Bass in my car without subs

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My car speakers have NO bass so for my B day i am thinking of ordering a set of Kicker componets for the from nad maybe a set of mid basses for the back. Since i never sit in the back and could give a crap what the people in hte back here I figured to get mid bass speakers for the extra punch with out going subs since i used to gvet headaches from my two 10's.

Will the comonets put out enough highs and treble to equalize the mid basses in the back for a good clean sound?


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    I have Rainbow Audio (German brand) componets, they are really nice as far as componets come. In a european competition, they beat out a set of ??, anyway, drawing a blank, i hate brainfarts, anyway. They are really nice, and have quite a bit of midbass, and the tweeters on them are silk dome, so they are nice and soft, but are AWESOME!!.

    For me, the midbass from the componets just isnt enough, so I have my 15" Ascendant Audio Arsenal sitting in the trunk. And I actually have it turned just about all of the way down. But, I can crank it up when someone wants to start talking about how it isnt loud. anyway, I just use the sub as low end reinforcement, and I have a belief, that bass is to be felt and not heard, if you know what I mean. When I am listening to System of a Down, or Disturbed, I want to feel a little punch in my chest when the bass drum is hit. but Just subtly, so that it blends in with the componets.

    anyway, enough of my sales pitch for a sub. For componets. it really depends on your budget. I got mine for $225 shipped, they can be a lot cheaper, and a lot more expensive, for instance, the company I bought mine from, makes a set that cost $10,000. There is something like a 3 month waiting time for them, and they are custom built for you. but if I bought those, it would triple the value of my car, lol.

    Yeh, anyway, how much are you wanting to spend. and I can recomend you a good set, but I would recomend you to go into a stereo shop, and listen to the componet sets, and find a set you like, and then go buy them on the internet a whole lot cheaper. Because it doesnt matter if I like how a set of speakers sounds, it matters how they sound to you.
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    I don't think you'll be happy with any of the components kicker has to offer. I've heard most of them after hanging out at a local car audio shop for countless hours, and none of them were THAT impressive. Kicker isn't clear and they can't get loud either without an amp on them. You didn't specify whether you want to amp the components so I'll just assume you won't.

    Personally I have been through a couple of brands, and different levels of a single brand. What I have ended up with as my final choice in components is the Memphis Audio M-Class SQ series. SQ = sound quality of course. These components have awesome mid bass all by themselves, and the tweeters are clear and loud but NOT harsh. They sound great even at 80 mph with the top down in my S. All of this is personal opinion, but I have listend to a lot of crap over the past year or so and these are what I think sound the best.

    They're not cheap, but they're not too expensive either. Retail is something like $580 USD for a set of 6 1/2s, the price changes a bit as size changes.

    ON another note...the type of music you listen to should also dictate what speakers you get. Get your favorite CD and go to some shops to listen to your songs on their sound boards. You won't know what you really need until you hear what's out there.

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    you're in for a treat, once you've heard that bass petal punch you in the gut you'll never go back.
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    Mid-bass is mid-bass. A mid-bass driver is made to reproduce a slot from 300hz to around 80hz or so. If you want deep bass you will need a sub, if you were getting headaches from your 10's then don't go with 10's, instead go with a single 12. To be honest though, I've found that headaches from loud music tend to be caused by distortion.
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    yeh, but not all componets will go down to 80hz cleanly, and power isnt what kills a speaker, its clipping and distortion. I've had my speakers down to 70hz, and my door panels were shaking, so I have it highpassed at 90hz, I would like to go lower, but my pos door panels that the speakers are mounted on start flexing and distorting.

    Not to mention my sub will go up that high easily. I would sugest one sealed 12 with a good amp. I would also recomend amping the componets, because you will see such a great improvement in audio quality, do you really think that an amp inside the headunit can power the speakers as well and distortion free as a external dedicated amp? nope, most indeck amps start clipping not even 3/4 the way up.

    I have an 85*2 watt US AMPS amplifier for my componets, and I need to get my gains set correctly, because i have them way down for now, because if you set them too high, then the signal will clip and kill your speakers, but I need an o-scope.

    If you are wanting midbass, I would stay away from the infinity componets, they are known not to give out a lot of midbass. and also, they use metal dome tweets alot, which are fine if you like a bright crips sound, but I like a more mellow sound, so I have silk dome tweets. We really cant offer you advice on an exact speaker, as different people will like different speakers. We can recomend a setup and possibly a brand of speakers to check out though. but I would go to the stereo shop and listen to what is available and see if you like the sound of any of them.
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