Task manager - incomplete?! Pics inside?! Erk!

osaddictosaddict London, UK
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Right, bit of an odd one this - task manager window seems to be screwed...

Hit task manager when right clicking on the task bar, and you are presented with the pic i have attached...

i.e. no menu on the window?!!

This is after two reboots too...


  • osaddictosaddict London, UK
    edited June 2007
    First :p

    It appears task manager was running in 'tiny footprint' mode!

    Clicking the border around it makes it return to full mode... odd, and I have to say, I cant see much use or point in this feature?!
  • GrayFoxGrayFox /dev/urandom
    edited June 2007
    Double click on the gray part.
  • edited June 2007
    Wow that is weird.. I wonder what the use for that is. Some one had to write the software program for that.
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