How to fix these error warnings?

TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
edited October 2011 in Science & Tech
I'm working on a Dell Latitude D610 laptop, and have gotten it all reloaded on a new hard drive with a fresh copy of XP Home. The internal wireless and everything works fine.

But a couple minutes after you turn the computer on, I get 2 warning windows on the screen, and to each I can click an "OK" box to make it go away.

The first one reads:

Broadcom Security Platform Personal Secure Drive

The initialization of the PSD access failed - this may be because the TPM component on your PC is disabled, uninstalled, or not functioning correctly.

The second one reads:

Broadcom Secure Foundation (TM) TPM Status Indication Applet

An Security Platform Services connection failed (0xe0283103). Yes, it says "An", not "A".

Any ideas? I really don't want them popping up, as the laptop owner will be calling with questions and "it didn't do that before" BS, and who needs that?


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