Backing up my system

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Ok I was trying to use the built in back up program on windows xp but whenever i try to connect to the program it says

"The service cannot be started because it is either disabled or because it has no devices associated with it.

This snapin's display may be inconsistent with the Removable Storage Service. If the problem persists restart the snapin."

How do I restart the Removable Storage Service?
I want to do a full backup of my entire system.

Would you recommend a free back up program that would be able to do my whole system and compress it to a single file and save it somewhere for safe recovery later? Like on a CD or DVD somewheres.



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    Here's my backup software:

    @echo off
    xcopy "D:\stuff" /e /c /i /g /h /k /x /y f:\[/php]You save that as "backup.bat" on your c:\ drive or something (obviously replace the D:\STUFF and the F:\ with your own source and destination drives), and then use task scheduler to run that every night at 1 am or something. flawless victory.

    If you want the ability to have a single archive that also supports recovery from DVD, use Acronis TrueImage. (
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    I went on with the wizard with backup after the error and I guess I'll see if it works later its going to back up at 12am
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    If I were to do it your way how would I set the source as 2 drives say C and D and the destination as H:\Backup or whatever
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    two separate batch files.
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    Then I'd have to restore both drives correct? after installing windows.
    What would I use to restore them?
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