Post your VISTA scores!

MODERATOR EDIT: Note the computer scoring application for Vista is part of the Vista operating system. Leonardo

Oh the joy of seeing what the scores are only to compare with your friends and then try to beat them buy going out and upgrading whatever you can LOL! What a clever trick!

Anyhow I managed a measly 4.1 - for some reason my friends P4 3ghz got a higher score than my Athlon 64 3500+ Venice!! :eek:

I have 2 raptors together and only got a 5.9 oh well.

So what have you guys got? I know a lot of you have pretty serious high end machines and no doubt will get something amazing, not sure if the rating is out of 10 if it is then my system aint too shabby.


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    WHen I ran the beta I think this laptop here did 3.6, that is a P-M 2GHz with 2GB DDR2, and a 256MB X700 Radeon Mobility.
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX
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    I got a 5.6, despite having 2GB of RAM, a 3.2GHz Core 2 Duo, an AHCI SATA-II HD and a DX10 video card. :rolleyes:
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana
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    score? :scratch:
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    What versions did yall buy?
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    Ouch must be scores out of 10 then, I heard you need at least 4gb of ram to fully unlock the potential of Vista!

    I have Home Premium 64bit OEM.
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    Thought the highest was 5 something? Cant remember what I read on it lol. HP hasnt released any drivers for the OS yet so looks like Im going to be forced into waiting unless Vista has them all incorporated in it.
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    5.9 is the highest score u can make

    yes only M$ can make a rating system that goes 1-5.9

    i dont have it yet im gonna wait for drivers and the release of ATI R600 and what not till i buy my new comp
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    Guess Ill find out what mine is tomorrow after I take Home Premium back to the BX and get Ultimate. Sad you have to dig to find out that only Ultimate ships with both 64bit and 32bit versions of the OS.
  • KentigernKentigern Milton Keynes UK
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    Score - where do you find this - link please :)
  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK
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    It's part of the operating system :)

    I don't have a score. Not touching Vista for a fair while. Too many things I rely on XP for (code editors, sound recording) are not vista compatible.
  • ClutchClutch North Carolina
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    My best friend got Vista last night and he loves it. I think he got a score of like 4.1 or something like that, I know it was in the fours. All his drivers were already installed also, he didn't have to download anything.
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    Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz - 4.8
    Memory (RAM) 1.00 GB - 4.5
    Graphics RADEON X850 Series - 5.9
    Gaming graphics 511 MB Total available graphics memory - 4.9
    Primary hard disk (Seagate 200GB ATA 300) - 5.6

    Just ordered 2GB of DDR2 667 RAM to see if I can bring up my score :cool:

    I am running Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Sledgehammer70Sledgehammer70 California
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    Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.17Ghz - 4.8
    Memory(RAM) - OCZ DDR2-667 2GB - 4.9
    Graphics - Nvidia 7400 Go 399MB "128MB Dedicated 271MB Shared" Ram - 3.6
    Gaming Graphics - Nvidia 7400 - 3.2
    Primary HD - Samsung 7200RPM 120GB - 4.8

    Based on the lowest score I got a grand 3.2 :) To note my system seems to run Vista flawlessly... :)
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    Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2ghz - 4.9
    Memory(RAM) - DDR2-667 2GB - 4.5
    Graphics - Nvidia 7600 Go 512MB - 4.8
    Gaming Graphics - Nvidia 7600 go - 4.6
    Primary HD - Seagate 7200RPM 100GB - 4.9

    Grand total 4.5
  • AlphaTrinityAlphaTrinity North Wales, PA
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    Processor: 4.2
    RAM: 4.3
    Graphics: 3.8
    Gaming: 3.7
    Hard disk: 5.2

    This is the computer in my sig, running Vista business.
    When I ran Vista beta 2 a few months ago, my video card was ranked highest and my cpu lowest..what happened? :wink:
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI
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    Processor: 5.2
    Memory: 5.9
    Graphics: 5.9
    Gaming: 5.8
    Hard disk: 5.2

    5.2 aggregate score
  • LlarionLlarion St. Petersburg FL
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    My mom's new HP laptop was all 6s except for the disk subsystem which rang up a 3.1, bummer. Gotta go run it on my laptop still..
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    toying with Vista Enterprise 64-bit

    Processor (Opteron 165 @ 2.8) = 5.4
    RAM (2GB Patriot @ 216 2-3-2-8) = 5.9
    Graphics (x1900xtx) = 5.9
    Gaming Graphics = 5.8
    Primary Hard Disk (SATAII 16MB) = 5.7

    My opty feels insulted
  • JonseyJonsey Microsoft Corporation
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    I'm running on a 3.0ish lappy. :: seeps jealousy ::
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    Gaming Graphics=5.8
    Primary harddisk=5.3

    I have 2.5gb of ram and all I can muster is a 3.8. Peeps with less memory got better scores.
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI
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    Is it DDR? The system in your sig says 512mb of PC3200. The ram speed will have a lot to do with that score :(
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    I got 2GB of Crucial DDR400 and 512MB of Kingston DDR that I'm not positive about the speed. Just thought I'd score better in the ram department with that.
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana
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    Weedo wrote:
    I got 2GB of Crucial DDR400 and 512MB of Kingston DDR that I'm not positive about the speed. Just thought I'd score better in the ram department with that.
    Try scoring without the 512 and see if it changes ...just a thought.
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    The score is based solely on bandwidth, and according to your motherboard manual, you can only run in single channel mode with 3 sticks, need 2 or 4 for dual channel.
  • lollol
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    It doesn't like my hard drive too much, but thats probably because I've maxxed out all the ports available for hard drives on my motherboard ^_^ I will down my clock speed to the standard for this CPU just so you guys can see the difference it makes :)

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6300 @ 3.1 - 5.7
    Memory: 2GB CAS4 6400 1.9v @ 2.1 (Running in 4300 mode to keep timings xD) - 5.9
    Graphics: 8800GTX - 5.9
    Gaming Graphics: lol - 5.9
    Primary hard disk: vista does not like my raid drivers sooooo... 80GB SATA2 - 5.3

    This is strange, at 1.86 stock I get the same score, but before at 2.6 it was 5.4 for CPU. I think once you have a higher score and you score lower it doesn't like it and keeps the higher one so you still buy their software :P
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    Finally got around to pulling out that 512mb stick of Kingston. My score rose to a 4.6. I guess more isn't always better. At least that stick of ram was free.
  • JengoJengo Pasco, WA | USA
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    Processor (AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+): 4.8
    Memory (2x512 PC2 4200): 3.9
    Graphics: 3.1
    Gaming Graphics (integrated Nvidia 6150): 3.0
    Primary Hard Disk transfer rate: 5.6

    i got a 3.0 :(
  • MissilemanMissileman Orlando, Florida
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    Here's mine with the new OCZ Crossfire DDR2
  • OrianeOriane Turn around.
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    Using Vista Ultimate Edition with

    AMD X2 4400+ OC'd to 2.6GHz
    2x1GB Kingston DDR 500
    WD 250GB/16MB cache
    ATI X1950PRO 256MB
  • Bad_KarmaBad_Karma The Great White North
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    Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.94Ghz (E6300) - 5.6
    Memory(RAM) - Xtreme Team DDR2-667 2GB (running at 840Mhz) - 5.7
    Graphics - ATI 1900XT (256MB Ram OC'ed) - 5.9
    Gaming Graphics - ATI 1900XT - 5.8
    Primary HD - Raptor 74GB - 5.7
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