Finally finished school

dydxdydx Cymru, UK
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Had my last 2 A Level exams today. Its such a releif to have it all over, but kinda sad because I wont be seeing my buddies as often.

Cant wait till prom tho :D



  • ClutchClutch North Carolina
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    I know the feeling m8. When I walked across the stage last month from graduating high school it felt soo good. 12 long hard years finally paid off, felt like a huge weight off my shoulders. But it hit me the other day in my car that I wan't be going back there anymore, and that my friends and I will all be going our seperate ways, but you got to remember all the good times that you had.

    I wish you good luck in whatever you do, and always remember to have fun.
  • drowddrowd Texas
    edited June 2003
    are you guys planning on going to college? cuz if you are, never forget the times you had, but be excited about whats ahead of you. you will have the most fun of your entire life over the course of the next few years. i am about to graduate from college here in a little bit, and i dont want to go! never forget your buddies from high school, but be open to new experiences and great times coming up . . .
  • Red-DawnRed-Dawn Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
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    I got my last A-Level exam on fri, can't wait to say i'm finally finished but i am gonna miss a whole load of friends. But most of all i think i'll miss the routine of getting up and putting on skool uniform and headin to skool sounds sad but i been doin that every weekday for the last 14yrs
  • ClutchClutch North Carolina
    edited June 2003
    I plan on going to college myself. If you graduate from a high school in our county, then you get 2 free years at the local community college, so I'm going to do that to get all my basic stuff then transfer to a university about 45 min away. Sometimes I sit back and think about all the fun times I had in school, a boy are there a lot of them. But can't dwell on the past soo much, got to get prepared for the future.
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