What kind of music do you listen to?

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What kind of music does everyone here listen to?
List a few favorite bands...
For me,
  • Kraftwerk
  • Floyd
  • Hendrix
  • Crass
  • NIN
  • Led Zeppelin
  • The Cure
  • The Pixies
  • Radiohead
  • Nirvana
  • At the Drive-In

That just touches the tip of the iceberg...but yeah...


  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like
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    Mostly anything but country (maybe a few songs).
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    I would have to go with Blackhawk on that question...

    Mostly I hear alot of Psytrance but pretty much anything goes.
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    Anything Along The:

    Green Day/ Jets To Brazil/ Nirvana Type :)
  • botheredbothered Manchester UK
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    I tend to listen mainly to reggae, Greggory Isaacs, Linton Kwesi Johnson etc. My favorite is Donovan. In my hippy days I had 23 Donovan LPs (Remember them?)

  • ClutchClutch North Carolina
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    For me its got to be rock/some heavy metal/ and rap
  • ChilakChilak Over there ->
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    0 rap, 0country, and 0 Classical. Everything else I will listen to.
    (On second though, I listen to a bit of eminem.)
  • Tweaked-Tweaked- Cinci., Oh.
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    I'm into most everything except rap, opera, and yodelling;)
  • crackityjonescrackityjones Reppin East CHHS Ya'll!!! NO, I'M NOT
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    I'm into everything except country...

    My current fav bands are The Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo, The Clash, Sigur Ros, The Party of Helicopters, Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Pixies and wayyyyyyyy too much more to list
  • zelig2zelig2 Columbus, OH
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    Mostly prog house stuff for the past few years. Every once in a while though I'll slip in some Bing Crosby or Dean Martin stuff.
  • karatekidkaratekid Ogdensburg, NY
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    Don't like country, can't stand rap (except for maybe a couple of songs,) want to shoot boy bands and most pop singers/bands. Other than that I listen to almost anything. Some favorites include Offspring, Nirvana, Eagles, Pennywise, Pink Floyd.
  • danball1976danball1976 Wichita Falls, TX
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    I listen to country music
  • AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH
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    Country a lot, and most everything but rap
  • MrBillMrBill Missouri
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    Originally posted by Aranyic
    Country a lot, and most everything but rap
    Sounds about like me. I listen to a lot of different music (mostly country), but when rap comes on the radio, it's time to change the station. :)
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    I listen to pretty much eveyrthing except punk rock (eww) and rap

    I've even got into a little country over the past couple years.

    Oh yeah, and metallica rocks!
  • LawnMMLawnMM Colorado
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  • ness_25ness_25 Boone, NC
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    My motto is ABC...anything but country :D
  • LawnMMLawnMM Colorado
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    Originally posted by ness_25
    My motto is ABC...anything but country :D

    Amen to that.
  • stoopidstoopid Albany, NY
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    Big time Rush fan here... along with dozens of other faves (being a musician I tend to be rather eclectic)...

    Currently listening to:

    Catherine Wheel
    Pink Floyd
  • R4CK3RR4CK3R Oklahoma
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    Awh good.
    Last time I seen "What kind of music do you listen to?" on a forum it turned into a big LETS SEE WHO HAS MORE SONGS IN THEIR PLAYLIST contest.

    I mostly listen to:

    The Offspring
    & a little punk
  • KilJaedenKilJaeden USA
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    For me it is:

    * NOFX
    * Goldfinger
    * Rancid
    * Pennywise

    There are a few others...
  • ALiEN509ALiEN509 Ohio
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    A couple bands:
    Corporate avenger (Freedom is a state of mind album)
    Infected mushroom
    Limp bizkit (despite current events)
    Rob Zombie
    system of a down
    Astral projection

    Yeah mostly genre psychoactive + (Rock~/~rap)
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    classic metal!
  • panzerkwpanzerkw New York City
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    If I can hum the melody to it, I'll listen to it. Though some music I find rather irritating and trivial, like most american pop songs out today.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK
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    Anything other than Country and Crap like "Tool" and other "Random Metal" bands.

  • Red-DawnRed-Dawn Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
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    depends on the mood i'm in at the time, it can range from clasical to heavey metal skipping out the whole rap and pop scenes.

    Atm i'm listening to
    stumble (a uk band i found on people sound ages ago)
    the offspring
    the undertones
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    Top Favs:
    Linkin Park
    The Exies
    Marylin Manson
    Jimmy Eat World
    Taking Back Sunday
    And some techno DJ's yall probably haven't heard of.
  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
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    Sex pistols
    Green Day
    Iron Maiden
    Guns n Roses

    You get the picture :D

    I also like hard house and funky house when im out clubbing.
  • CCWCCW Suffolk, UK
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    Deep Purple
    Sex Pistols
    Iron Maiden
    Green Day
    ZZ Top
    Bon Jovi
    Bryan Adams
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    Been digging into my Concrete Blonde collection lately. There's some real gems in there. If you want to see what I mean check out the songs: "The Beast", "Carry Me Away", "God is a Bullet", "Over Your Shoulder", "Why Don't You See Me", "Long Time Ago", "Make Me Cry", "Sun".

    Johnette Napolitono sounds very sexy, the band sounds great. And while the sound stays distinctly CB, they really cover a range of musical styles, moods, and on some tracks the darkest lyrics explored by a woman. Freaky, cool, sexy, dark, cheery, and melancholic, sometimes all at the same time. Great guitars.

    "Today I went and bought myself a bottle...
    Like we used to do...
    Reminded me of you...

    Today I saw a train roll by the river...
    Blowin off esteem...
    Reminded me of me...

    Thats when I threw the bottle in the river...
    Thats when I started running for the train....
    Theres nothin thatchyou need I can't deliver...

    Try that with headphones. If you get this far and you've got some volume on it, you're in for a treat. You won't have to go two far to find it :)
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    check out cat power. i like it myself.

    I say we turn this into a music reccomendation thread
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