I just had this amazing idea....

V-PV-P State College, PA
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Well, I was talking to Air, and he said that something on my new layout looked like the napster logo, and I thougt it looked familliar too. So here's my idea:
There should be a google or something where you can paste in a picture, and using some great revolutionary coding, it looks at all the pictures in it's database/web/whatever it crawled and trys to make similar matches. Then, it links to where it found the picture on the web.

I know, I'm amazing. :cool2:
So andy is going to start coding this and with his
Andy wrote:
imaginary team of 1337 coders
, he should be done by next month. We're calling it Poople.


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    I thought I read something a couple years ago that said that Google was working on such a system... I doubt that they're going to call it "Poople" though.
  • V-PV-P State College, PA
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    GHoosdum wrote:
    I doubt that they're going to call it "Poople" though.
    They don't have too many "oogle"s left.
  • airbornflghtairbornflght Houston, TX
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    Im not to sure how hard it would be to code (way beyond me) but I think that it would just have to look at the signatures of the picture, such as patterns, and then match that to other pictures. I'm not sure of the specifics of how it would have to look at the picture, but it would be cool.

    Can you copyright an idea, if so, we should copyright it, then sell it to google.
  • JustinJustin Atlanta
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    Intellectual property!
  • V-PV-P State College, PA
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    Is it seriously possible to copyright an idea? I mean people "sell" their life "stories" all the time, so this is about the same right.....
  • JustinJustin Atlanta
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    I believe this is called either MPEG 7 or MPEG 21, had a course on it back in college, it's nothing new.

    With it you could in effect draw an item and it could find that outline in a database of images/video. Or you could give it a picture of the space shuttle and it could reference that with other images with the space shuttle.
  • Red-DawnRed-Dawn Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
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    One of my lecturers at uni is doing reserch into a very similar search engine, although his is intended to be used to search for 3D models. although i'm sure it wouldn't be that different.

    Our whole class got roped into testing it last year and it was coming up with some pritty interesting results to start off with but towards the end it was showing some promise.

    The search engine that he's developing is intended to be used in industry to cut down on design time. ie a rough sketch of a needed part can be quickly drawn and used as the search criteria, any similar part is then returned and the designer can choose which is the most like the one he\she needs and it can be modified accordingly.
  • SquillSquill Chesterfield, Va
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    There was a seach engine out last year sometime where you could draw up a picture and it'd search for similar pictures. It's not exactly what you're saying but it was still pretty cool.
  • LawnMMLawnMM Colorado
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    You could come up with one that checks the signatures on Pron too and call it "Oogle"
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