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Fellow Icrontians!

My stepdaughter who is a volunteer DJ with two radio shows at her local community radio station is creating Vinyl Artwork of your favorite artist as part of their Indiegogo campaign to salvage the radio station from severe water damage.

CHSR is a community radio station in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada that is primarily funded by supporters, the University who houses the station does not provide any funding to them, only a poorly maintained building where their studio's are.

With the recent freeze and thaws in the weather, the roof of the building finally gave way various massive leaks. When they torn the inside roof panels down black mold was found which goes to show that this building had been in great disrepair for quite a while.

CHSR has the largest music library east of Montreal with a vast amount of irreplaceable recordings from local talent.

So this is what my stepdaughter creates from records that she picks up in the second hand shops.

Those are my Jim Morrison and Johnny Ramone, I also have a Noddy Holder on the way. :)

If you want to get in on some of this artwork with your choice of Artist, Album cover then please check out the Indiegogo campaign here. Scroll down till you see "Vinyl Art Fan!" and make your claim, she has done many of these to date and has an album of her work on Facebook. I am not sure if that album is public or not. If not then by all means give her a Friend Request and tell her I sent you her way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for helping if you do, here is the link to the Indiegogo that explains the whole story.

Here is a link to the Radio Staion as well.

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