Metal Gear Solid 4



  • airbornflghtairbornflght Houston, TX
    edited June 2008
    Ok. I just finished the first act and watched the beginning of the second act. Talk about some long cutscenes. I love them. I just hate to know that this is the end. It's like losing a good friend.

    I took back my 40gig ps3 and got the 80gb bundle.
  • Gate28Gate28 Orlando, Florida
    edited June 2008
    amazing game, m8. i beat it in just under 21 hours. played MGO yet?
  • GrayFoxGrayFox /dev/urandom
    edited June 2008
    Took me 17 and a half hours give or take to finish it.
    (Finished it friday the 13th)

    Heres what I thought about it.

    This games biggest problem is that it has to be played with a controller. I would have much preferred a keyboard/mouse setup. The new controls as well take some getting use to. They added in an auto aim as well (I tried it out its easier to just aim for the head and shoot your self, Takes less ammo.)

    Graphics were as I expected, not nearly as good as crysis but decent considering that the PS3 only has a G70 GPU and 512MB of shared memory.

    The ps3 controller/controls really prevented me from getting immersed the game for the first hour or so. But once I got use to it wasn't a problem.

    The stealth elements in this are much better the new adaptive camo and omission of the soliton radar system is interesting. But they added in the snake eye its a bit more useful then the radar was.

    The game continues to get better as it progresses and as in tradition with the metal gear solid games there is another cutscene after the credits. However instead of leaving you with more questions. They answer any remaining questions you may have had.

    I would strongly recommend this game to anyone it is a work of art and near flawless, Its only flaws lie in the playstation hardware. Overall this is probably the best game ive ever played.
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