When its time to run a bullet through your cell

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I have had to replace my cellphone 6 times going on 7. words cannot express how much I hate my cell phone. I hate my cell phone so much I would love to put it in a container filled with hydrochloric acid and stand there and laugh like Dr Evil.
I did talk to the Verizon customer service over the phone and a store manager and the store manager trying to replace my phone with an inferior device. I don't like to be punished like I'm some sort of criminal for wanting to use unlimited data and since I want to keep my unlimited data I'm being forced to use this phone. Once my contract is up they will of course force me to pay full price for a new replacement.
I have a Motorola RAZR.

when my contract is up I'm going to boost mobile.

if I had the CEO of Verizon s phone number or email I would give him a piece of my mind.


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    You have my emotional support, I also hate the feeling of people trying to screw me over.
    I find that venting/ranting a little usually makes me calm down and accept deal with it. Sadly not sure what you can do right at this moment, but I'm sure it's possible to get contact info to a CEO somehow... If nothing else that would give you the satisfaction of screaming at someone in charge :P
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    From 2008. May not be current.
    He isn't the CEO anymore. Lowell C. McAdam. hopefully the phone numbers current.
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