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I once was lost but now I am found

NecropolisNecropolis IcrontianHawarden, Wales Icrontian
edited November 2007 in The Pub
Greetings and Salutations,

Yes, I know, it’s been a long, long, long time since the last time I last graced these hallowed halls (just checked my last post and it was ….gulp….. 10-06-2006). For over a year I have strayed from this place and have been pulled down various different paths.

First of all, I have become everything that I hate the most. I have stepped into the realm of IT management. Not the cool, hands on, development side, oh no. I have stepped over to the dark side of presentations, Gantt charts, man management and meetings. My own personal worst nightmare (well, it would have been 3 years ago).

2nd up is again, something I never, ever though I would end up as. My name is Necropolis….. and I play World of Warcraft. I have a lvl 70 warrior doing nicely on Darkmoon Faire and have taken my management skills into there as I am a guild leader of one of the biggest horde guilds on the server (yes, this means I have 2 jobs, but I only get paid for one of them unfortuantly)

In between the above I still manage to get the football every other week (the only thing that can drag me away from work or WoW.

How is everyone? Nice to still see a lot of the names I recognise. I will try my best to check up here more often and not leave it almost a year and a half between posts again (I say try, it may be a year or so give or take (jk) :D )


  • GHoosdumGHoosdum Icrontian Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Necro! Welcome home. :wave:
  • CycloniteCyclonite Icrontian Tampa, Florida Icrontian
    edited October 2007
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    WoW kills.

    Welcome back.
  • BuddyJBuddyJ Dept. of Propaganda OKC Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Welcome home! Come back or else :necro:
  • NecropolisNecropolis Icrontian Hawarden, Wales Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Hey, my necro smilie still exists here :necro:
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Colin! I'm so glad to see you back! We've lost quite a few good men to WoW, but it's very encouraging to see your return :rarr:

  • fatcatfatcat Icrontian Mizzou Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Welcome back. :cheers:
  • ClutchClutch New North Carolina New
    edited October 2007
    WoW is the Devil I tell you, hehe Welcome back.
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    :wow: HOLY COW... Colin is back!!!! :wow:

    You've been missed... a TON. Glad your back... and yes WoW does steal souls. :rarr:
  • MrBillMrBill Member Missouri Member
    edited October 2007
    Welcome back!

    The dark side isn't always so dark (especially when you're on that side ;) )
  • LINLIN Tri_State Area
    edited October 2007
    Necropolis. I know that name. ;)

    Welcome back.

  • KentigernKentigern Milton Keynes UK
    edited October 2007
    If WOW don't get yer, the footie will

    Glad to see you back :)
  • sfleurietsfleuriet New Texas New
    edited October 2007
    Howdy. I are pilotwings.

    < - Oh.. it says it up there.
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Good to see you again!
  • edited October 2007
    Great to see that you are alive and well, man! :thumbsup:
  • broady81broady81 Member Member
    edited October 2007
    :wave: I escaped WoW a while ago, best thing I ever did :rolleyes2 Pretty new here as you can see from my posts :bigggrin: A fellow Brit too :ukflag: Welcome back !
  • botheredbothered Manchester UK
    edited October 2007
    Hi Colin, nice to see you back.
    If you feel the urge to play WOW again get to a meeting or phone your sponsor. It's the first game that does the damage.
  • ThelemechThelemech Icrontian Victoria Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    Welcome Home! :)
  • GnomeWizarddGnomeWizardd Member 4 Life Akron, PA Icrontian
    edited October 2007
    WoW man its been a long time! Glad to see you back
  • CyrixInsteadCyrixInstead Icrontian Stoke-on-Trent, England Icrontian
    edited November 2007
    Hello again Colin. I don't post so much on Icrontic any more but I do browse the site every day.

    No time to do anything with IC-Games these days though unfortunately :(

  • tcithtcith Sydney, Australia
    edited November 2007
    Nex and I must be twins Seperated at birth

    I'm now a full time a Senior IT manager of a large global Corp
    I also am the guild leader of a large Guild (340 is odd members), though I am alliance
    and I also only recently returnd to Icrontic


    Hey matey welcome back
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