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So I am preparing for my job interview I have tomorrow and I typed up a bunch of possible questions that could be asked. If anyone who knows about this stuff could take a look at them and make some suggestions that would be great or if someone like me who has no clue about his kinda stuff can reuse my answers then power to them too.....

Questions To Be Prepared to Answer
1. How did you decide on an IT Career?
a. Always interested in gadgets when I was a kid so I naturally was interested in computers
b. Learned C on my own in grade 11 and realized that programming was something I enjoyed
c. Confirmed my interest in computers / programming in university.

2. What are your goals for the internship year?
a. I would like to gain some real world experience
b. Give me some idea of what I want to do in IT
c. Make myself more marketable when I am done

3. What have you got out of your academic studies?
a. Strong understanding of programming concepts, which makes it easy to pickup a new language and become efficient quickly.
b. Well rounded education
c. Developed a strong work ethic

4. What other career options have you considered in the past?
a. Business / commerce type career, because of my mother

5. What are your strengths?
a. Strong programmer
b. Always looking to better myself
c. Competitive
d. I like responsibility

6. What are your weaknesses?
a. Sounds kind of lame but I can get caught up in work
b. Along with most coders I do not enjoy the documentation phase of projects.

7. What were you looking for in a job?
a. at this stage in my career I am looking for experience
b. with the state of the IT market any job security would be nice also

8. What will you be doing in 5 years time?
a. I would like to get into IT security eventually and possibly start my own consulting business.

9. What has been your biggest failure?
a. Not sure how I will answer this question….eek

10. Why do you want the job?
a. I think it would be a great place to start my career
b. Job posting sounds challenging and rewarding

11. What interests you in our organisation?
a. Nova Scotia suceess story
b. Website sounds like your clientele is growing even in this slow economy
c. Company sounds very innovative

12. What skills do you think you will develop in this post?
a. Haven’t really gone over the typical job duties
i. If it is as programming related as I hope it is then I will hopefully better my skills as a programmer.
ii. Maybe get some direct customer relations experience.
iii. Ideally I would like to get some insight into the security aspects of the operation.

13. Who do you respect (historical figure, politician, musician, sportsman etc.) and why?
a. Not sure how to answer this….
i. If I answer honest….
1. Wayne Gretzkey because he is very modest even though he was arguably the most dominant athletes of any major sport. I also admire how well spoken he is.

14. Why should we employ you?
a. I think I match the internship goals as I have little to no experience
b. I am a strong programmer
c. Strong communication skills
d. A team player

15. What was your worst ever moment?
a. Not sure how to answer this either….

16. What did you think of your school?
a. I think it has rightfully earned its place as one of the top undergrad schools in the country.
b. Computer Science department was strong and in fact has gotten stronger as several new profs came while I was there.
c. Acadia Advantage was well worth the money and I think other schools will follow

17. Can you work under pressure?
a. During school I did not have problems working in high stress / high pressure situations. These came up a couple times a year and generally where finals and the few weeks before finals when term projects were due.
b. Although this may be very different then real world pressure I am sure I will be able to cope without any problems.

18. What motivates you?
a. pride, I like to know that when I finish a task I have met everyone’s expectations and that I could not have completed the task any better under the given conditions.
b. Success, I think everyone wants to be successful and meet their goals, So like anyone else I am trying to put myself in a position where I can live comfortably and be happy with what I am doing.

19. What's the toughest job/thing you've ever had to do?
a. While working on the farm I had a lot of tough jobs I had to do but they do not really relate to this position so I will have to look at my university career and during that time the toughest thing for me to do was my final project in which I wrote a 60+ page paper and lectured an entire class. I am not a strong public speaker so this was tough for me but I really made sure I was comfortable with the topic and I had no problems.

20. Are you a leader?
a. Is it ok to say that you really are not a leader?

21. Do you like to compete?
a. I am very competitive in that I enjoy competing and I love comparing my progress / work against other peoples.
b. Although I enjoy competition I do not let it devour me and am a both a graceful winner and a graceful loser.


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    Definately figure out an answer for your biggest failure :) I was asked that in my job interview (actually they asked what was the most hardest troubleshooting experience I've had).
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    Have you done anything outside of school to improve yourself? -team sports learnt any programming languages etc.

    Give examples of when u've been given responsability and how you coped with it? - they can also ask when have you had to use your own inititive(sp?) etc

    What do you see as your greatest achivement and why?

    I've been asked all of the above at interviews and it really helps to have planned answers.
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