up and i'll brb before u even know i left lol
[19:10:35] {QCH} can you put on a mustache and maybe some chaps?
[19:10:49] {}
hey u cummin or what babe?? i just got my sexiest lil thong out and was really lookin forward to playin
[19:11:26] {QCH} Any chance you have facial hair? Under arm hair? Something to look rough?
[19:11:44] {QCH} At least a low voice?
[19:59:50] {QCH} Hey, if the district attorney calls you, can you tell them I wasn't online talking with you?
[20:01:34] {QCH} You still there?

Loved playing around... but I blocked her from ever showing up again... :D


  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian
    Dear QCH,

    You were talking to a bot.


  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
  • I was wondering who that was, I got the same first 4 lines. I just deleted the contact after they wouldn't tell me who they were.
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    I kinda figured it was a bot since I got no response from my witty replies... wasted. :D
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