NHRA Championships in Pomona

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I have spent the past week in SoCal working with one of our West Coast teams. It has been a pretty long week of learning as well as teaching so that I can implement better methods into the home office and thus downstream to all our remote crews. Then on Thursday I realized that this is the weekend of the NHRA finals in Pomona so I decided to stay and play as it has been a long time since I have been to any drag racing event. I love the smell of Nitro (nitro methane) in the morning, afternoon or anytime and its even better with vaporized rubber mixed in! I was so single purposed in attending that I did not see if anyone here shared my enthusiasm. Hotels suck in the Pomona area as you go from cheap with hookers on the corner or $300+ per night. Anyway, I had a great weekend and I'm off to Millbrae for the coming week. then I will be home for next weekend and F1 in Austin. :)


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    The noise level for top fuel is 165db. Compare that to a concert at 106db or the loudest crowd ever recorded at 116db. The only thing that I can think to compare would be being the same distance from a fighter jet at takeoff and I think the dragsters are still louder. (I have been on the flight apron directly across from where F15's were leaving the ground.) And its not just the sound but the concussion as you can feel it pass through your body. Seismomiters at the other end of the track have registered 2.3 on the Richter scale. If you have never been to an NHRA or AHRA event, try it. The first time most people wince in pain as they watch the cars go 1000 feet in 4 seconds and cross the finish line at 300 mph they're hooked. A few years ago the distance was shortened from 1/4 mile to 1000 feet due to safety as the cars were getting faster. Top fuel dragsters and funny cars are the only things on the planet (and do not go into orbit) that generate 10, 000 hp! Each of the 8 cylinders has more power than a NASCAR engine and the engine is the equivalent of 8 F1 cars.
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    Good stuff man! Are you attending the F1 race in Austin? That makes me jealous.
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    BuddyJ said:

    Good stuff man! Are you attending the F1 race in Austin? That makes me jealous.

    Yes, I will be there. It is about 1 hour from the house to the Circuit of the Americas track.
    I am surprised that Top Fuel Drag Racing is so technically oriented these days that no one here has spoken up.

  • I'm not an auto sports enthusiast but my father took me to an NHRA event when I was about twelve and he had a pass to get us into the pits prior to the race. Seeing them up close has stuck with me. Hearing them through TV speakers can not prepare you for how incredibly loud they are. It's a marvel live. I thought about taking my daughter a couple years back, we have a strip in Cicil County but the expense to go was far too great. I could go to half a dozen Orioles games or one NHRA Drag Race. I could not justify it, I was amazed at the demand for it. I always thought of it as a fringe niche kind of thing.

    Still, something everyone should have on their bucket list. See NHRA funny cars up close in person. I only saw it once but it's stuck with me, the sound, the smells, even how the bleachers would vibrate from the force. It's pretty phenomenal.
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