What case should I choose!!!??

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After a lot of research, I narrowed down my choice to these two cases. Now, I am completly stuck in a mental loop trying to decide wich one I should buy.

Lian-Li PC-71 http://www.bit-tech.net/review/101/


Coolermaster CMSTACKER http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?LT=english&Language_s=2&url_place=product&p_serial=STC-T01&other_title=+STC-T01+CM%20Stacker

Basically, I need a case with lots of room. I will integrate my water cooling in it so its not sharing space with my system anymore. And, of course, it will be modded with windows, lcds and stuff.

I do prefer the PC-71 although the CM is very nice too. What holds me is the compatibility with BTX. The CM is compatible while the PC-71 is not. If you guys could give some advice on this... It it worth taking this into consideration now or is BTX still too far away (2 years)?

For now, it seems to me that its only an Intel initiative that will be forgotten as AMD and motherboards makers don't seem too exited about it. Id like to have you guys opinion on this.



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    I personally would go with the Lian Li over the Stacker, it's bigger, alloy, has plenty of room for your W/C gear and looks dead pimp. :thumbsup:
    I personally don't much care for the stacker, it's pretty fugly, it's steel (hernia anyone??) and the fascia (front) is just awful, big lumpy part at the top and all.
    I personally prefer my cases to be light, have the same material all the way around and be well built of aluminium.
    //edit; Note that this is my personal opinion...end edit//
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    If you prefer aesthetics to function, the Lian-Li.
    If you prefer function to aesthetics, the Cooler Master.
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    I would go with the Stacker. I've got two of them sitting next to me right now, in fact. Hell, the system I'm posting this from is housed in one... I think you'll find the more open layout to be better for water cooling, and frankly, I don't like Lian Li cases anyhow (although the PC71 is better than most)
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    CM Stacker, especially if your water cooling. All that room for 120mm fans & rads can't be knocked.
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    Thanks for the answers.

    Is it worth taking BTX into consideration, or is it too early??? I know the CMSTACKER supports both ATX and BTX. I'm leaning toward the PC-71 but what stops me from making my move is the lack of support for the upcoming format. I don't want to dump lots of $$$$ and time in a case that I will have to change in a year.
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    I really don't see BTX becoming a major issue for a couple years yet just like I don't see SATA killing off PATA or PCI-E killing off AGP for about the same amount of time, too many people have the existing formats to make an industry wide change successful, there would be mass histeria, rioting, fighting in the streets and people would get upset too :)
    I'd think that if you chose to stick with ATX that you'd be sick of looking at the case you bought (no matter which one) by the time BTX became a player in the format wars.
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    CMSTACKER it is!!!

    Made my mind, finally...
    The Pc-71 is nice but it looks kinda boring. Plus, there is not much modding to do on it, the CM, on the other hand, begs for it.

    In a review I read, the guy converted his case to BTX and put an ATX mobo in it (upside down) . This kinda looked cool so I might work on that to do something original.

    Thanks for you input, I'll show some pics when its done.
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    Glad you came to a decision, I hope it's everything you hope it to be. Enjoy!! :thumbsup:
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    nice choice
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