Linux and Clients

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As you might be aware from a previous post, I swapped to Linux today, and have been experimenting with it all day. :bigggrin: The forum I used to aid me with my install said that the v6 beta client for Linux doesn't use all of the CPU's capacity, and from what i can see, uses about 80% of mine, dipping to a lot less :rolleyes2. Is it advisable to run maybe a couple of single clients on top of that to increase potential, or is there any other work arounds ? Help from existing users would be nice :wink: Thanks !


  • JBJB Carlsbad, CA
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    Try running the stable client? Back when I was running F@H on linux the stable client used 100% of my CPU.
  • SnarkasmSnarkasm Madison, WI
    edited October 2007
    My F@H on ubuntu uses 100% of mine on the SMP client. Do you/they have any data to back that up? Mine doesn't reflect correctly on my CPU usage widget, but my system monitor does show 100% across the four instances.
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