15 months of gorgeousness.

botheredbothered Manchester UK
edited November 2007 in The Pub
Awwww, grandkids, bless.


  • KentigernKentigern Milton Keynes UK
    edited October 2007
    Don't yer just love em :)
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA
    edited October 2007
    Cute little boy!!! The devil must be from your side of the family. ;D
  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK
    edited October 2007
    Woohooo look at the little fella! Bailey looks awesome in that get up Mr Bothered!
  • IndigoRedIndigoRed Perth Western Australia
    edited November 2007
    Shoot, I thought that was Keebs... Chop-time somebody!!!

    Handsome rascal. Your only or there more?
  • NecropolisNecropolis Hawarden, Wales
    edited November 2007
    Cute kid, he went the whole way and even got the red glow in his eyes down ;)
  • rolleggrollrolleggroll Next to a bowl of rice
    edited November 2007
    Cute kid. reminds me of that (Australian?) tv show "Balls of Steel" where they have this segment called the red devil who goes around pranking people.

    Funny Stuff.
  • edited November 2007
    Okay, I'll bite.

    Cute li'l devil, ain't he?
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