500GB Pata drives

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Is there a drive that stands out in the 500GB EIDE/PATA war? Were there any reviews or tests done to compare, say Seagate and Western Digital? I am NOT brand loyal, and am open to suggestions.

Also, does anyone know if there are any updates to some of these drives, like reduction in platter count, power consumption, noise, increase from 8 to 16mb in cache, etc... within any brands?

I mostly am looking for a lower power consumption, lower noise (grind AND whine, any and all noise), over performance. I am looking to swap my XBOX drive out, and think I want one of these. I have considered Seagate's 750GB, but power consumption is higher, and I think it's louder. Any opinion? Over heating problems in the XBOX a problem ever?

I was leaning toward a WD. I think there are multiple versions, though.


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    Heat in the xbox (I assume you mean xbox and not 360) is normally not a problem, I've got a 420gb WD in mine and it's not given me any grief. One thing to keep in mind though is that most older modchips won't accept a harddrive past 132gb.
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    I've got a 320gb in mine, but I want to put a 500, possibly the 750 into another with an identical chip. Mine has no limitation.
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    Yeah if you've got a 320 in yours now then putting in a 750 shouldn't be any issue.
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    I have a 320GB seagate drive in mine. Ive had no issues with heat. Im just running a softmod its been great. Stock XBOX bios evo X for my dash I can access all of my drive.
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    1TB is selling in market, 1.5 TB will come out soon, oh man ...................... it getting bigger and bigger, the cost is getting lower and lower .................... sounds good huh ?
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