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IC_11 is still up and running (posting on it currently), but it's been getting Early Unit Ends for the last 5 days now. It looks to have something to do with the Amber core - other cores seem to be completing their WUs successfully. But, I'm really sleep deprived right now from pulling an all-nighter last night, so my analysis of the log file could be lacking. The log is attached if anyone feels up to digesting it.

Are there any FAH settings I can change to get it to avoid the Amber core, if that is the problem? I suppose I can also reduce the OC. Temps are below 40*, though, so I don't suspect instability. The system itself has never locked up since putting Ubuntu on it.

I started the attached log file with the evening of Feb 27th, the last day it successfully completed a WU. There's an EUE before the first completed WU in this log.


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    It looks like it's not computing correctly. The online recommendation is to check the memory (run Memtest).
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    I love that Ubuntu comes with Memtest86 already set up on the GRUB :D

    Thanks for the tip, Qel. IC11 failed hard core. It lasted about three minutes, and then failed every read, write, or whatever it's doing until it had 100,000 errors and I stopped it. I restarted and tried it again, and the same thing. It fails "Test #5, Block move, 64 moves."

    ICx committee - I may need some new RAM.

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