Combat Arms- New online FPS

GuyuteGuyute Gamehenge
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And it's free!!!
Kinda like CS, you earn money to buy upgrades with, and experience gains you rank... Kind of a mix of Gunbound and CS.


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    Looks interesting. Most nexon games seem to be mostly enjoyable, although a little lacking. But what can you expect from free multiplayer games? Gonna download and give it a try.
  • UPSWeezerUPSWeezer Behind you... GENTLEMEN
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    I'm going to try it when i have some time. Looks cool. I used to play a game called War Rock which was just like it. Free, fps, fun, online...etc.
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    I have it my name is MBGdesniper
    I cant play though cause Im at school and the internet sucks.
    Beware there are a lot of hackers on this game.
  • Gate28Gate28 Orlando, Florida
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    you giys are bhind on time times, ive been playing combat arms for months =p
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    Ya saw that the game isn't exactly new. First impression: meh. Game is okay. Been having a hard as hell time trying to snipe. Not sure if its something with the physics or if me/everyone is just lagging hardcore. Good game for jumping in and just screwing around.
  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like
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    Tried downloading three times to no avail. F!

    yay 4k posts
  • GuyuteGuyute Gamehenge
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    Tiberius- me too, but I have an older PC. I lag sometimes, but I think that sniper issue is written into the game.

    I like games I can jump into, because I typically don't have a lot of free time to build up a character.
  • MrTRiotMrTRiot Northern Ontario
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    Combat arms isn't a half bad game. There's one MAJOR problem though...out of the 8 or so gigs it takes to install there was only 4 or 5 files. MASSIVE FILES......

    They need to repackage it...I removed it after avg spent forever trying to scan those files.
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