Website being hacked (I think)

airbornflghtairbornflght Houston, TX Member
edited June 2008 in Internet & Media
Ok, first time site got comrpmised I was willing to think it was something I did. But last night I spent about 4 hours laying a new install of joomla down and getting it back to around 95%. I installed only one component and everything was working beautifully when I went to bed.

Now the site has gone to hell again. Now I am more than willing to say someone else is maliciously accessing the site. And I can't get siteground's pos raw access logs to work. The only other ip I could find in cpanel that was accessing the house. I googled it and it appears that it is a part of a botnet.

I'm getting pissed and I want to find out who is doing this and why they hell anyone would want to compromise a local fraternity chapter's website. And is joomla really this full of holes?


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